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  1. You forgot to log in to your e-cat username before posting this.
  2. A search of the phrase on the huddle only reveals 3 users: nfl shield at midfield gazi Mod and patron saint of the tinderbox, rodeo
  3. Cocksmith was hiding his identity by posting from a NY IP address, but he talked just like Gazi, including using terms like “freeze peach” hm, curious.
  4. Don’t use obvious racial slurs Don’t demean people based on their skin color dont suggest that certain groups of people are inherently prone to being inferior When somebody rejects the notion that a race is inferior, don’t tell them they are an “apologist” of that race; this implies that the race is inferior, evil or defective in some other way Don’t reference culturally insensitive portrayals of other races, ie food stamps, watermelon, blackface, whatever did I miss anything? you can be rude to each other, just show some common decency
  5. Because philly, I believe when I set an expectation, I need to give people a chance to abide by it. I also don’t think we should all be judged by our past actions in perpetuity. if your belief of “once a racist, always a racist” is true, then just be patient. I’m sure everyone on your hit list will be banned eventually. not doing exactly what you want != doing nothing
  6. The rules implemented at 10pm yestersday are not retroactive. I’m at least giving them a chance to act appropriately.
  7. If somebody has KT’s contact info, I’d love to get in touch and invite him back to fill this role.
  8. You should see the huddle deep state in action. BRB, it’s almost time for our weekly Thursday meeting about how to make the right look bad.
  9. Being anti-regression is the new progressive, I guess
  10. Well it’s been 12 hours, do I need to ban anyone yet? maga supporters. I will give infractions to the people who tell you to kill yourself, if you stop implying things like slavery was a net positive for black people. Deal?
  11. For too long, I have participated in this forum and allowed the tinderbox to be under-regulated, thinking that if we had an open forum of ideas, the good ideas would win, and the bad ideas would be shouted down. Lately, I have learned that there is an infinite supply of bad ideas and abusive behavior, so much that we could never hope to shout them down. So I'm just going to start banning everyone who even hints at something offensive. First offense is a 24 hour ban, second offense is a permaban. No more plausible deniability with vaguely offensive posts. If something you say can be construed in any way as even mildly offensive by any minority group, you're gone. I'm not hearing any arguments, I'm not showing any mercy. If you think this is unfair because you are white, well yeah, it probably is. As of now, 10 pm Eastern on October 24 2018, this policy goes into effect. If you consider yourself part of the MAGA crowd, consider the wording of every post very carefully. Because "I didn't know what I said is offensive to the entire jewish race", or "but he called me honky first" isn't an acceptable excuse. Feel free to use this thread to tattle nominate users who I may have missed who are ban worthy. Thanks for your help and cooperation.
  12. Have you bothered to look up why people do this?
  13. Care to expound on this observation? Because this seems pretty loathsome at face value.
  14. How dare you assign your dogs’ gender identity.
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