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  1. Shaq leads this list in tackles for a loss at 9. Shaq’s a playmaker who is just starting to get his feet wet.
  2. Olsen lowered his head. Anderson didn’t go in head hunting. Yes, it looked awful but I really don’t know what Anderson was supposed to do in that situation
  3. This too. He turns 26 in April. Just entering his peak years. He’s played the role of understudy for so long and finally had a real role on the field this season for the first time in his career. Shaq has all the athletic ability in the world and as you said he’s most likely going to get better. We would’ve regretted losing him
  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if he retired once his contract is up
  5. Of course we are staying in a 3-4. Tepper wanted to go to 3-4 who thought we were going back to a 4-3?
  6. Guys miss tackles. It’s football. It was important to keep him and have someone to take over the defense when Luke is done in 2 years
  7. Takes one stiff arm from a dude like Guice who is a damn beast and now Shaq can’t tackle? LOL morons
  8. 230 at 6 feet is skinny? Dude is jacked and can MOVE
  9. Um because Shaq is althetic as f*ck and they already know what defensive scheme they’ll be using moving forward. Some of you are so clued out as to what’s going out yet are the very first to pipe up. Tepper is as “undecided” on things as you guys think.
  10. Love it. This needed to get done. He got exactly what I expected he’d get contract wise. We’ll see how they go about Bradberry now
  11. Running his speed out 2 yards short of the goal line is just terrible
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