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  1. kmgreensman

    Monk's Progress

    I know he is not starting yet, but he will be by end of season. He is playing very well now and I am so happy to see that he is getting better every day. What surprises me is how good of a passer he is. Someone like Monk has NEVER had to pass it before! lol That talent? Pass the ball? heck no....but he has learned that all the defenses are dropping off to help with him and their man is wide open. I have seen so many assists he has made in the air to a wide open player. You are taught from YMCA ball not to leave your feet to pass, but in the NBA that is kinda a normal thing these days. But Monk looks totally natural at it like he knows where he is going with it before he gets in the air. You know because you can tell when you are in mid air and say "Hey I might pass this ball" that is ugly. I am also impressed with his defense. I remember vs Miami with Dwayne Wade tried to get him in the air with three fakes and Monk didn't bite. Nothing surprised me more. Wade gave him his decent fake and he didn't bite so he gave a better one and even on the third he gave the best fake and Monk is right there! That tells me he has his fundamentals down and trusting them. Not saying he is going to be a stopper on d but it tells me he is listening to coaching and trying hard. I can't wait to see where he ends up.
  2. I feel sorry for Orlando! Clifford will do enough to get him through 4 or 5 years before they realize the same thing we know now. I think Borrego is the best coach we have had in here in a long time...maybe forever...lol He is getting more out of less. Just the way he talks he is preparing them to start believing in themselves. I love the new offense.
  3. kmgreensman

    So why are the Ravens favored?

    I can't believe they were favored over the Saints last week! That was a home game and this is on the road, but they are getting serious respect from Vegas. I just hope we don't come out flat. I want to see ONE game where we just come out firing on all and continue till the end of the game.
  4. kmgreensman

    Lineups you would like to see

    I don't see Biz playing much. He doesn't fit the new offence. I would really love to see Malik Monk win the Starting Job eventually. You got to let him develop. Its a no brainer with him vs Lamb on who has the highest ceiling. I would also like to see Miles get to where he starts somewhere. Maybe put Batum and Tony Parker together on the second team with Zeller. PG Kemba SG Monk SF Batum PF Marvin C Hermangomez
  5. OK It's Official! God is a Panthers Fan! No team gets all those favorable calls and then when it needs a 63 yard field goal...it gets it! its hard even saying that...SIXTY and field goal just sounds like you're saying 1000 yard passing game or 95 yard punt....or going for it on 4th and 50.. I've never heard it.. You know Butker did way more for us than we ever knew! It pushed Gano to a point where he realized he needed to be more consistent and work his butt off.. I had that crazy sick feeling in my stomach like don't even get your hopes up, you know its over and it's not possible, but then I am distracted by the play clock running down, thinking well they will giants will call time out to ice him...but thinking back on it....ice him from 63 yards..lol Yea I know...why ice a man that can't kick it that far anyway Shumar is thinking... then wham....I say....NO no....that thing looks like it might be close no...oh my God, the darn thing was still going! Honestly it looked like a 50 yard attempt as far as how it looks going through..We have a lot of stuff to work on after that game, but we are just very very fortunate to learn a lesson WITHOUT having a loss to do it. ( It was just a joke on God wearing a Cam jersey so don't think I was serious there and debate that one)
  6. kmgreensman

    Wide open wide receivers, DJ Moore

    You don't have Olsen today and Funchess drops two and ALMOST dropped the one when Cam was scrambling... Poor old Mccaffery is gonna need an ice bath after this one. That's all we got today! I would see what we have in DJ Moore.
  7. kmgreensman

    Wide open wide receivers, DJ Moore

    I agree.. I hate playing NOT to lose and never to win!
  8. This may have been said but seems like the only time you ever see that Cam is bigger than other teams linebackers, is after am opposing team takes a cheap shot! So that somehow makes it ok to take a helmet to helmet shot while he is sliding! Then to hear Dan Quinn say he is disappointed in the ejection? Said he "didn't get to see the play" WTF????? Well they literally have THE Largest Video Board in the whole WORLD there....If you didn't see it, then you probably won't!
  9. Ahhhhh.. I didn't think about that. Thank you for your post. I hope I stated it as a question and not an opinion. Because I don't claim to be a football guy. I am just a fan that loves the fact that we have Luke AND Cam! I think its so cool to have him (with help of our coaches) call out the play before they run it. That makes me feel so much better about our coaching staff and how much they prepare for the games. I can't wait for todays game. I just hope we can play well and get a 2-0 start. We are so unlucky to have the three teams in the same division and beat up on each other every year. Thanks for your help clearing this up.
  10. Sorry, I hit enter before I was through... So do they watch as much film as Luke or are they just not as quick as picking it up? How much of a difference does he make on the field and would our coaches be able to make the adjustments if we didn't have Luke? Its really easy to defend a play you know is coming...or should I say its a whole lot harder to defend a play when you don't know what it is. Not putting down our defensive coaches, I never played football and don't know how it works. BUT when Norv said that it made me think...
  11. How much does Luke bail out our coaches? I wonder if we didn't have someone like Luke, what we might look like on Defense. No one else on the defense is calling out the plays. So do they watch
  12. I just don't get the betting line on this... Thought it would be at least 5 points. They are saying we are equal on a neutral field. Just looking at preseason where we played well and moved the ball and defense slowed Tom Brady and NE in the red zone. The cowboys struggled and I remember a time they didn't have a passing TD for a long time in practice. What makes them equal? Is it the matchups? Is it the offensive line injuries for Panthers? Is it because Cowboys fans sway a betting line? I just don't see these two teams as equal right now and home field advantage being the difference. I am scared of that defensive line of Cowboys and just don't know how our line will do against two good pass rushers. I guess thats why we play the game.
  13. YES.. Ginn does need to go up and fair catch it.. Why is he not? Maybe that is why its been a problem..
  14. This is the third time this has happened this season! at least 3.. How can we be so dumb and not fix this????