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  1. My list includes the Chiefs, Chargers, Rams, Texans, Bears, or Vikings. Any of them would do. Any other contender can go f*ck themselves.
  2. UpstatePanther

    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - Week 14

    Did you mean to leave out your ATL @ GB pick?
  3. UpstatePanther

    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - Week 14

    Betting against the Panthers I see lol.
  4. UpstatePanther

    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - Week 14

    JAX @ TEN: TEN NYG @ WAS: WAS NO @ TB: NO NE @ MIA: NE BAL @ KC: KC IND @ HOU: HOU ATL @ GB: ATL CAR @ CLE: CAR NYJ @ BUF: BUF DEN @ SF: DEN CIN @ LAC: LAC PIT @ OAK: PIT PHI @ DAL: DAL DET @ AZ: DET LAR @ CHI: LAR MIN @ SEA: SEA, MNF Total: 60pts Mods pin again please? @rayzor thanks!
  5. Yeah sorry about the late post guys. With the demoralizing loss the Panthers had and family in town, I just couldn’t get around to it until now. Here we go... SCOREBOARD: WEEKLY WINNER: @bigdavis, 11/16, .688 (+1), MNF Guess: 41 (Actual: 41) T-2) 11/16, .688 @RumHam (32pts), @Cracka McNasty (38pts), @Wyank (47pts), @XOBlackxJokerOX (47pts), UpstatePanther (50pts) T-3) 10/16, .625 @Chosen Newton, @Kevin Greene, @Raleigh PF, @Bronn, @maddog1945, @X-Clown on 1, @luke nukem, @mbarbour21, @kungfoodude, @grimesgoat T-4) 9/16, .563 @yayfootball, @Boxhead85, @FakePlasticTrees, @DudeNamedJeremy, @gtanaka, @Zaximus, @PantherNation123 T-5) 8/16, .500 @MHS831, @KBRed, @Datawire, @bababoey No Picks: @PntherPryd, @Khyber53 LEADERBOARD: After a six-way tie for first, @bigdavis continues his surge by winning on the MNF tiebreaker! Not only that, he opens up an effective 4-point lead on the closest challenger with his TWO weekly wins. Congrats! No locks/upsets this week. I’m pressed for time. Good luck this week everyone!
  6. UpstatePanther

    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - Week 13

    NO @ DAL: NO CAR @ TB: CAR CHI @ NYG: CHI BUF @ MIA: MIA IND @ JAX: JAX CLE @ HOU: HOU AZ @ GB: GB LAR @ DET: LAR DEN @ CIN: DEN BAL @ ATL: BAL TEN @ NYJ: TEN KC @ OAK: KC SF @ SEA: SEA MIN @ NE: NE LAC @ PIT: PIT WAS @ PHI: PHI, MNF Total: 50pts Mods pin again please and thanks? @rayzor
  7. Welp. I’m done with this NFL season unless by some miracle the Panthers make the playoffs. But I’ll still visit here once a week to update the Pick’em standings. Fully on the #FireRivera train right now. *sigh* anyhoo... SCOREBOARD: WEEKLY WINNER: @RumHam 14/15, .933 (+2) 2) 13/15, .867 @Chosen Newton, @yayfootball 3) 12/15, .800 @Kevin Greene, @MHS831 4) 11/15, .733 @bigdavis, @Raleigh PF, @Boxhead85, @FakePlasticTrees, @KBRed, @DudeNamedJeremy, @Bronn, @gtanaka, @Cracka McNasty, @maddog1945, @Datawire, @bababoey 5) 10/15, .667 @PntherPryd, @X-Clown on 1, @luke nukem, @mbarbour21, @Khyber53, @Zaximus, UpstatePanther 6) 9/15, .600 @kungfoodude, @grimesgoat, @Wyank 7) 8/15, .533 @XOBlackxJokerOX 8) 7/15, .467 @Kuhndog94, @PantherNation123 No Picks: @ChibCU LEADERBOARD: @bigdavis still in the lead by his Power Point. Lots of guys still close to the top though! Week 12 Upsets: Seattle and Denver Week 12 Locks: New Orleans, New England, Baltimore, LA Chargers, and Indianapolis Week 13 Teams coming off bye: Chiefs & Rams Good luck this week everyone!
  8. UpstatePanther

    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - Week 12

    @ChibCU not too late to get your picks in!
  9. If we were worried about the wild card race, we would have played better against the Lions and Redskins
  10. A Falcons win puts the division title destiny back in the Panthers' hands. Go Falcons. There is no other argument.
  11. UpstatePanther

    Wait a minute . . .

    We missed alot of opportunities
  12. UpstatePanther

    Funchess not at practice today

    And he does a terrible job playing the X when he can't freaking catch the ball. Sorry, id rather have DJ, Samuel, Wright, and Byrd on the field. Torrey Smith and Devin Funchess are trash. With Olsen, CMC, and Thomas also on the roster, we don't need Smith and Funchess.
  13. Yeah I hate to say it but Luke has noticeably lost a step this season. Idk what the issue is... afraid to get hurt maybe?
  14. At this point, unless the Saints drop a few games, the Panthers are playing for a wild card. I hate it, but I try to be a realist
  15. UpstatePanther

    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - Week 12

    Damn bro :( have a drink. I’d sure need one after losing that kind of cash. If you’re coming to the game on Sunday, I’ll actually buy you one.