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  1. Ace_Aladdin

    Rivera Combine Press conference

    That’s on your favorite GM fat man Gettleman
  2. Ace_Aladdin

    Russell Wilson wants out of SEA

    Better than Cam Inaccurate Newton. A real winner!
  3. He has same amount of rings as inaccurate CAM.
  4. 8+ season and throwing mechanics are still poo. He will be out in 2019 after 5 games.
  5. Cam will still overthrow him.
  6. Did the Patriots win a SB using this formation?
  7. Ace_Aladdin

    Greg Olsen's Super Bowl prediction

    Both have better accuracy than CAM
  8. If he had thrown it to the TEs it would have been completed.
  9. Ace_Aladdin

    A little love for James Bradberry..

    Need a young FS that has size and speed to cover TEs, slot WRs and RBs. Similar to Malik Hooker.
  10. Cam Newton Russel Wilson
  11. It’s harder to draft & develop players for 3-4 scheme especially edge rushers. Panthers needs to stick to 4-3 and draft a stud DT like Simmons or DE Sweat. Upgrade the secondary with taller and faster FS similar to Malik Hooker. https://youtu.be/fEHKE9QXteQ