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  1. PantherWake

    Cam had a 93.2 passer rating yesterday

    Bottom line is haters only want to bring up stats when it’s bad and only want to bring up context over stats when he does good
  2. PantherWake

    Cam had a 93.2 passer rating yesterday

    That’s actually a really good point. I haven’t even thought about that. Still early in the season tho
  3. PantherWake

    Cam had a 93.2 passer rating yesterday

    They don’t say anything at all lol
  4. I agree but completion percentage is not the same as accuracy percentage and that’s why that stat is overrated in my eyes
  5. PantherWake

    Any Chance Texans Would Trade Clowney?

    LMAO hell no and i like Obada. Clowney has AllPro talent and did this yesterday against the Colts can't-miss 1st round LG Nelson:
  6. PantherWake

    Curtis back at practice!

    The fact that these were back to back lol
  7. So your hypothetical situation is fact now?
  8. PantherWake

    LOL @ Falcons fans here

    Tbf... Trufant has been up until the last couple years. He just looks bad this year tho.
  9. PantherWake

    We're .500 as of today!

    B.C. Panthers were way below 500
  10. PantherWake

    Why is Vermillion still employed?

    I don’t think it’s his fault man. Injuries happen.
  11. PantherWake

    Eric Washington on Social Media

    Glad they take that personally to prove them wrong
  12. This plus its just preseason