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  1. Ace_Aladdin

    Cam Newton

    Same as Brees or Wilson
  2. Ace_Aladdin

    Cam Newton

    Wrong it wasn’t the one where Big Ben was reading the DE and deciding to give the ball of to CMC or keep it. He just handed it off.
  3. Ace_Aladdin

    I always wondered ..........

    Atleast I know my players can beat the Saints.
  4. Panthers beating them 3x unlike a lot of fake fans I Know what this team is capable of achieving.
  5. At least I know my team can beat the Saints. You should go back to your favorite team forum in NOLA.
  6. Do you know how many times the offense punted ? How long each drives were?
  7. Ace_Aladdin

    Cam Newton

    Offense was obsolete for the 1st three qtrs with constant 3 and outs while ATL kept T.O.P. and wore down the defense.
  8. No it’s called football , a contact sport. With CMC taking on hits from receiving game as well his body will suffer.
  9. CMC is gonna get dinged up, CAP will be ready.
  10. Ace_Aladdin

    Cameron Newton to bounce back Sunday?

    NFL wants defenses to give up 30 pts minimum . Ron needs to inform the refs before the game that DL has been getting hold all season long. I would actually send a DL to take one of their OL legs out if they keep doing this poo.
  11. Ace_Aladdin

    Cam Newton

    @uncfan888 didn’t you vote that CAM couldn’t beat the Saints 2x You basically said he couldn’t match Brees pts for pts? What a fake fan.
  12. Ace_Aladdin

    Cam Newton

    Look at these fake fans, they still don’t beleive we can beat the Saints though.
  13. Ace_Aladdin

    Cam Newton

    They don’t have Rivera’s defense which is middle of the pack unlike Bucs #31. Imagine scoring points in the 1st half vs ATL and Redskins and being tied with Saints in the NFC south.
  14. Ace_Aladdin

    Cam Newton

    Yea cause #22 is the new number one.
  15. Ace_Aladdin

    Cam Newton

    2,086 yds passing + 356 rushing = 2442yds just above Keenum. Cam lost us the Redskins and Atl game.