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  1. SmokinwithWilly

    Keto Diet

    I'm on day 6 and the keto flu has just kicked in for me. It's worse this time than it was the first. I'm dragging, feel exhausted and am having a hard time focusing and have a pretty nasty headache. Muscle cramps have increased from dropping so much water so I'm trying to get down more. I know I have a couple more days of this to go, and then I'll feel better but this part straight up sucks. It's strange because I'm not going as hard core as I did the first time, but it's carb deprivation is going strong. 2 more days until my first weigh in but I'm excited. My belt is already at its last hole and my pants are starting to get loose. First small goal is to lose 10 lbs. My first big goal is a pair of pants I've held onto for 4 years because I just knew I would fit into them again.
  2. None of us expected 2015. Cam needed tackles to protect but lets not forget a big part of this was Shula and RR. Part of an OCs job is to hide the weaknesses of your players. Shula's blocking schemes were ridiculously complex, and he would never change a game plan no matter how bad the Oline was performing. Denver's D laughing at Shula's ineptitude after the SB still rings in my head. He was RR's OC, and RR should have been on his ass for not doing his job. Gettleman was by no means the savior GM of this franchise, but he tried to correct the catastrophic mistakes with the cap that Hurney had made and part of that requires sucking it up and having to take what you have in front of you and not kick the can down the road any further. I'm not defending Gettleman, he was in a shitty situation and tried to make something out of chicken poo. He made colossal mistakes in the draft (Butler, Shaq, Funchess, KB looked good until the injury) and he did some really good things to. The Kalil contract is the albatross of his time here. The man had his flaws as GM and had his strengths. So does Hurney. If he builds a winner in NY then all of the offseason craziness will be forgotten. Winning tends to do that.
  3. It might help also to do a breakdown via price category. Show someone how much you can save them, like on average, $1500 on a 25k car or $6k on a 60k vehicle. I'm self employed and I love people who decide they are going to do it themselves to save some extra money only to get called a couple months later when it doesn't work. They don't want to pay a consult fee and end up spending 3 -4x as much for me to come fix it all. If I have to spend 500 bucks to save $5500 I'm all over that. The simple fact is, I don't know the industry as well, and like you said, I could get taken to the cleaners while I think I'm winning. I see this as something you could make a pretty good living at
  4. Sadly I dont trust RR judgement anymore. He's been flat out horrible at judging players and coaches alike. His player/coaching changes usually come 3 to 4 weeks after fans on here have been screaming the obvious.
  5. SmokinwithWilly

    Keto Diet

    Another thing to save your wallet. Don't go crazy getting all the keto guide stuff right off the start. Coconut oil is great, but it is horrible in food. Everything tastes like it has coconut in it, not good IMO. Also, don't go organic right off the start until you know what foods will and won't work for you. I know organic is better, but I ended up spending about $150 on stuff I really didn't use or like too much. Once your appetite shrinks, then go organic, it will save you some coin.
  6. Stepping on a Lego will wake you up faster than a quadruple shot coffee ever could.
  7. SmokinwithWilly

