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  1. Looks like pretty good attendance
  2. Probably a pick this year plus conditional pick (or picks) next year
  3. vs 6.6 M salary plus .875 M roster bonus plus .5 M workout bonus AND the signing bonus to keep him. Overall, we gain almost 8M in cap space
  4. Trim to the last 30 years if you want, but it ignores Aikman, Elway, Plunkett, Bradshaw, Namath. That's 30% of the Superbowls won by a QB selected #1 overall. More if you accept Young in the group.
  5. They use the #1 pick on Drue Chrisman frpm Ohio State. If you're fantasizing, go all in.
  6. We're gonna run a hybrid version incorporating elements of all 3. It'll go good with the hybrid 4-3/3-4 defense.
  7. Neither. Counter the offer. Tell them it'll cost that plus a few second round picks and Gilmore. Do you think Dallas took the first offer for Walker?
  8. Start the timer. How long before Cam has a meeting with Rhule?
  9. 3 Times in a row makes it a tradition.
  10. Matsko has been about everywhere. Vermillion is going back to where Fox got him.
  11. Technically, they don't have to fire him. His contract is up on 1/14. All they have to do is let it expire.
  12. A week ago. You may have missed others as well. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001091588/article/perry-fewell-to-interview-for-panthers-permanent-job
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