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  1. Alright, I got to take another stab at this... I've been on this message board for nearly a decade and not a moment goes by that we don't argue like siblings. It's even worse during the draft process. We disagree all the time on a million different subjects, but that's what this message board is for. We might argue, but we all love and respect each other. We're all Panthers fans. Your account is filled with nothing but posts attacking others, but you come here to talk about political correctness and civility? If you disagree with someone and someone disagrees back, it's not "political correctness" This website clearly isn't for you...
  2. So, I grew up in a very moderate family that had a lot of independent values. We either leaned a little to the left or a little to the right, but most of all, we sought out and supported politicians that best represented our values and would try to be bipartisan. The type of family that would always support the President because he was our President, even if we disagreed with them. Supported the second amendment, but stressed gun safety. I could go on and on, but you get what I mean when I say very middle of the road stances. We were neither anti-Republican or anti-Democrat. What I'm getting at here is, (Sorry Trump supporters) When did you first realize the Republican party was no longer representing what it said it stood for and more often than not, the ones who did stand for what the Republican party once stood for were finding themselves being shunned and forced out of their party or being voted out of office for more unstable candidates who could no longer argue politically but had to use disinformation and conspiracy theories to back up their claims and rile up voters with fear. For me, it was when the Tea Party somehow became the face of where the Repub party was headed. I know a lot of people will point to GWB, but the current state of US politics makes GWB look like a Rhodes scholar. I look forward to the politeness and well thought out political arguments this thread will spawn.
  3. So, basically, you wanted to fire off a political opinion and then ask for civility, on a... Panthers... Message... Board.
  4. 20 team league for shits and giggles. http://fantasy.nfl.com/registration/privateleaguejoin?leagueId=6801773 Password: twitter
  5. Jakob

    The refs?!

    If you really think the referees were "Engineering outcomes" in a week 4 preseason game, you might need to have your head checked out.
  6. Even if Olsen lost a step he's still a top 7 TE. We good fam.
  7. Jakob

    Skinner traded to Buffalo

    I'm all for moving Faulk at the right price, but Faulk playing against teams 3rd and 4th lines could be huge.
  8. Slightly related: Is Dorian Johnson hurt or something? Because I had high hopes for him and haven't seen a single story or even a tweet about his performance.
  9. Jakob

    A few early observations...

    I'm not surprised that Andre Smith is showing out. He had an amazing Sophomore season and was really starting to generate a lot of hype before going down in the second game of his Junior season. Definitely has that diamond in the rough potential. I could go on and on about Ian Thomas, but I think everyone on this board know's he might be special.
  10. Jakob

    Your most hated NFL team?

    The Saints. Our biggest rival is the Falcons, but I fuging hate the Saints more than anything.
  11. *Oh, boy it's that time of year where I better return to the Carolina Hu....oh my god, what the fug is going on here*
  12. Jakob

    One Carolina

    Alright boys. Time to shame Clemson until they do it!
  13. Jakob

    One Carolina

    fuging seriously? Gad damn..
  14. Jakob

    One Carolina

    Pro tip to NCST: Literally fug off.