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  1. Those that say he is JR #2, doesnt know who David Tepper is! He is in NO way JR. Nothing about him is similar other than both of them made their own money in business before they bought the team but David Tepper is in his prime in business right now and Jerry was way over his. JR did things from emotions sometimes. Tepper dont. I dont know him personally, but NO one makes billions and consistantly wins in busness by making quick emotional decisions. What coach prospect out there is better than what we already have? What other teams need a coach? Are we positive we win the recruitment of said coach. So if there are 5 coaching jobs open and you make 6, what does your 6th choice look like vs Rivera? That is worst case but you have to think that way when you just paid that much money for a team. Its just NOT a good time to need a head football coach. Now i am not saying Rivera is a great coach. I do think he has run his course. But i do not know the candidates. I do know that Tepper is a very, very intelegent business man. He will not make a move just for change. I feel the only reason he doesnt make a change is That the available candidates arent better than what we have. He didnt go from Streets of Pittsburgh to BILLIONS... by making quick emotional decisions. I will bet you he has a proven formula for making tough decisions that include talking to people that have a lot more experience than he has. Tepper didnt buy the team with daddys money! Daddy didnt have any money! He earned every penny he has. He will NOT come into this ownership and forget everything that got him here. I just know he will make the best decision that CAN be made. Even if that means keeping what we have for another year. You pick the wrong head coach and GM and it sets us back 5 years at least. Look at what happened to the Browns. That happened by making emotional fires and hires. Now that is my opinion.. I know Tepper will put up with one more year to get who he wants. i will say.. no one is more pissed about the Panthers colapse than i am! I want a new GM and Coach too. Im glad i dont get to make that decision. Im glad we have Mr Tepper in place to make tough decisions. I totally trust him! He has a proven track record for the one area where one bad decision can cost him milllions. Oh we are in good shape.. even though it might not happen as fast as we want it to. I am very confident that it will happen. Ok.. sorry for the long post.. i hope we lose today and no one gets hurt and all the other teams below us win. What is the best possible draft choice we can get with that happening. I close by saying give Mr Tepper a chance. I feel 100% confident in him. We need his leadership to make the tough unpopular choices. Thanks for your patience wirh this long post.
  2. YES.. Ginn does need to go up and fair catch it.. Why is he not? Maybe that is why its been a problem..
  3. This is the third time this has happened this season! at least 3.. How can we be so dumb and not fix this????
  4. I know this isn't how he does on the field, but he did pretty well! I like him a lot! I think he will play a lot in the next few years... Curt