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  1. Jerry played in Baltimore, long before the Colts moved to Indianapolis.
  2. Kinda like "typical left wingers" that scream "more of muh tax dollars for teacher pay". And NC is still 32nd in education.
  3. Hey Dude, shouldn't you be checking in with your parole officer or something?
  4. With that particular cocktail I hope you are using Aristocrat Vodka
  5. This could be an interesting season.
  6. "The Waiting Is The Hardest Part".... Tom Petty
  7. Somewhere poolside on the Vegas strip an agent with a pound of product in his hair, lots of gold chains, wearing a terrycloth bathrobe and wearing those two tone sunglasses ala 1970s, is on the phone with McCoy, "Gerald, baby... Their lowballing ya"!
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