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  1. Have to with all the ignorance said about him taking the job from Cam Week 1 lol
  2. The funny thing is with Kyle Allen playing bad. I thought Grier would have a good chance to prove he should be the backup only for him to play worse lol
  3. Grier doing ALL the things they complain Cam does but Grier fans wont say poo about it
  4. Eric Reid gonna tweet at halftime that we need to sign Kaep at this rate lmao
  5. Grier is overthrowing everything but I bet you wont hear Grier fans talk about it like they have done Cam from day one
  6. Clearly proving we can win games without Cam guys. Grier fans were right. He definitely is the future
  7. Cam/CMC/Armah should be our short yardage backs imo
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