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  1. I totally agree! I thought this season would be unwatchable and blown off the court by every team.. Oh I was so wrong. I love this young team. I know they won't make playoffs, but Kups draft picks have shown that he knows what the hell he is doing....finally. It was so sad with the old management in place. We could only pray for luck. Luck in drafting a player that just happened to break out. BUT look at Graham and Miles from his first year and PJ Washington will become their star by the end of the season. It was like we were destined to always be mediocre. Now it feels like a proper re-build. I LOVE that MKG hasn't played, but even more to watch him on the sidelines and watch him cheer on the team, I respect him more than ever. Keep all those over priced players on the bench and pay them what we owe them and then it will be good riddance! Maybe, just maybe we end up with a low lottery pick and who knows maybe fall into the number 1! Then it will be on! The one thing I have now that I have never had before is HOPE! Curt
  2. YES.. Ginn does need to go up and fair catch it.. Why is he not? Maybe that is why its been a problem..
  3. This is the third time this has happened this season! at least 3.. How can we be so dumb and not fix this????
  4. I know this isn't how he does on the field, but he did pretty well! I like him a lot! I think he will play a lot in the next few years... Curt
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