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  1. OP have you ever been to an NFL football game? I'm sorry but you don't seem to have a clue. For starters BoA holds a little over 75k people. Approximately 60k of that capacity are PSLs so it has nothing to do with deciding which single game tickets get sold. Then to even begin to attempt separating the zombie horde entering the stadium and filling the concourses is a joke. The whole "its your individual choice as a got damned American" is bullshit. I can't believe this has to be explained but here...let's round up thousands of people, some of which are certainly sick or carrying, stick them in the confines of a stadium and then release them into the general population. You think all those red blooded mother f*ckers are wearing masks or sanitizing their hands when going to the grocery store to pick up their cases of Busch Light? Here America, have some more COVID because Freedom!
  2. I agree. Need to see more out of him because that didn't leave a good impression. Troy seems like the kind of personality who could be the heart of the defense. Hope he does well.
  3. Makes sense as far as preseason rankings go considering the facts. New coaches, new defensive scheme/identity, a few good vets, some JAGs and some rookies. We don't even know how much time they will all have on the same field together before the regular season starts. We can't pretend we had a decent 2019 season and just needed to make a few adjustments and add a couple players.
  4. FORUM (noun) fo·rum | ˈfȯr-əm : a medium (such as a newspaper or online service) of open discussion or expression of ideas For those who replied just to voice your displeasure with the horrifying length and over-complication of the original post, maybe stay on the simpler side of the internet where there are pretty pictures and recycled thoughts limited by a max character count. Social media and all it's hot take fact only based one-liners are calling your name. MHS831, your draft predictions, follow-up topics like this and all other fresh material are much appreciated. Cheers!
  5. Haha! Glad to see you are in a better mood. Last night you were one foot out the door.
  6. I think Burns will end up being a core player. Fug Jackson unless he pulls his head out of his arse.
  7. Saying this is the worst thread ever and that the two players aren't comparable at all is silly. Ekeler is a legit receiving threat at RB and absolutely had teams making defensive changes by the end of last season. With so many people on here using CMC's receiving ability to lock in their argument for the extension how can Ekeler not be brought up? Were teams game planning around him like they would for CMC? No sir. Am I stoked that we will have CMC for the foreseeable future? Yes. His versatility and work ethic are unmatched in the NFL right now. Is it worth discussing, on an internet forum, the topic of possibly being able to replace his on field production without spending as much money? Why the f**k not? Get off your high horses. Now for Christian...
  8. Look up their stats from last season and get back to me. Remember he shared touches with Gordon. I love CMC and am glad he is a Panther but we overpaid.
  9. Hi, I'm Austin Ekeler. Nice to meet you.
  10. Its probably already been mentioned in this thread but just in case it hasn't... The Chargers got Austin Ekeler for 4 years at $24.5M.
  11. Are you joking? Gurley was damaged goods coming into the NFL. The Cardinals "had to move on" from Johnson because they were offered f**king DeAndre Hopkins in return.
  12. I don't believe I have ever, in my extensive time on the Huddle, passed judgement on a single player before seeing them play in the NFL. You are welcome to check all of my 243 very high quality posts though! And I get what you are saying, the odds are low, but the Saints felt he was good enough to give up a 3rd round pick. This after a horrific potential career ending injury and almost zero play time to evaluate.
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