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  1. I agree that this should be another great camp. Last year was fun but the KB injury really really took it all out of us.. I hope Cash comes in on fire. Ben is a super cool dude but I am pulling for Cash. Theres always 2 camps on Byrd. People are all in or not at all.. I think he could be our Randall Cobb type player. We used Cotchery in the backfield for a couple of years.. I see Byrd opening up the playbook. He is not just a go route guy. Very very young dude as well. He can get stronger and learn the game so I hope one day he is out there making highlight YACs in honor of Mr Ginn and 89
  2. Cooper would make plays on ST and the back field and trick plays and amazing catch and runs and incredible toughness and will to block for years to come in black in blue if he is picked.
  3. Because never in my wildest dreams could I, a 22 year old BORN Panthers fan could afford to pay 250 for tickets let alone get a friend to agree to pay for another ticket to go with me. I have watched this team in depth from bad days to good days & still intrigued no matter what. Got mad love for my Panthers and would make my next decade knowing I got to fist pump Thomas Davis on the day we take over the NFC. Im not far from Charlotte but as a young man trying to make some dreams happen it's not easy to get to a Panther game let alone a PLAYOFF game. I have been dreaming of this since I was 7 years old. Since the powerball was recently and we all have those What I would do thoughts.. Maybe bring my 6 year old nephew who is a huge little Panther fan.. Always asking me to take him to REAL game & not just the free practice we go to at Wofford. Keep on keeping on. Keep Pounding.
  4. We need take aways... Tillman needs to do what hes paid to do.. knock 2 balls on the ground... Norman needs to stop being a Greg Hardyesque and take some INT from the rookie.. I see us starting slow with those fake PA greg olsen screens and a few 50 second 3 and outs. Shula ball....
  5. Wish we could see some Wheger pass blocking atleast or a few sweeps.. Would like to see a Fresh young Boston instead of Roman Harper during 2 minute drills..
  6. Think this is great but I think people are more excited we made a move. I understand both sides for Allen and was a huge fan of his with the Vikings. He will certainly be no Hardy but its cool. Him and Alshon Jeffery for DA & Klien would have rocked my entire universe.
  7. You're fuging awesome Jeremy, thanks for make this happen. Awesome time to live in 2015 with a censor free podcast with a rookie perspective coming into his first NFL season. How cool is that poo? Thumbs up as always big dog.
  8. Patriots will know the ends and outs of everything weve ever done... because our play calls are the same year after year Cotch in the backfield.. fake play action to Stew and Cam spins around like Bruce Buffer and throws as screen to Tolbert. Just hope we stay healthy and make them look like poo
  9. Brockel looked sooo slow and weak trying to be a fullback.. I don't get how he is held in so much higher regard than Ward.. Weg wants it and he is strong and fast.. both seem like hard ass workers, not the kind of guys you worry about getting suspended.
  10. a 20 yard behind the line screen? 30 yards for a first down? geeeeze that was a slowwwwwwwwwwwwwww one. Stew is gonna get some major wear n tear
  11. lol comparing our offense playbook to miami... they have so many looks.. so many route options.. under.. slants.. over.. swings.. I love Miamis offensive playcalling
  12. I just feel we are one of the slowest teams to evolve in the league... Im sure our D will play solid except the safeties. Hopefully the slow offense wont get tired or beat down by roid Wake or Suge Suh
  13. Pleeeeeease dont begin the year as last year did.... why am I super worried about scoring points and getting first downs
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