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  1. They are going to run it down our throats. Wilson has a higher passer rating cause they throw it less than any other team.
  2. I want to do this. I go through stretches of like 2 weeks where I'm really good about it, and then it all falls back to poo. How do you keep it going?
  3. Nate Dogg

    One Offseason Move Ruined the Defense

    Lol! We were terrible last year with Star too. At least we saved some $. The common denominator here is Rivera.
  4. Nate Dogg

    Lions WR Marvin Jones out.

    Their best weapon is Kerryon Johnson. But, luckily, one of our defense's few strengths is shutting down opposing RBs. That, combined with Patricia's inexplicable reluctance to use the rookie and continually refusing to put his most talented players on the field, should set us up pretty well for Sunday.
  5. Nate Dogg

    There's dumb, then there's Le'veon Bell....

    His offers coming off a major injury would've been peanuts in comparison lol
  6. Nate Dogg

    There's dumb, then there's Le'veon Bell....

    Your point? Todd Gurley only got 11 per year guaranteed. It's all about the guaranteed. He was out of football all last off season and still came in and balled out as the 2nd best back in the league.
  7. Nate Dogg

    There's dumb, then there's Le'veon Bell....

    I agree with everything you just said. Most disciplined franchises will not even consider it. However, I still believe he's going to get paid. There are very few players in the NFL that can do what he can do running the ball and in the passing game. He is going to get his from NYJ, Indy, or Oakland. All have tons of cap space opening up. Also, I would be surprised if he didn't already know the destination and the rough terms of the deal before deciding to hold out.
  8. Nate Dogg

    There's dumb, then there's Le'veon Bell....

    He will get at least 40 million guaranteed over the life of his contract as soon as he signs on the dotted line. Tears an ACL or an Achilles playing this season under the tag, and it's all gone.
  9. Nate Dogg

    There's dumb, then there's Le'veon Bell....

    I would rather have a comfy guaranteed 40 mil+ pay day than take a chance at a busted knee and then having to bust your ass trying to get back just to play for scraps the next season.
  10. Nate Dogg

    There's dumb, then there's Le'veon Bell....

    I think he'll get roughly 40 mil guaranteed. If he does, he made the right choice. I can understand people having a problem with the way he's handled everything, but the decision was definitely not a dumb one.
  11. Nate Dogg

    Panthers sign Travaris Cadet

    What happened to Brandon Wegher lol
  12. Nate Dogg

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    What in the actual fug is going on? Man, the severity of peaks and valleys this franchise goes through is astounding. Can we please get some competence and consistency in this front office and coaching staff, Tepper? Time to gut this pig. Insert thisisfine.gif
  13. Stopping Kerryon will be tough. Gotta find a way to knock Stafford around early.The first couple of drives will be crucial. We CANNOT let Stafford get in a rhythm out of the gates. He can throw for 350+ at home easily if our D line gives him as much time as they gave Ben.
  14. This defense was ass last year too and the year before. I don't think Star to Poe made much of a difference. We were just masking it with long drawn out 8 minute FG drives. I'm pretty sure we've been bottom dwellers in terms of yards allowed per play for a while now.
  15. I think everyone here can agree, with this veteran core, and this coaching staff, this season has always been Super Bowl or bust. This team has a less than 1% chance of winning the Super Bowl. Absolute best case scenario for this team is 12-4, and that won't even win the division LOL. Time to move on to the post Rivera era.