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  1. People who are serious about their health and fitness experiment with different diets. I’m willing to bet Cam won’t be a vegan forever. I’ve experimented plenty and still do. And if you’re pushing your diet agenda on everyone you better look the part before doing so. The end
  2. Ogbah isn’t the answer to our pass rushing problem
  3. Look here asshole stop spreading false information. 

  4. Benjamin was a lot more polished coming out than people gave him credit for. ------------ If there's one thing I think we can take away from DG's 3 1st rounders is that he looks for immediate impact. We saw Shaq come on strong near the end and I think that's what DG thought he'd get all year. Star and Benji obviously made their presence felt right away as well. For this reason I just don't see DG drafting someone like Dodd who will be a project or Nassib (who I'm not a fan of) or one of the back end tackles. Gettleman has his work cut out for him this time with a late pick. I wouldn't be surprised to see DG jump up a few spots in order to land an impact player. What's he say? Rather have a dime than two nickels?
  5. Darian Thompson would be the biggest waste of a 1st round pick
  6. Can't just assume Ealy is the same guy we saw Sunday moving forward. Olivier Vernon will cost too much, I'm curious to see the market for JPP. He's someone I hope they keep an eye on. We need pass rushers. As someone who has preached offense I want us to go heavy D in FA. Id love another corner opposite of Josh (who is getting tagged). Tillman's done and Bene is nothing more than a slot corner. Travis Benjamin and Jermaine Kearse are two WR's I like but WR's always tend to get overpaid and I believe it's smarter to draft WR's early to save money which will allow us to "keep our core". Tyler Boyd would be a nice add for the slot. We have no idea how Benji will bounce back and Funchess isn't ready to be the number 2 yet so WR is a must early in the draft. We aren't signing Alshon.
  7. 2 weeks to prepare to not let VM beat you and... Cotchery and Brown did there thing tonight too'
  8. Cam's legs will be the key for our offense I believe. I think it's important that he looks to run when the play breaks down.
  9. Seattle is the type of team that has bounces like these go their way
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