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  1. Now over 200 million committed to the 2020 cap
  2. If true, they're waiting on Lynch to clear waivers. They don't have to wait if they want Smith unless they're just waiting to use each as negotiating ploy against the other.
  3. Unless there has been a rule change, you can't trader a player who is on IR. All we could do is negotiate an injury settlement and cut him. Corrrection,. Rule did change last year. We can trade him.
  4. If we IR Gano as part of the cut to 53, he can't play for us this year. We have to make him part of the 53 man roster then IR him to be able to bring him back week at the mid point.
  5. We have 2 QBs not named Cam under contract who have been in the system for over a year. That's not a bad place to be for backups.
  6. D gave up 22 first downs 37 minute possession. No cause for concern here? PS: 12 of those 1st downs 20 minutes possession and almost 200 yards in the first half against our projected starters. Obviously, 3 & outs don't help but .....
  7. So, how much of that massive 3.9 yards per play was the benefit obtained from the shirt?
  8. Glad he's on the team as a football player. Not interested when the clock is at 00:00
  9. IT absolutely did NOT cost the Panthers two (2) 1st round draft picks, a 2nd round draft pick, and a 4th round draft pick to acquire Jeff Otah. We had already spent a first round pick on Stewart. We didn't have another in 2008 and only 1 in 2009. Your logic implies we pulled another out on the air. We packaged a 5 and 5 singles to buy a 12 pack (that turned out to be stale). We did not pay 20 bucks for the 12 pack. Ron White said it best.
  10. Some people just want to make it sound worse than it was. It was bad enough without.
  11. Wrong Let's say you have a friend who has a football for sale that you want. You ask him "how much" and he says "Just bring me a 12 pack" which don't have so make a run to the local store and buy for ten bucks. You return to your friend give him the 12 pack and collect your football. Your total cost to get that football was ultimately 10 bucks. Panthers wanted OTAH. Eagles had a pick that would get him, Cost for the pick was 2008 2nd & 4th plus 2009 1st. It didn't cost you 10 bucks AND a 12 pack, and it didn't cost the Panthers 2 1sts.
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