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  1. Smack my ass and tell me I’m pretty.
  2. Have you bothered to look up why people do this?
  3. Care to expound on this observation? Because this seems pretty loathsome at face value.
  4. How dare you assign your dogs’ gender identity.
  5. Cat



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Cat
    3. Jase


      Yep, lol, no problem.

    4. Cat


      I'll edit it out so personal info isn't on here 

  6. Likely story. We all know it was a DEW. Nice try, government.
  7. Is my sig permanently deleted now? It used to show up even though I'm not All-Pro, but it's gone now.

  8. Holy megabump the correct answer still lies between 1.5 and 1.75 cups per gallon.
  9. God I love it when someone does the math
  10. Whoa, easy with the propaganda there. Fires have a liberal bias.
  11. Tried to send a message but it said you don't accept them. Anyway I do not have the ability to edit signatures. Apparently there's supposed to be an option the left in Account Settings, but I do not have that option.

  12. I own these shoes and wear them all the time.
  13. Every time the title of this thead changes, I lose my place in the thread and have to start over, SMH
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