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  1. Since relocating to Tennessee their overall record is 180-172 Carolina’s overall record 190-193-1
  2. People who are serious about their health and fitness experiment with different diets. I’m willing to bet Cam won’t be a vegan forever. I’ve experimented plenty and still do. And if you’re pushing your diet agenda on everyone you better look the part before doing so. The end
  3. I should change that pic. I started using it because we were just as big of a dumpster fire as the Browns last offseason. Now not only did the Browns beat us last season, they finished with a better record than us and quite frankly it’s insulting to the Browns to compare them to us.
  4. And to think a large portion of you people were happy when we signed him...
  5. Save your energy. 99% of the morons on this board don’t have the slightest clue how these things work. That same 99% have been celebrating the last 3-4 years how the Saints have “no money” and yet here we are. Those cap hits the next 3 years really aren’t that bad in the grand scheme of things
  6. If Hurney can find a way to make it work money wise and solidify the back end by landing Ha-Ha then address the edge in the draft, he deserves some serious credit for making the most out of a terrible situation.
  7. Oops sorry, wrong teams message board *please delete
  8. As you shouldn’t. This site is what it is and has been this way for a long time now unfortunately
  9. This. I wanted Veldheer and he is flat out at best average right now and 6 million for that, you take.
  10. Theres no way he had any long term offers. If you’re Williams coming back off a knee injury you take any long term deal you can get. He hurts his knee again this season and his career could be over.
  11. Ogbah isn’t the answer to our pass rushing problem
  12. Golden Tate would be an awesome get to put with Samuel and Moore but thanks to years of disastrous contracts and two GM’s that don’t have the slightest clue he’s most likely way out of our price range. Donte Moncrief is a more realistic option. Moncrief, Samuel and Moore would give us 3 guys with the ability to win deep on any given play.
  13. How many of them were named Baker Mayfield?
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