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  1. All I hope is that he comes from the same Cap Hogwarts as frickin' Mickey Loomis
  2. If Luke transitions into coach for US. I swear that one grateful tear will roll down my cheek
  3. The finest crack rocks for you to support your habit
  4. I would jizz a little. No lie. If only for potential's sake
  5. Let's dig up Nate Chandler while we're at it.
  6. LOL I doubt we "suck" next year. If anything, with actual real time assessment going on, what we already have on the roster isn't too bad. I'd almost say 8-8 is the floor. Maybe I still have a kool aid mustache, but I have real hope for once
  7. I feel like our line is just a reshuffle to have the absolute five best there, the line will be fine. We just need a fugging dude that can evaluate WHO they are, and WHERE they will play.
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