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  1. You can’t keep questioning everyone’s intelligence while not knowing the difference between your and you’re
  2. Apple made a lot of sense for us. Turning 25 in a couple months with untapped potential. See what the coaches can do. Buy low/high reward potential here. Apple is best in press man which I’m hoping we run a lot more of
  3. And if they lose in heartbreaking fashion again? I’ll believe it when I see him actually retire.
  4. Well sure, but it still doesn’t make sense from a use of cap space and their inability to guarantee a starting job made signing him or anyone beyond one year hard to justify.
  5. Yep that would’ve been a great use of their limited cap space moving forward smh... It’s no guarantee Brees retires after this year so it makes no sense for either party to commit to each other for longer than a year. Again, this is something that’s been explained to you before. You continue to repeat the same things over and over again in every single thread. Probably time you get some new material.
  6. Bridgewater has been wanting a starting job since losing his due to injury, he’s said it in interviews. He chose backing up Brees last year over starting in Miami because it was the smarter thing to do. Bridgewater says he’s only 27 and has a lot of football left. Now that he had a market and better options he was finally able to land a starting job in what he deems a good spot for him. The Saints couldn’t offer Teddy a starting job. Payton said if Drew wants to come back it’s his job. Once Drew made his decision, the decision was made for Teddy. And no we weren’t bidding against ourselves. They didn’t even think Teddy was a realistic option because until Brady chose Tampa, Teddy was their number 1 target. Arians loves Teddy. Patriots were also rumored to be in on Teddy. Which makes sense, Teddy fits exactly what Bill looks for in a QB. As showed above, Chicago was in as well.
  7. Again, let me remind you of the pressure Teddy saw in 2015... As a 2nd year QB, this would’ve wrecked most young QB’s but Teddy was a Blair Walsh chip shot away from winning his first playoff game in year 2. Allen has terrible pocket awareness and his footwork is atrocious. Teddy has proven he can play under historically bad pressure statistics.
  8. Flacco won the SB in year 5 as a starter. 2015 was Teddy’s second year as a starter. The Vikings offense was built around the run with an historically bad OL. Not quite sure how anyone would expect a QB to put up eye catching numbers in that situation. Teddy ran the Saints offense very well and that’s not even up for debate. He was thrown in against the Rams, then saw Dallas and Seattle. You saw Teddy get more comfortable with each passing week. He played great against Tampa and in Chicago. After actually watching most of Teddy’s games in the NFL, I just don’t understand all the hate. He was poised to have his breakout season in year 3 until the injury. Got his feet wet last season and hopefully picks up where he left off this upcoming season
  9. Flacco had 84 more passing attempts than Teddy in his SB year vs Teddy 2015. Teddy had a higher yards per attempt. But keep doing you.
  10. So this game was on TV last night. To my count on his 32 completions, Brees had a total of 143 air yards from the line of scrimmage. 4.5 yards per completion. Only 2 throws travelled more than 15 yards in air on 39 passing attempts. He went 1/2 on those throws. His completion went for 19 yards while his incompletion was on a vertical route that travelled 30+ air yards. Point of the post? Get the ball out quick and accurate while taking what the defense gives you leads to good things.
  11. Lol no they’re not. Not even close.
  12. 2017 Panthers draft McCaffrey The Huddle on Cam - “Work on your short throw accuracy! Stop throwing lasers! Get the ball out quick! Use your checkdowns!” 2020 Panthers sign Teddy Bridgewater The Huddle on Bridgewater - “Teddy’s arm strength sucks! All he does is check it down! Teddy doesn’t throw deep!”
  13. Then I guess it’s not a coincidence that they went 8-8 and missed the playoffs in 2016 without Teddy. Peterson played 3 games in 2016. Those yards had to go to other people. Bradford had 552 passing attempts in only 15 games which was 105 MORE THAN Teddy had in 16 games in 2015. Diggs had 28 more targets in 2016.
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