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  1. The Packers checked in on Will Fuller, they should really call and ask about Samuel.
  2. I mean, if you’re going to pretend like Gettleman was the reason we drafted CMC then sure by all means.
  3. Yep Bolles would be a rental too but it gets them in the building and let’s our staff take a look at them first before dishing out a bigger contract. Rental for rental is fine by me if we’re trading for one we see as a long term fit
  4. Well ya... but who is giving us a legit young guard for a rental? I’d talk to Denver. They need weapons for Lock. They declined Garrett Bolles option already and he’s been having a great year. Maybe a rental for a rental. Pay Bolles and Moton this offseason and draft Wyatt Davis in the 1st
  5. Just posted the same thing in the other thread...
  6. Yah I don’t think we’re in a position that allows us to spend the type of money he’s looking to get now on a WR3. We have an entire OL that needs to be built with the only good one being a UFA after this season. I hope Hurney and co. are discussing what exactly their plan is this offseason with their budget. If they know Samuel isn’t in the cards then they need to get something for him before Tuesday. Last night’s game was a good value booster. You don’t want to stunt this teams growth and Samuel helps move the chains but you also don’t want to be losing guys and getting nothing in return for them when building from essentially scratch like we are now.
  7. I was talking about the long pass to DJ. A couple plays before. Figured that’s what this thread was about. Yah, I ain’t defending that decision or throw.
  8. So you want him to check it down on 3rd and 17? Ok got it. “Teddy doesn’t throw deeeeeeeepzzz” Just acknowledged that our OL can’t hold up so now we’re facing a 4th and long. That’d end well, yep. DJ had his man beat and Teddy put it up for DJ to make a play. Can’t ask for much more on 3rd and 17. DJ gets paid to make plays too. Teddy got hit on the release but like he did all night he hung in there and delivered a ball in which DJ could make a play on. Teddy is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t with some of you. Much like Cam was. The lack of basic football knowledge is the real problem.
  9. What was it? 3rd and 17? Yep lots of options on a down and distance like that...
  10. Hurney better lock this man upzzzz!!!!!
  11. We just going to ignore the fact that Teddy got hit while throwing that ball last night?
  12. Yet the first page is littered with QB threads... This place smh
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