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  1. Ace_Aladdin

    Why doesn’t Norv involve Olsen

    That gets yards in the 4th qtrs when it’s too late.
  2. Holding a team less than 21 pts is a win in the NFL for any defense. It’s pathetic that the offense couldn’t put up points when the defense gives you the ball multiple times, of course it’s gonna wear down with constant 3 and outs.
  3. Panthers still have a winning record!
  4. It’s not all on CAM but he has to make that throw no matter what. He failed during the Redskins game with the same issue trying to force to Funchess when Olsen was open underneath for the 1st down conversion.
  5. Ace_Aladdin

    Why doesn’t Norv involve Olsen

    I like winning games not filling up stats for draft picks because they were drafted in a certain round.
  6. Ace_Aladdin

    Payton vs Rivera in one playcall

    Telling y’all right now Panthers beating the shitbowls 3x , Carolina always play better as underdog.
  7. CAM has been overthrowing WRs for a long time. I believe running read option and taking hits on the shoulder is affecting his techniques.
  8. @Jeremy Igo racist attacks
  9. Ace_Aladdin

    Why doesn’t Norv involve Olsen

    Nah it’s more of Norv not properly integrating him in the offense. Dropped 100yds +
  10. Ace_Aladdin

    Why doesn’t Norv involve Olsen

    I don’t see that all, he has been excellent in the red zone and creating separations in his routes. CAM has overlooked him in multiple games were he was wide open but he forced it to Funchess or CMC. Was it the Redskins where he was wide open on 4th down but got overlooked?
  11. Abusive behavior & personal attacks @rayzor
  12. Ace_Aladdin

    Why doesn’t Norv involve Olsen

    Why isn’t it happening? I thought Norv was genius OC who would adapt his gameplan unlike Shula.
  13. I think you’re talking about yourself. @Jeremy Igo please do something about this spammer, he literally comments on every thread with same spam comments.