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  1. Poor guy is going to get quite the headache when he takes his first look at some of these contracts they’re still paying
  2. Rodgers has such an ego. He’s made some terrible decisions so far and that effort on that loose ball sums up his character
  3. Subtract the 2023 1st rounder, change the 2020 3rd rounder to a 2021 3rd rounder and subtract Cam or Include Cam and subtract the 3rd rounder completely. I’d say the 2nd rounder but I’m not sure that’d happen. NO ONE knows if Cam is healthy right now so until he physically proves otherwise he doesn’t hold much value.
  4. I can’t see Gettleman passing on Derrick Brown. That’s if the Lions don’t take him first.
  5. Which is why some don’t even bother sharing the info they have on here. At the end of the day it’s just not worth it. Nothing to gain from it and are just called out when plans don’t fall through according to once planned.
  6. Thanks sir! Don’t worry, your sons lack of intelligence is not a reflection of your parenting skills You can’t fix stupid
  7. Disagree. A franchise QB can make up for a lot of holes. We saw that every year Cam took this team to the playoffs. This roster isn’t as bad as many of you are making it out to be. With a few cuts we have 50 mill to spend and if we went the Burrow route we’d have roughly 70 mill to spend. If Burrow ends up being that franchise type QB then Burrow plus what we have and 70 mill in FA. We’d be competitive.
  8. Paging @HarbingersDad, it’s time to come grab your son
  9. I’m just saying that if you think Burrow is that franchise type QB then the draft capital you give up is worth it. Whether Burrow is THAT guy or not well who knows. Joe Brady would have a pretty good guess though.
  10. Won’t argue that but there aren’t a ton of teams that draft well. Look at KC’s last 4 draft classes Hardman, Hunt and Hill are the only dudes worth a damn minus the QB and Hunt isn’t there anymore. But Mahomes makes up for it all. If you think Burrow is that franchise type guy then having him or any franchise QB makes up for a lot of things. One of those things would be the draft picks traded away.
  11. You’re right. We should keep wasting picks on guys like Will Grier and the long list of other awful non first round draft picks under Hurney and hopefully one day hit the jackpot.
  12. Look how many drafts we’ve pissed away. Outside of Burns and probably Daley just this last draft is looking pretty forgettable. Your drafts picks are only valuable if you’re able to draft properly which we haven’t shown an ability to do so
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