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  1. This is your one and only warning. Next time you want to start a thread like this have a legit source and include it in your OP. Future threads like this will result in a ban. Thanks for your cooperation, Admin
  2. Leave the “trash talking” to those with brains in their heads. Thanks
  3. It’s Wednesday... shouldn’t you be going through all the injury reports to make sure they’re up to NFL standards?
  4. Ah yes you’re right. He’s the second guy back there on KO returns as well
  5. Yeah Allen’s deep ball has not been pretty. There was no excuse for him to miss Samuel as bad as he did Sunday. Samuel had inside position and all the space in the damn world and Allen threw it in the only place Samuel couldn’t get it
  6. Is Brandon Zylstra not on our practice squad or roster still?
  7. Wow, good job Hurney! Should’ve been done after week 2 but at least you finally did it!
  8. There is no excuse good enough for having this dude on the roster still. We can simply stick Brandon Zylstra back there. He can’t possibly be worse than McCloud. Zylstra returned punts in the CFL although the returning rules on punts make it nearly impossible to f*ck it up but still. Just call a fair catch and move on
  9. Anyone who thinks he was actually 100% healthy for game 1 needs to give their head a serious shake
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