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    I'm a Panthers fan since 1995. 40ish husband and father of 3. I like to play guitar a lot, (various metal/jazz/blues styles) host a podcast about Florida State University and sports in general. www.unconqueredera.com. Check it out if you like tomfoolery lol

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  1. He totally pulls an Elway/Manning/Bo Jackson. It would be going full reezy if not
  2. What the hell does that have to do with anything. You obviously have a problem to go so far as to put it in a post. "I'm not racist, BUT..."
  3. Paradis has taught the value of LET THE BUYER BEWARE but this is more of a flyer. So yeah, kick a tire or two
  4. Nah, Star didn't want it either. We need a quick guy alongside him anyway
  5. It's still splitting hairs for the sake of boredom. We've already had mad threads on this topic as well. It's not a new angle, it's just boring.
  6. Imagine Brown with a really good sidekick at DT, which I'm sure the Panthers go after this offseason. It's a WRAP once that happens and YGM grows more.
  7. seriously, shut the fug up with this. He has proven to be extremely good in his rookie season. Stop with this poo. JUST STOP
  8. HAHAHAHAHA and yes, my context proved I actually have this knowledge But that was funny asl
  9. Otah was a mauler RT but his body couldn't hold up. And Mr. Scot I'm talking about the plethora of bodies we've thrown at that position post Gross
  10. Welp... on to the trash heap once more. Jesus we suck at picking LTs
  11. this is so delicious it has to be fattening
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