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  1. Most were still laughing about the 28-3 debacle. We never expected it would become a way of life.
  2. Trading CMC hits us with over 20 million in dead money. How are you going to make that work?
  3. Oh come on now. Be fair. Slye would have to be a whole lot better to just stink.
  4. https://bluetopbrand.com/pages/sauces Pick one , be happier
  5. A single signing in March of 2021 or an injury in the next couple weeks will rearrange the comp picks awarded. You're being dogs on a lure course, chasing a target that isn't even close to set.
  6. Are you guys seriously starting to sweat 2021 comp picks before the 2020 season even kicks off? Askin' for a friend.
  7. I believe he was claimed by the Colts when we waived him.
  8. I was out doing some yard work. It needed doing but I wasn't excited about being out in the hot & humid.
  9. Do you mean the sacrifices they've made that have the Saints almost 80 million over the cap in '21?
  10. IF the cap were to stay flat at around 200 million in 2021, the Saints would only be about 50 million over. But the cap may drop as low as 175 million. It'll be fun watching them make that work.
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