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  1. PantherKing1983

    The Walking Dead

    Hes got a very interesting character face thats for sure he has that feeling on Westworld as well.
  2. PantherKing1983

    The Walking Dead

    but they were "TOXIC" zombies !!! nothing like trudging through toxic sludge with those open wounds like that was no big deal either
  3. PantherKing1983

    The Walking Dead

    those high speed 15 mph chase scenes just mind boggling
  4. PantherKing1983

    The Walking Dead

    It seems that they are struggling to make 1 episode stretch into 3.
  5. PantherKing1983

    Another school shooting, this time in Oregon

    Now post the one with mexico and south american countries and then do the math why Donald Trump has supporters when he spouts off on building walls and what.
  6. PantherKing1983

    Back up PG

    im barely 5'10 and when i met Kemba he was probably only an inch taller than me if that
  7. Im 31 and never had another football team besides the Panthers . Was into only basketball until the Panthers came to town never watched much football.
  8. PantherKing1983

    Season 5: The Walking Dead

    The whole were only gonna show one piece of the story like everyone else has said is getting boring, they are extending these episodes with long shots and could really get the story in about 20 minutes and still have time for 12 minutes from each of the other groups to keep things going.
  9. PantherKing1983

    Season 5: The Walking Dead

    I hated the part right before rick takes the rifle and the terminus guys are pushing up on the walkers shooting from the hip aiming toward the ground yet head shotting zombies