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  1. that is hands DOWN the highest quality I have ever seen for a Friday Gif. WOW I'm not even mad, I'm just impressed lol
  2. Fingers crossed, but honestly we will just need solid, not spectacular out of our secondary. Of course that is if the front is like we hope it is.
  3. Nooice! And yes, I'm with you brotha. We should mash on these nyukkas this year
  4. Hey man, it's a crap shoot for the FA too honestly! He worked his ass of here, so yeah, I hope he rounds back into form. BUT yeah, I'm glad we didn't Hurn 1.0 ourselves with him.
  5. Let's call up Dom Capers while we're at it... LOL naw but he did have the Packers D legit with Woodson
  6. We could throw DB Betty white back there now and I wouldn't feel as worried
  7. mad props for the Yvie Oddly if that's intentional LOL
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