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  1. Yup. And realistically, if you're a media person; new owner, etc.. And you wanted to learn about a team, player or fanbase in one sitting. A popular fan website of a team would be a great start from those who are so inclined.
  2. Just so you know: I'm not saying the guy's a good or bad pick. I'll wait and see. But I'm telling you. Most of these guys know nothing about him, outside of an article or two a few of them may have written (which is from a distance via what other people say, and probably for another team). And so many others, are just shooting from the lip, cause they're not paid to say nothing, and usually don't. More importantly: He can be all the great things that many that like him profess, and he can still fail. Coaching an NFL team takes a rare mix, that's not always translatable from NFL Coordinator to HC, or College HC to NFL Head coach. We'll see, and I wish him well!!??
  3. LOL I would say, 98% of the national media commenting, know nothing about Matt Rhule. It's just Group Speak. And the ones who heard questions or negativity concerning his hire. They have no desire/reason to elucidate this to the public out of politeness, and/or not being worth it since they don't have an emotional stake In It either way.
  4. You got that right. Cause on, NY Sports Talk radio, they were all dumbfounded; mystified, and incredulous at the Panthers Matt Rhule signing. The NY market had already felt they had "the best coaching job available", and never even considered Carolina as a worthy competitor.
  5. Well, it's true the media just makes stuff up (and/or doesn't do research or seemingly care), particularly when it comes to Carolina and Cam. So much so. It appears so many here worry about Cam's position on the team (and in other instances). As if, any new coaching coming to Carolina wouldn't want a healthy Cam, and they can just grow another like him off a tree somewhere near Tobacco Road.
  6. Yeah. Sad part is: Most people/media outside the Carolina's have no idea about this or even care. They think Cam's, some 5'9" scrambler with a weak, inaccurate arm, who wants to flee the pocket at a moments notice, and it's not his coach calling, forcing the run plays.
  7. Agreed Cam thrived in that offense. And it appeared, Ron-as a new young, dumb, insecure defensive coach-appeared worried that his side of the ball wasn't doing well. So yes, it appeared his priority wasn't to improve his QB (along with his other time out, carrying a lead bad management issues. He just seemed like a scared coach. PS: As discussed ad nausem here: This allowed Ron & Co to not properly develop their team, offense by always relying on Cam for power runs, great escapes-Houdini throws, etc., instead of developing a proper offensive line; full back; receivers, and play calling to offensively excel most of his career. Good Riddance! Not sure about Rhule, so I can't comment. However, I've long been from the Anybody But Ron school since viewing his coaching from day one.
  8. That's how you do it Ronnie. Wax that ass until there's 4min left in the 4th Qtr!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Carson Palmer's exactly who we thought he was!!! And suck it Mike Wilbon, and the national press who questioned the Panthers 2nd half prowess!
  10. I bet right now, Arizona wishes the press didn't criticize the Panthers for taking their foot of the gas vs Seattle. Now they paying for it. Riverboat, going for two, when he has 40+ already!? LMAO!
  11. Carson Palmer's exactly who we thought he was (going to be). Give him a clear lane, and he hit's his receivers cleanly. However, any time he see's a pass rush coming (even when there not there yet) he makes errant throws. And being at home,just ramps up the defense in their zone coverage to feast off his errant throws under pressure.
  12. Don't know what the injury is with Davis. But now this Shaq Thompson pick can really pay dividends for maybe this game, and Superbowl, if the Panthers win (not being cocky).
  13. Don't be upset by that Newton interception Panther fans for these reasons: 1) It's the playoffs, and it happens against good teams. 2) You wouldn't want Newton on a 22 TD/1 INT streak going into the Superbowl (if the Panthers win). Let him get one if it doesn't cost the Panthers a game. 3) Now the Panthers can't try to sit on their lead when they get the ball back in 3rd Qtr, compared to if they were up 31-7. 4) The RB's couldn't run in that TD, so Cam had to do it himself. So Thank him for that one. 5) The Panthers have a 17 pt lead, and hope to score more real soon.
  14. Funny Michael Fabiano on NFL Network, just said: Cam Newton's not only the highest scoring fantasy player this year. But the highest scoring player in fantasy for his first 5 years. He passed Peyton Manning for that honor. Now Charley Casserly's dumb ass just said 'keep Newton in the pocket, where's he's not as accurate compared to outside the pocket'. LMAO Is Casserly serious!? Newton doesn't throw outside the pocket often enough for him to say that, mind you it not being true. SMH To his credit, he did pick the Panthers to beat the Cardinals, with Palmer having two picks.
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