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  1. !stUp

    Cam's immaturity....

    And a DIET coke.
  2. !stUp

    Cam's immaturity....

    Yes, but IMHO the Honey Mustard is the bomb -diggity.
  3. I think we can all agree that Norv sucks
  4. Who thought it would be 7-6 mid second q.
  5. So does Brees drop back and throw a 80 yard td on 1st down?
  6. !stUp

    Marshall Newhouse Starting Tonight

    Mother of perpetual run plays.. PROTECT us.!
  7. !stUp

    It's either kill or be killed ?

    Kill or be killed. License to kill, shaken not stirred,... Vodka martini Mr Newton?... Sorry, I got carried away.
  8. Saving Private Ryan. Near the end in the village. The German Tiger Tank (saints) getting ready to kill Tom Hanks. Two P51 Mustangs (Luke and TD) roll in out of nowhere and save the day.
  9. !stUp


    It's been tough to wear any Panthers gear for weeks now. Hopefully by training camp next summer.....
  10. !stUp

    Sunday Games Thread

    "The Huddlers with their hopes dashed returned to their hovels, stoked their fires and gazed into the flames. Reflecting on the loss of another season, full of hope and trepidation about the weeks to come" . The End Or is it?
  11. !stUp

    Sunday Games Thread

    Brin'damor sucks as bad as Rivera.