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  1. Why? i think that would be fair if Tepper was as hands-off an owner as JR was. Tepper kept Ron and Hurney around, but made them change the way they operate. If he wanted things done that differently, he should have gotten new guys, instead of micromanaging the guys he has.
  2. One notable thing happens per episode. I hate the binge model.
  3. *rolling with the same staff but making them “evolve”, i.e. change the way they operate. Makes sense
  4. His fingerprints have been all over the things that haven’t worked this season. The switch to 3-4. Ron calling plays. The analytics bungles. Is Tepper going to own up? Ron should have had some conviction and stuck to his way of operating. That way, if he failed, he failed doing what he does. Tepper’s influence in the day to day operations of the team has been a net negative. Convince me otherwise.
  5. Why does Jimmy Buffett get to say boomer in his songs, but I can’t say it while enjoying delish avocado toast with my friends?
  6. Congrats to all the new mods. Enjoy your sign-on bonus and use it wisely. I blew mine on a Maserati and I regret buying that Italian piece of crap every day.
  7. Bernie’s made friends with a lot of nurses? Shrewd.
  8. whoever wants to become an admin so they can just ban the guy/gal who is democratically selected as mod, PM me for my paypal address.
  9. Hm, could it be that we need a power back that can punch it in from a yard away?
  10. I would vote to expand the tinderbox. I would make it a requirement to post a political statement with every panthers post. That way, we have a barometer by which we can judge how seriously to take your opinion. Example: “I think we should start Will Grier. Also, here’s a YouTube video about how the government is poisoning us via chem trails.”
  11. We need to have a sexy mod around here. I mean, other than @rayzor. Please DM me pics, so I can judge all of the nominees.
  12. I just came here to say OK, boomer.
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