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  1. Gotta frickin wait till the nfl network replay to see the game. I hate being out of state
  2. This doesnt mean Gaulden is a bust if he's been holding down nickel. But that being said, I'm stoked AF for a legit starter at safety
  3. excuse my french, but f**k this b***h a** f*** boy don't ever post anything with this douchebag again. We collectively don't give a F**K
  4. Iron sharpens iron... Little will find out how to counter the nasty Burns speed eventually, and will be better for it
  5. HAHAHAHA man I used to cringe a little, but I love Cam's style. You can't say it does not entertain
  6. Love to hate this dude LOL He's such a beast. Glad he gives Cam his props
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