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  1. *FreeFua*

    For the Cam doubters

    You’re asking a place where the majority of posters are legally retarded to stop being stupid? Good luck
  2. Jesus Christ your threads are f*cking dumb
  3. *FreeFua*

    Cleaning House...FInally

  4. *FreeFua*

    Our window has closed

    Where are all the idiots that sat here defending every single one of Gettleman’s moves? He is the main reason we’re in this mess. Couldn’t draft to save his life, had no idea how to go about free agency, didn’t believe in windows... The guy was in wayyyy over his head and it was obvious to anyone with half a brain from day 1. There is a ton of work to do this offseason and I think it’s important ownership gets on this now. We have the cap space to sign enough guys to compete next year if we choose to go that route or we could rebuild if wanted.
  5. *FreeFua*

    WTH do we call TOs on offense for?

    The better question would be how in the world did they manage to let the play clock go to zero allowing JPP to time the snap coming out of a freaking timeout
  6. I honestly hope we lose. We ain’t winning a damn SB this year so let’s quit wasting everyone’s time and make sure Rivera gets fired.
  7. *FreeFua*

    Big Cam Newton news

    Enlighten us... What’re your kids names?
  8. *FreeFua*

    Cowboys vs Saints

    Irvin going to be hitting the slopes REALLY hardddddd tonight
  9. *FreeFua*

    Cowboys vs Saints

    Someone better go pick up Kamara’s brain for him
  10. *FreeFua*

    Except us to come out strong

    This team isn’t even capable of running out of the tunnel strong
  11. I don’t think anyone who spent their last 5 years defending Shula should be questioning people’s intelligence
  12. It’s fair to question one’s intelligence in a situation such as this. Rivera has shown time and time ago that he is not capable of adapting. At first I thought he was simply unwilling to adapt but as time goes on it’s becoming more and more clear that he’s actually not capable. And for that reason, questioning someone’s intelligence is fair.
  13. *FreeFua*

    Meanwhile... Mike Remmers

    Yeah what idiots! That’s so much worse than paying a tackle top tier tackle money and then having to sign/pay another tackle to play that tackle position!
  14. Moore, Samuel, Wright and a free agent WR or another higher-ish draft pick WR and we’re actually set. Torrey and Funchess hold the entire unit back.