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  1. Thelt

    Sam Amick: "Kemba More Likely To Leave Than Stay"

    I don't think he has much trade value if he is signed to a supermax deal. Everyone wants him at $12 million per season but that changes when his salary triples.
  2. He was good when he was healthy enough to play but that was rare. I am not sure he can hold up to NFL level abuse.
  3. Fair enough I guess. One other point is that a lot of billionaires who do pay out big settlements do it in a way so it stays secret. We probably don't know about a lot of them.
  4. Thelt

    Sam Amick: "Kemba More Likely To Leave Than Stay"

    I would rather see him walk than sign a supermax deal. Kemba is very good but he is not able to carry a team on his back to the playoffs. Imagine 32 year old Kemba having lost a step making $40 million....
  5. Some women are looking for a payday and position themselves for one. Not saying it happened in this case but it does happen.
  6. Thelt

    Michael Jordan Sucks

    I have not heard for sure but he will probably be back. Not sure if he will be the same though. Paul George got over his so its possible.
  7. That is a long read, too long for right now. For me touching a woman who does not want you to is crossing a line that verbal flirting usually does not. If he did that then it is worse than I thought.
  8. Thelt

    Michael Jordan Sucks

    Probably smart then if that sort of thing bothers you. This one is as bad as it gets. Sucks for the Blazers as they clinched a playoff spot but will be without one of their best players. Crazy how it happened too, no one hit him or anything he just came down on it and it snapped. Pro sports put the human body through things its not meant to withstand.
  9. Thelt

    Sean Payton is unhappy

    Here is an idea for Payton. Don't let the game come down to one blown call. Play some defense and don't turn the ball over in OT. He had plenty of chances to win that game and blew it. Be a man!
  10. Thelt

    Hornets Gameday Thread

    Maybe MKG gets mad about being benched and opts out of his deal for next season? It would be a dumb financial move on his part but pride makes people do dumb things. We can all hope anyway.
  11. Thelt

    Hornets Gameday Thread

    I wonder where we would be right now record wise and playoff chances wise if we had sat Batum and MKG sooner.
  12. Did anyone say that JR touched them inappropriately? Did they say he demoted them or held them back because they refused his advances? All I heard was that he made some inappropriate verbal comments to some women who worked for him.
  13. Thelt

    Michael Jordan Sucks

    I am done defending Jordan. He certainly does not need me to do that. You think he is the problem, fine. I disagree fine. Hopefully the team gets better eventually one way or another. Speaking of things that suck did you see the injury to Nurkic? One of the worst I have seen. The ref drags his foot over Nurkic's almost detached foot, brutal.
  14. Settlements are paid out all the time for a lot of reasons.
  15. Thelt

    Michael Jordan Sucks

    I just don't think coaching has been our problem. Would those other better options been successful here saddled with Batum and company? Probably not....