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  1. This effing sucks for someone who's region is ALWAYS the Sucs or Failcons, or Jags ... guess I'm splurging for the package this year
  2. What an effing WASTE. STFU and sit tha eff DOWN. Won't make it out of preseason. Facts
  3. Mistuh Jones

    Panther's sign Chris Hogan WR

    So forget about WR in the draft? LOL We need to shore up other stuff anydamnways
  4. fug THIS CLOWN CASSERLEY I hate this guy. Always spouting BS from 1975. ENOUGH
  5. Peter Boulware says hello as far as FSU Pass Rushers go
  6. His tackle rank alone puts him in One of Greatest MLB category. Add in the INTS and you gawtdayum RIGHT he is
  7. Mistuh Jones

    Great quick read on DEs

    Really am liking Burns...
  8. Mistuh Jones

    NFL: Bengals cut Vontaze Burfict

    100% wit ya on this one. Never hated a player more.
  9. Mistuh Jones

    Lets talk Nickel

    Yeah i was gonna say Cockrell has had close to a year for this injury right? He was a beast in zone i dont know about his man to man skills but I'm thinking physically he should be ready. Did we retain Seymour?
  10. Mistuh Jones

    Matt Kalil Party

    These have not disappointed
  11. Mistuh Jones

    Bill Barnwell on Matt Kalil roster status

    I'll say it again, this was Gettleman's upper decker on the way out of Charlotte
  12. Mistuh Jones


  13. Mistuh Jones

    EDGE FA left.

    Seriously doubt he'd clear mentally, unforch