    Keto Diet

    Personal keto experience from about 2 months ago. First time I went on it, it was great for me for the first 10 days. Keto flu absolutely sucked ass for 3 days. After that, my energy went through the roof, I was dropping weight ridiculously fast, and I was also fasting 16 hours a day. From noon to 8pm I tried to pack in all my calories and it was a lot harder to do than I expected. That much fat consumption at once was difficult for me. My palette felt greasy, so I had to spread it out some. I used a lot of lemon/lime and vinegar to cut that fat. You have to be careful though and watch the sugar in vinegar. I chose really strong vinegars so I could use less and get more taste. I lost 18 lbs in 10 days. Here's where it went bad for me. My arrhythmia went absolutely bonkers. My heart rate would yo-yo from 140 down to 50 bpm and it completely screwed me up physically for almost 2 weeks. It took some time working with my doctor to stabilize the rate again. I'm going back onto keto again, but I'm going to ease into it instead of the drastic change I made before. It's going to be a 3 week transition this time with my % changing every week. I have missed being on keto. Once on it, it really was not hard at all to do. I ate 4 eggs a day, 2 for breakfast (at noon) in a veggie heavy omelet, 1 for lunch at 3pm and one as a snack after dinner before starting fasting again. I drank a lot of water too as I flushed a lot of the garbage out of my system. It also opened me up to trying a lot of new foods and experimenting in the kitchen. Things that made it a lot easier for me. Find a support group. It helps to have people to talk to through this process. Figure out how to make your favorite foods in a keto friendly version. Lasagna was one of mine so I made a parmesan twill shell, made meatballs and wrapped them in provolone for layer one, mozzarella for layer 2, thin sliced spicy sausage for layer 3 and topped it off with a spicy homemade marinara. Add a salad with some pecans, homemade balsamic vinaigrette, and a side of asparagus. The texture of noodles was most important for me, and provolone worked really well for that. Also, get ready to start adding a ton of herbs and spices to your food if you don't already. It keeps a lot of the same foods from getting boring quickly. Get ketone test strips. They help you determine when you are really in ketosis. I got mine off Amazon for 5 bucks for 100. I also got ketone supplement pills to help get me into ketosis. Little spendy, but I was in ketosis in 6 days. Water, water, water. Drink lots of it. Dehydration will creep up on you fast doing keto. Have toothpaste and mouthwash ready. The metallic taste in your mouth when you first get into ketosis will drive you bonkers. I was brushing my teeth 6 times a day and rinsing another 3 to 4. It tasted like I had aluminum foil in my mouth all the time for the first week after I was in ketosis. It died down after that. Overall it's a little costly to start, since I had so much processed, prepackaged food, but with Costco I was able to buy a lot of organic stuff on the cheap. Broccoli, spinach, spring mix, romaine hearts, butter (I made my own ghee), coconut, smoked salmon, avocado, etc. My weekly trip to the grocery store went down to about 60 bucks a week and my fridge turned green. I actually started back on keto this morning again, this time with a new plan to slowly ween my body off all the carbs and processed garbage instead of system shock hopefully with better results. Garbage food withdrawals were worse than when I quit smoking. The first week can be hell, but the feeling on the other side was worth it for me. I'm glad to be going back on it.
  8. We should just bring in some of the announcers from professional soccer and let them broadcast for us. They're just about the only people who would get more excited than Cam about anything. No that isn't a shot at Cam, he just brings a lot of love of the game to the field.
  9. Comedic legend passed away today. IMO one of the very best at improv. My favorite skit by him was the dentist. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IUSM4EKcRI
  10. Pre draft there were already concerns about his knees. For a big guy, that's the kiss of career death. Not saying he wasn't a great road grader, because he was, but trading back into the first for a guy with that question mark is why I always considered that move a bust.
  11. Depends on performance this year. If he performs mediocre and cant complete a pass over 30 yards, it's time to let him go. I don't think Cam should be the highest paid QB in the nfl, shoulder surgery or not. If someone else wants to give him 30m a year, franchise him and trade. One player can't eat up that much cap without crippling the team financially, even if its Cam.
  12. I wouldn't say 2.0 is killing it, I'd say he's doing better than originally expected when re-hired. We finished 7-9 last season after a 6-2 start. I could say that it's all because Cam got hurt, but that's not entirely true. Rivera hired Washington at DC, which was a brain stumper from the start, and Ron was still trotting Cam onto the field when it was obvious to anyone with 2 eyes that he was hurt. That's the 2nd time in Cam's career he's done that, both times requiring surgery. His FA acquisitions were meh, Poe was crap, and Reid was average IMO, and Anderson wasn't even used. Part of the GMs job is to manage the roster, and since Ron wouldn't shut Cam down because his ass was on the line, Hurney should have. You don't risk your franchise QB suffering a worse injury or career ending when it's obvious he's not right. For me, that's not forgivable. He did get a steal in getting a 3rd for KB, the Anderson deal was beautiful even though it didn't work out, and he's made some decent looking moves in FA this year that are yet to be determined. I'm not a huge fan of the draft. I like Burns, Little and the trade cost didn't feel good to me, but I hope to be proven wrong. I thought we should have gone S instead of QB in the 3rd, 4th and on are a crap shoot. Hurney's job is to keep Rivera's head out of his ass, and he didn't do that IMO. I genuinely hope that the Panthers succeed and that will require Hurney being better than his first stint. I hope he's learned from his mistakes, but I'm not constantly worried about him screwing up. If he's not getting the job done, then I hope Tepper has the brass to move on.
  13. What brought him down to average for me was the ego, and spending 1st rounders on Butler and Shaq when there were glaring other needs, trading up to grab Funch in the 2nd when we already had KB who was very much the same type of receiver, and the albatross contract of Matt Kalil. I didn't have a problem bringing him in, but that kind of contract for a guy that just had a surgically repaired hip was asinine.
  14. DG wasn't a bad GM, I'd say he was average, maybe slightly better than. He had his hits and misses in the draft. KB is the we'll never know of his tenure here. He could have been something special, but he just wasn't the same after his knee and the grief of loss. DGs arrogance and people skills were his glaring weakness, his strengths, the ability to put together a competitive team on a bargain budget and get us out of cap hell. He also wasn't a yes man to JR and Rivera. Hurney 1.0 had a gift in the first round of the draft, the rest, not so much. He spent recklessly and got owned in draft day trades. His trade with the Bears for Olsen was straight up theft. He left this team in cap hell and had 3 winning seasons in 11. I'd put his tenure at below average to just below. It's easy to say DG already had the core put together for him by Hurney and that's true. It's also true that he got Cam by building the worst team in the NFL and Luke was an early pick also. If we could combine DG's ability to find late round and UDFAs, get bargain basement guys to fill in the holes, and manage the cap with Hurney's 1st round drafting ability, personel management, and in season trade robbery together, we'd have an above average to really good GM. It's too early to grade Hurney 2.0.
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