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  1. I really doubt Cam will retire as young as he is. Even if his shoulder is a mess, he will likely continue to try to rehab it for another year.
  2. Thelt

    Hornets Gameday Thread

    Imagine if we had taken Kawhi Leonard instead of Biz, then took Beal instead of MKG. Those two guys combined with Kemba would have made us one of the best.
  3. Assuming Cam is out for 2019 Flacco might be interested in a one year "prove he has still got it deal" on a solid team with some weapons so he can cash in in 2020 coming off a good year. No team is likely to give him a big money long term deal in 2019. If Cam is really going to miss next season then we need to add the best veteran QB we can find to give us a shot to compete. I don't want to throw a year away if we can avoid it.
  4. I wonder if a veteran QB like Flacco would do well under Turner?
  5. Thelt

    Daredevil cancelled

    it stinks, these shows were the main reason I kept Netflix. I may cancel once I have watched them all. Punisher has been my favorite.
  6. Thelt

    Hornets Gameday Thread

    Fair enough I guess. I guess I exaggerated a bit out of frustration. I still say that they have made a lot more bad moves than good ones.
  7. I did not and I am not going to read all this but it was clear to me that something was wrong with Cam in the second half of the season. If he gets and stays healthy next year I expect better results. He was having a great year through the first half of the season. Moore and Samuels look like the real deal. The defense also regressed last year. The secondary had a lot of mistakes and the pass rush was weak. Those things need to be addressed more than anything, IMHO. Maybe they can find a good pass rusher in the draft and the coaches can sort out the mess in the secondary.
  8. Thelt

    Should have tanked

    There is no way we trade for Anthony Davis. Other teams can offer more and we would have a hard time retaining him even if we pulled it off. As far as tanking I have mixed feelings. We did not do as badly at it last time as many think we did. We were in great shape after the 2016 season. We had an emerging star in Kemba and loads of cap space. Where it went off the rails was when we gave big money contracts to guys like Batum and Marvin. Never give huge contracts to guys coming off career years, in the final year of their last deal. We could have let Batum walk and kept Lee for half the money. At this point I think the best course is to keep Kemba and ride out the bad contracts. We have to draft better though no matter what.
  9. Thelt

    Hornets Gameday Thread

    A couple of those were good moves. Signing Al Jefferson worked out well. Other than drafting Kemba though they did not get anything right that is a long term and significant upgrade for the team. Maybe Monk or Bridges can be at some point but they have not proved anything yet.
  10. He would be more help if he were to stay on our roster, and therefore in shape. He would be very cheap insurance. If we move Moton to LT and he can't handle it then Clark lets us put him in at guard. If Moton is at RT and Kalil is at LT then Clark probably beats him out for the job...
  11. Thelt

    Hornets Gameday Thread

    How many good moves do you see over that time frame? Drafting Kemba is about it.
  12. Could they not keep Clark on a cheap deal as depth and as a fall back option should no one pan out at LT?
  13. Thelt

    Hornets Gameday Thread

    The two problems the Hornets have are drafting poorly and giving out big contracts to mediocre players. No coach can over come that. No change in the style of play can overcome that. In 2011 they drafted Kemba Walker, which was good but they also drafted Biz and passed up on Klay Thompson, Kawhi Leonard and Jimmy Butler. In 2012 they got screwed out of Anthony Davis but still they took MKG ahead of Bradley Beal, Damon Lillard and Andre Drummond. In 2013 they took Cody Zeller over the Greek Freak and Rudy Gobert. In 2014 they took Vonleh over TJ Warren and Zach Levine In 2015 they took Frank Kaminski instead of a bunch of picks from Boston. Myles Turner and Devin Booker were picked after Frank. In 2016 they traded their pick but could have taken Brogdon. This is also they year they used all the cap space to retain Batum and Marvin Williams. Two lessons here, always pick BPA. Never give a big contract to a guy coming off one great season when his history prior is mediocre. They normally revert to the mean. Something as simple as not retaining Batum would have been huge. Courtney Lee signed that same off season for half the money. He has been a better player since then.
  14. I hope Reid is not back next season. Too much drama for a player that does not really move the needle.
  15. Too bad, the defense was better under him.