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  1. I mean, either way you're going to be second guessed on your decision there. Nonetheless, this is why I thought a quick pass (something they weren't expecting, but was executed through out the game) may have worked better there. Speaking about "quick passes": Many of us (me included) said for years that Cam and Short/Quick passes were a product of the OL and coaching. Not that it wasn't something he couldn't expressly do (as many here wanted us to believe), considering how talented; football smart and hard worker Cam was at Carolina. Well, after his first game: All we heard was 'oh, all he can do is throw the short passes now'. LOL. And in his Sunday night game, he did both (short and long) passes beautifully with a high percentage. It's still early in the season , yes. But, Gee/I guess that coaching is worth something after all, isn't it (cue your CH GIF)!?
  2. You're correct. The Player to REPLACE CAM (if there ever is such a thing) will more likely be someone from the draft you least expect, or an already established player that comes to the Panthers and blossoms.
  3. Yeah. It's a combination of them being dumb, and/or not caring and just selling a narrative thru group think. And of course, not a lick of it needs to be true. That's the way it always is, has been.
  4. Not only that but the media (like in so many other areas) never reminds of us the truth (especially when they or the people they claim to quote are wrong). They just move on and talk about other things as if they never happened. Then the next year, they start all over again shamelessly telling you what the "scouts" allegedly said about whatever player they're shilling for to sell you more magazines; web clicks and ratings, knowing that 50-90% will be wrong anyway. SMH
  5. Yupppp. I was trying to say this earlier in another quote, illustrating that the "scouts", and more so the (lying, captured) media are way more times wrong than people realize.
  6. Yeah. I definitely liked Luck. But the overpraise for him, and the nonsense with Cam by idiot media (not the cognoscenti who knew the deal) became so obvious and tiresome. Some of that even filtered into the fan base on boards like this, cause they either couldn't judge things for themselves or find honest media, accounts that countered it.
  7. I hear ya there. However, I wasn't judging Luck on wins or coaching (though his was better than Cam's IMO). I was judging him on talent; impact and decision making, and it wasn't what they said it was. And IIRC, Indy purposefully dismantled that team the previous year for Luck (by jettisoning Peyton for example), thus had a better team than it's record indicated when he was dratted. That helped with his first year record. Full disclosure: I watched both Luck and Cam's first few seasons. And I feel Cam not only did more with less (particularly the coaching handicap). But I also feel he was the more impressive player. The alleged marksmen type accuracy (as an example) that Luck was supposed to posses was never on display. He was never an Aaron Rogers, Tom Brady; Joe Montana/Steve Young type as they alleged he was. He was more your typical big, rugged competent QB with some drive and skills who made some occasional mistakes in key moments.
  8. Pretty much. Yup. He was good. However, some here want to act like he was transformative, which he was not. And I've tried to avoid the Cam comparison (though it was probably undeclared in the back of my mind) to discuss Luck in a vacuum. But you're right. The media overrated Luck, and criminally underrated Cam. And Luck certainly wasn't the talent which they said he was (though good). Far from it.
  9. No. You're the WRONG one comparing him to Peyton Manning, which he was not, never was!! By that logic, I guess you feel Lawrence will be Peyton Manning, and what Luck was supposed to be as well? Come on, lay it on the line! But you know you can't say that. LOL
  10. Yeah. I haven't watched Lawrence enough to definitely say he'll be a bust or what level he'll fall. However, just from what I know from being involved with scouting and sports management in the past (along with being a plain ole fan watching). I know the process isn't nearly as proficient as people think it is, especially with what hits the press (many times sales pitches). Even today, many Panther fans think Cam wasn't going to be the Panthers pick, though (not only was he clearly the best player) the Panthers were completely sold on, and smitten by him. I saw the scouting reports, and was familiar with the Panther Brass at the time. And it was no contest, despite what many in the media wanted to say. That's the kinda stuff we have to be aware or guard against sometimes.
  11. I didn't say he wasn't good. He was. I'm saying, he wasn't transformative; explosive, and/or the talent they said he was. Big difference. He was good, but decently flawed as well.
  12. Luck was never the QB they said he was when he came into the league. It took him a few years to make impact. He wasn't that good. However, the media kept telling you he was, overlooking his deficiencies. I'm not telling you he was bad. Not at all. I'm just saying, he wasn't nearly as good as they told you he was. I watched him play (as I did Cam), so I'm not just shooting from the hip here. Lucks decision making under pressure (most QB's Achilles heel) left something to be desire most times. He also could be confused and make some bad picks, regardless of pressure. That alone should illustrate he wasn't the QB they said he was. I know some Panther fans were smitten with getting him. Just because they said he was the 'greatest prospect since Peyton Manning", etc., doesn't mean it was true. And he certainly didn't show that on the field during his NFL tenure. He was competent to good, to sometimes very good. But certainly not consistently very good-even before the injuries.
  13. Yeah. But they were clearly wrong on Luck (even before the injuries). So, keep in mind: The scouts are wrong more often than they are right when evaluating "great" QB's from college. So take it with a grain of salt. Many times, it's done for political reason or through Group Think.
  14. Yeah. Lotta frozen ropes (or at least )-cross field passes like he was doing when he first came up.
  15. You hate it as a Panthers fan. But we all know, it would have been better for Cam's career to leave Carolina years ago, and away from RR; Gettleman, and Marty Hurney's care. That last big contract really hurt Cam, as that's where he was virtually left alone to accumulate so many injuries, while he took the easy/big money to stay in Carolina.
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