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  1. UpstatePanther

    Oh nothing, just Cam and AB hanging out...

    Yeah save that AB money for DL/OL
  2. No clue what you're referring to lol
  3. Panthers Super Bowl 54 victory confirmed
  4. UpstatePanther

    Cam had shoulder surgery

    Bro punctuation is your friend. Lol
  5. UpstatePanther

    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - Divisional Round

    Correct lol. I figured it might end like this. Reminds me a bit of the old NASCAR Chase. Drivers could almost coast to a championship if they raced well enough during the season. Might explore the options for changing this next season. Then again, the point IS to reward the person who stayed consistent and picked with the highest accuracy all season, not necessarily someone who caught a streak of luck at just the right time.
  6. UpstatePanther

    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - Divisional Round

    @Kevin Greene‘s picks, posted last week.
  7. UpstatePanther

    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - Divisional Round

    UPs picks for template: IND @ KC: KC DAL @ LAR: LAR LAC @ NE: LAC PHI @ NO: NO, SNF Total Points: 50pts  Wild Card Round Total Points: 200pts
  8. Winding down to the end now! SCOREBOARD: WEEKLY WINNER: @Wyank, 3/4, .750, SNF Guess: 40 (Actual 31) 2) @bigdavis, 3/4, .750, SNF Guess: 44 3) 2/4, .500 @Kevin Greene, @FakePlasticTrees, @luke nukem 4) 1/4, .250 @X-Clown on 1, @Chosen Newton, @Datawire 5) @Raleigh PF, 0/4, .000 LEADERBOARD: 1) @Kevin Greene, 145/228 2) @bigdavis, 142/228, -3 3) @X-Clown on 1, 141/228, -4 4) @FakePlasticTrees, 139/228, -6 5) @Wyank, 138/228, -7 Eliminated this week: 6) @Chosen Newton, 137/228, -8 7) @Datawire, 133/228, -12 8) @Raleigh PF, 131/228, -14 sorry for the short post guys but I gotta wrap this up! PSA: if you are more than 3 points back after this week, you will be eliminated. Yes, that means that @Kevin Greene can put it away this week. Good luck y’all!
  9. UpstatePanther

    Luke Kuechly should retire (sarcasm)

    Thread title is bad. I almost shat all over this post
  10. He and SCP are much more active on tweeter
  11. UpstatePanther

    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - WILD CARD

    You did, and congrats on that. But to be fair, this was a marathon, not a sprint. And you got so far behind early on that your late run just wasn't enough. Sorry man lol. Hey at least you didn't give up like some others did. Hell I had a few people who were close to the top, including one Huddler who'd led for the better part of the season, inexplicably just miss a week towards the end of the season.
  12. UpstatePanther

    Cody Ford, Panthers 2019 1st round pick

    I would be happy going mostly for trench players this draft, and trying to find a gem or two in the later rounds. I think our needs outside the trenches can be filled in FA if Hurney can do smart work (big if...)
  13. UpstatePanther

    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - WILD CARD

    I hear ya. Not necessarily long weeks for me, but odd work hours, holiday distractions, and general malaise from the Panthers blowing a 6-2 record made it hard for me to keep up.
  14. UpstatePanther

    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - WILD CARD

    I saw that too! Congrats on that!
  15. Crazy final week to the regular season guys! We had a 6-way tie for first place! I also found out that I need a second tiebreaker for next season, as I had to award two Power Points this week. Be sure to look at the Playoff rules in the notes section so everyone is clear how this will work! SCOREBOARD: WEEKLY WINNER(s): @Kevin Greene/@Chosen Newton, 13/16, .813, SNF Guesses: 51 & 49, respectively. SNF Actual: 50 T-2) 13/16, .813 (SNF guesses in parentheses) @Raleigh PF(45), @X-Clown on 1(45), @maddog1945(48), @Datawire(41) T-3) 12/16, .750 @FakePlasticTrees, @Wyank, @PantherNation123 T-4) 11/16, .688 @bigdavis, @luke nukem, UpstatePanther T-5) 10/16, .625 @MHS831, @Zaximus 6) @Boxhead85 9/16, .563 No Picks: @Cracka McNasty, @kungfoodude, @RumHam, @Bronn LEADERBOARD: @Kevin Greene made a strong push at the end of the season to take the lead and even extend a bit, up +3 on #2 @X-Clown on 1 counting Power Points. If your name is in gray, you have unfortunately been disqualified from playoff contention. There just simply aren’t enough points in the Playoffs for you to catch up if you’re further than 11 points back. This includes myself, so I feel your pain lol. Better luck next year! For the rest of you, there’s still life! There’s still a $50 Amazon gift card in store for the winner! See below for further playoff rules. Week 17 Review: We had 9 locks this week, and no less than 7 unanimous picks! New England, Houston, Seattle, Philadelphia, Los Angeles Chargers, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Los Angeles Rams, and Kansas City all locks. A lot of playoff teams in that mix. Only two upsets, Carolina and Detroit. Not a single person picked Detroit to win. Congrats to @PantherNation123 for being the only Huddler to pick our beloved, infuriating Panthers to win against the Saints Playoff Preview: The Pick’em Playoffs will function much like the regular season, with a few key differences. We’ll still make our picks, with a deadline set at the kickoff of the first game each week. Our main tiebreaker will be the total points of the last game of the week, with a secondary tiebreaker being the total points scored in that round of the playoffs. For example, when you pick this week, tell me how many points you think the Eagles and Bears will score in their game, then tell me how many total points you think the teams will score in this week’s 4 wild card games. Winner still takes a Power Point for the week! After each week, players who are too far behind to catch up will be eliminated, meaning that at the end of THIS WEEK, you will be mathematically eliminated if you are more than 7 points behind (Power Points obviously included). If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know! Good luck! Power Points Will now be added to your win totals, and the Standings Updated: 1) @Kevin Greene, 143/224 2) @X-Clown on 1, 140/224 3) @bigdavis, 139, 224 4) @FakePlasticTrees, 137/224 5) @Chosen Newton, 136/224 6) @Wyank, 134/224 7) @Datawire, 132/224 8) @Raleigh PF, 131/224 Because I’m running this show, and because y’all need a template for picks still, here are my picks for the week: IND @ HOU: IND SEA @ DAL: SEA LAC @ BAL: LAC PHI @ CHI: CHI, SNF Total Points: 50 Wild Card Round Total Points: 200 Thanks everyone for sticking with this and making year 1 a success!