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  1. It doesn't look like I can bring back GJBC's content. This is a sad day
  2. Is google Jim’s old content still missing? i re-opened @SZ James (banned) PMs. Anyone else?
  3. Hey from what I gather, some of you were flagged as spammers. When that happens, even when you undo it, there are some things that need to be manually done (like re-enabling PMs). Tell me what the problems are and I can help fix. @rodeo
  4. One notable thing happens per episode. I hate the binge model.
  5. Bernie’s made friends with a lot of nurses? Shrewd.
  6. Have you bothered to look up why people do this?
  7. Care to expound on this observation? Because this seems pretty loathsome at face value.
  8. How dare you assign your dogs’ gender identity.
  9. Cat



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    2. Cat
    3. Jase


      Yep, lol, no problem.

    4. Cat


      I'll edit it out so personal info isn't on here 

  10. Likely story. We all know it was a DEW. Nice try, government.
  11. Is my sig permanently deleted now? It used to show up even though I'm not All-Pro, but it's gone now.

  12. Holy megabump the correct answer still lies between 1.5 and 1.75 cups per gallon.
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