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  1. I swear the angriest move-on folks... I don't even need to continue do I?
  2. Just get a panthers logo sewn on a Sam Jackson Kangol. Would probably be less of a headache?
  3. So... forgive me if I'm wrong but... Cab driver? I mean this is an age 50+ request right? Cuz I'm 40 and just no for me personally but I could see the appeal for an older fan
  4. What are they exactly donating to? That's a broad fugging term. And seen the light? Because they made a vanilla statement all of a sudden they've seen the light? My sweet summer child
  5. Relax y'all. He's actual an NFL caliber cb on a 1 year cheap deal. Upper echelon? No. But like somebody said earlier, this isn't Drayton Florence territory
  6. Shocker, it gets over used. That part we definitely agree with
  7. It's the black version of "dude" or "duuuuuuude" or DUDE. Please don't act like we don't have one word multi-use phrases. Fug for instance.
  8. the pipe-est of dreams... Crack or meth. Take your pick
  9. I'm just hoping Pride Jr. comes along quick. I also think D Jax has a better year with better actual "coaching"
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