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  1. *FreeFua*

    Gronkowski is a moron

    PFT wasn’t pretending to be a first grade teacher he just said he knew one (jokingly) when asking the question. Mr.Scot you can sleep easy at night knowing that both PFT and Portnoy ended up getting arrested on that night. Portnoy was caught before the Pats took the floor. NFL has stripped Barstool of their credentials for a few years now. PFT and Portnoy made some passes and snuck on the floor like they did last year. Both have been banned from the dome which will make for an interesting night when Portnoy heads there to attend the SB. Goodell is a loser and if he’d just give Barstool their credentials back then all of this could be avoided. Even the cops and FBI thought it was stupid once they got the full story as to why they were called in to grab PFT and Portnoy.
  2. *FreeFua*

    Do you watch the pro bowl?

    It’s fair to question the intelligence of those who watch the Pro Bowl. Now back to the Royal Rumble...
  3. https://www.nola.com/expo/sports/g66l-2019/01/53d76b29c12035/22-saints-who-are-due-to-become-free-agents.html Other than Ingram they’ll essentially be fielding the exact same team. They can also simply kick the can down the road one more year with Brees. Leave it up to the Huddle to do no research and celebrate prematurely.
  4. *FreeFua*

    And now, Congress is involved

    The NFL is “entertainment” it’s really that simple
  5. Yep I agree, you ALWAYS get in front of it. Just like in baseball
  6. Serious? It should’ve been an easy pick up and it prevents the ball for rolling another 10 yards for field position
  7. I couldn’t care less who wins this game and I’m certain that tipped his left thumb
  8. Calvin didn’t return punts. Dante Hall made you scratch your head sometimes but then there was times he left you speechless... I’m sure Reid didn’t give Hill an earful or anything after losing those yards. Had it been Kenjon Barner back there he would’ve just kept his helmet on walking off the field
  9. You go and look up any great playmaker and you’ll find some boneheaded plays... It happens, comes with the title
  10. Yeah... obviously not saying that wasn’t a boneheaded play but he’s gone for runs before where he makes something out of nothing so, it is what it is type thing
  11. We’ll see... I mean there’s like 8 people who I’m still not convinced aren’t just one person or even Jeremy and until something is done about them this place is what it is. The name calling is the least of the worries around here
  12. I thought you were taking a break from the huddle? Tyreke Hill is a playmaker. That sh!t is going to happen sometimes, he more than makes up for it 99% of the time. That’s how it works with guys like him.
  13. Amazing how the majority of you will never understand how you take the good with the bad when it comes to playmakers
  14. Oh god... give it a rest