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  1. I am sick of the media going to bat for the saints after every marginal officiating flub. You’d think they were the only team to ever have the zebras go against them.
  2. Whoever OKed the alarm clock numerals should just kill themselves.
  3. “There is some onus on the voter (for knowing their district).” yikes
  4. PSL is gone, woot! Pumpkin coffee is almost as bad as pumpkin beer.
  5. I’m here to ban fools and wear tight pants. And I just lost my pants.
  6. We’re also worse than average on 2-pt tries. We were 40% last year and 33% the year before.
  7. Do you forgive me? Who wants a sensual body massage?
  8. Overlay these states with the 11 states that have bojangles and there’s not much difference
  9. Looks like we were in Orlando at the same time. We spent the whole time under the mouse’s thumb, though.
  10. Smack my ass and tell me I’m pretty.
  11. Have you bothered to look up why people do this?
  12. Care to expound on this observation? Because this seems pretty loathsome at face value.
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