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  1. Carolina went toe to toe with the champs. Panthers will come out strong. Tampa isn't anything to be afraid of.
  2. I feel like it would be for the best if he goes #1. The Hornets are not really in a position to be burning future draft picks.
  3. The Cowboys built the line first. Ask them how well that is working out for them.
  4. Well if Gettleman is a man of his word, no dobut that Todd would be the BPA when we are picking so.......Not saying im thrilled with the idea, other needs and areas to fill.
  5. Greg Hardy. Mostly because we know he can play here and fit within our system. Most guys you bring in and its a 50/50 shot of it working out. Sometimes even less. At least with Hardy he is a known, the others are unknowns.
  6. Yes i would like a small side of crazy with my Dez Bryant. Not that Cam would have time to throw to him or anything, better off fixing the line.
  7. Well folks time to dust off your resumes,i know i am.
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