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  1. Jase

    Bruce irvin to falcons

    I was in favor of him coming here, but now that he went to the falcons, he sucks.
  2. Jase

    Gameday Thread .... Fearless Predictions???

    When I hit play, they were talking about sexualized pikachus, wtf
  3. Jase

    Have you voted yet ?

    I’ve never been more dissatisfied with a ballot overall as I am this time.
  4. You forgot to log in to your e-cat username before posting this.
  5. A search of the phrase on the huddle only reveals 3 users: nfl shield at midfield gazi Mod and patron saint of the tinderbox, rodeo
  6. Cocksmith was hiding his identity by posting from a NY IP address, but he talked just like Gazi, including using terms like “freeze peach” hm, curious.
  7. Jase

    Is feminism a religion or a cult?

    OP makes baseless claim and spends 8 pages demanding evidence from everyone else.
  8. Jase

    Hillary Clinton: "They all look alike." - RACIST

    You also said you don’t support retroactively banning, but you appear to advocating for it here.
  9. Bucs are so bad on defense that I think the Panthers won’t punt. Panthers 41 Bucs 28
  10. Jase

    Hillary Clinton: "They all look alike." - RACIST

    So you’re saying that simply displaying the emblem is offensive to minority groups? I’m not sure it has that much power. The cocks are touching tips
  11. Jase

    Ads for Mark Harris on the Huddle?

    It’s targeted based on your browser history. I only get ads for extra large condoms and luxury automobiles.
  12. Not sure about this one. let me consult my czar of LGBT [email protected]
  13. Don’t use obvious racial slurs Don’t demean people based on their skin color dont suggest that certain groups of people are inherently prone to being inferior When somebody rejects the notion that a race is inferior, don’t tell them they are an “apologist” of that race; this implies that the race is inferior, evil or defective in some other way Don’t reference culturally insensitive portrayals of other races, ie food stamps, watermelon, blackface, whatever did I miss anything? you can be rude to each other, just show some common decency
  14. Because philly, I believe when I set an expectation, I need to give people a chance to abide by it. I also don’t think we should all be judged by our past actions in perpetuity. if your belief of “once a racist, always a racist” is true, then just be patient. I’m sure everyone on your hit list will be banned eventually. not doing exactly what you want != doing nothing