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  1. https://www.cnn.com/2018/04/02/us/ethan-couch-affluenza-jail-release/index.html If a wealthy upbringing inhibits your ability to tell right from wrong and leads to a two year jail sentence for killing four people while drunk and violating your probation and then fleeing to Mexico, surely teens who have been brought up in violent neighborhoods shouldn’t be spending life in prison for crimes committed as young adults. It’ll be interesting to see the statistics. I personally think he should have done more than the two years.
  2. Good stuff. Shout out to all my brothers who are unapologetically down for the cause. *raised fist*
  3. There’re a few white people on this forum who are “woke” but most white people are in the middle. Those are the ones MLK talked about. They’re not racist but can’t be bothered. I think if BLM can win them over they have an expedited path to solving this issue politically which is what it’ll take to dismantle this behemoth of police unaccountability.
  4. Yes it is. But that’s the current reality. This is a moral issue that must be fixed with political will. BLM didn’t play the politics of it well.
  5. That’s why if you ask me I personally think BLM missed a good opportunity by not casting a wider net against police brutality. The story of that white teen who was killed by an officer because he used his high beams still stands out to me. Making it about black lives alone made it easy for a lot of white people to tune out.
  6. Well you wait, the white genocide is coming because Tutsis ~ g5jamz
  7. Don't you think all the bad cops out there make it difficult to appreciate the good ones like these (granted he's mainly performing what he's sworn to do. ie, serve and protect)? Or you think it's just people overreacting?
  8. If you are PanthersUnited, you panick, that's just what you do. If you want to save 15%... I'll be here all week.
  9. The most dangerous team in the AFC, lmao. Now let us see the most dangerous team in the NFC fall tomorrow too.
  10. Yeah so Jackson going into motion and Norman presumably following him will suggest that. If Norman does not follow him then no it's not man coverage. Again it has nothing to do with Coleman dropping into the box! It's not that complicated. Also the defense can always play a mix of man and zone.
  11. You said Coleman dropping into the box means his assignment is running back hence man coverage? That couldn't be further from the truth dude. You diagnose man/zone by motioning players and seeing if a specific defender follows them. None of that occurred here. Just admit you got it wrong.
  12. What coverage disguise did he sell? The only "disguise" going on is Norman not playing the deep vertical! Unless Winston motioned any of the WRs before the snap, there is no way to know if it's man or zone. I'll like to know how you came to that conclusion because I don't see any motioning from your cut up
  13. Again, when I said Boston will be benched for Coleman before the beginning of the season, people were throwing pitchforks at me. Coleman understands what this defense is trying to do and is less susceptible to mistakes compared to Boston. Boston has a lot to learn as a FS.
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