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  1. Of course WBTV only gives you 1/3 of the real story...I'll betcha.
  2. Interesting article . It may be "old news", but I find the line about BoA being a "Soccer Specific Stadium" intriguing. https://www.wbtv.com/2019/10/16/charlotte-leaders-tepper-exploring-possible-mls-hq-eastland-mall-site/
  3. I'm still wondering if all the soothsayers that predicted Khan would move the Jags to London are still in business.
  4. I wonder if Jaguar fans are still making these kinds of threads?
  5. Agreed. But the Huddle tin foil hat brigade takes a tweet to mean Charlotte is losing it's NFL franchise.
  6. It's the NFL. Anyone can beat anybody. Take the previously 0-4 Jets.....
  7. Particularly the jacka$$ with the moniker "GeorgiaBoiz", or some such nonsense.
  8. This was taken in the Bucs locker room post game. It shows Arians discussing CMC's run with his defensive staff...
  9. ...And the Cheerleaders, would be called the "Cheeky Tarts".
  10. Remember when Quinn was hired the "experts" predicted he would build one of the most feared defenses in the league.
  11. I don't think even the little blue pill could make that defense Rise Up.
  12. Quinn may be cleaning out his office tomorrow am
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