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  1. SmokinwithWilly

    Ben Jacobs joining Panthers' coaching staff

    Give it time... give it time.
  2. SmokinwithWilly

    We just hired Everette Brown

    That position will be interviewed by KB once preseason cuts are over
  3. I'm west coast so my perspective is a little bit different. Out here when the Panthers are discussed, the conversation leans more towards CMC over Cam when discussing offense. Cam is what Cam is, CMC is a bit of a shiny new penny. Outside of Carolina, from my personal experience, it's probably closer to 50/50.
  4. SmokinwithWilly

    Anyone have an extra $27k lying around?

    KB has to pay his Dunkin Donuts tab somehow.
  5. SmokinwithWilly

    Pet Peeve: Shopping Cart Abandonment

    A Walmart near where I live used to hand out tickets for a drawing whenever you brought a cart back in. The parking lot rarely had a cart in it and the weekly prize was a $100 gift card. It only lasted about 2 months before corporate put the halt to that. It seemed like a great idea to me and obviously accomplished the goal.
  6. SmokinwithWilly

    Pet Peeve: Shopping Cart Abandonment

    What makes zero sense though is there usually isn't a cart return close to the handicapped spot. For truly handicapped people, not just the ones that are so large their ankles are the size of a potbelly pig, walking to the cart corral and back isn't an easy task. A small one should be put there.
  7. The thing CFA does right is customer service. They go out of the way to make sure your food is as ordered and you have everything you need. And I have never been in one that isn't constantly being cleaned. Go into McD, BK, JitB, TB etc and most of the restaurants and their employees look about as clean as a back road truck stop. There are restaurants I have quit eating at because their customer service is so bad. As far as being closed on Sundays, I switched my employees from 5-8hr days to 4-10hr days because it gave them Friday off. The result, they spend only about 30 minutes more per day away from home because they miss a lot of the traffic, and missed time off due to business/personal things that require a weekday can all be scheduled now. Plus they love having a 3 day weekend every week. Result is higher morale, better overall product, reduced operating costs for me, and more profits which means more raises for them. All I can say is take care of your employees, they are the face of your organization.
  8. SmokinwithWilly

    Here's our free agents....who do you want back?

    TD - not happening but I still want him back Love - Good rotational guy, even short term Mayo - decent enough to keep at the right price The rest, IDGAF
  9. SmokinwithWilly

    Reverse sear

    I don't use any other animal fats for seering. If anything, I may throw some beef tallow in a pan with a little stock and make my own pan sauce from that.
  10. SmokinwithWilly

    Reverse sear

    You have to be careful of anything advertising that it contains truffles. The price is usually a dead give away. I went to a high end steak house that put truffle oil on my steak, after I told them not to, and it smelled like a high school locker room.
  11. I'm sure we as a fanbase wouldn't just take the L and move on. We would be bitching about it years later. Lawsuit is stupid, but the NFL really needs to figure out a way to not let a game be won/loss by a horrifically moronic call/no-call. Officiating has really become a laughing stock.
  12. SmokinwithWilly

    Mel Kiper's First 2019 Mock - 01/17/19

    It's like Kiper called Gettleman and asked who he would draft if he were still GM of the Panthers.
  13. SmokinwithWilly

    Why are we so spoiled?

    We have different ways of viewing things. I dont look at the bottom half and say I'm glad I'm not them. I say to myself why isn't everyone looking at me as a perpetual winner.
  14. SmokinwithWilly

    CMC & CAM forced coaches hands

    My source gets his info from extra fortune cookies when he delivers twice a week.