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  1. Before Brees signed with the "Aints, they were (outside Louisiana) irrelevant. When he goes it'll be 'Aints as usual. Better stock up now on these.. When your 40 year QB leaves, you'll need 'em.
  2. !stUp

    Gerald McCoy

    Poe is a bean bag chair posing a football player.
  3. I remember the night in October 1993 when the Panthers were born. I'll be with them until I die or they move from the Carolinas.... which I know the latter ain't happnin'.
  4. Actually l think it's Jimmy Clausen... HammerinCam is his "nom deplume"
  5. You're probably right. I know it was women's basketball on a high level.
  6. Actually l think she's coach women's basketball at the collegiate level.
  7. !stUp

    David tepper speaks.

    Yes he did... In a series of grunts, hoots, and growls... In between gulps of legendary Bojangels Sweet Tea.
  8. Stephanie Rivera, LB coach..... Uh.... No.
  9. !stUp

    Draft Kyler Murray

    I remember the Spanos family that owns the Chargers thought the same thing about a guy named Drew Brees.
  10. Please Rams , embarrass the hell out of the "Aints..
  11. Come on Birds..need a TD