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  1. I'm just trying to figure out where CMC got that shirt.
  2. I'm going to say Torrey has the most followed by Hogan and then Paradis. I don't think anyone drafted by the Panthers could be in the top 3. Also, from question 1 - It's very interesting that Van Roten played every single snap. He flies under the radar a lot. Going to be hard to keep him off the field.
  3. This is awesome KB! My head hurts already trying to think about this. Is this a trick question? I don't remember which starters played in NO....
  4. Well, if I had to choose a way to have something stolen from me, that would be it. Worth every penny if you ask me.
  5. It's all fine and dandy when we're winning, but when we're losing it's the worst.
  6. Hahaha, when you've got a body like that you can wear anything and look like a rock star.
  7. Amen. I got extremely lucky on mine. I bought 2 in 228 right before the 2013 season. Luckily, after I realized they were a money pit, I was able to sell them for a whopping $300 more than I had into them after the 2015 season. I got extremely lucky and found a buyer only 2 days after I posted them. I got 4 home playoff games on the cheap in those 3 seasons. I can't imagine trying to sell them now when excitement is down.
  8. The Warriors screwed him over by clearing him to play only 30 something days after an achilles injury.
  9. I saw a video of a whole bar in Toronto trolling him and cheering. Terrible look for them.
  10. Sad day for basketball fans and an awful look for the NBA. I know the fans share blame in this too, but the NBA and the media have created a culture where they villainize the player for sitting out. See Kawhi last year. These doctors give their "medically cleared" opinions and the pressure to play starts. This has to stop and the athletes need to listen to their bodies. The scans don't show everything imo. That slow-motion video puts a pit in my stomach. The history of the NBA for the next 5 years just changed drastically. If an achilles tear is the kiss of death for a 5' 10" football player built like a brick poo house, can you imagine trying to run, jump, spin, and cut on a dime with a 7 foot 250 pound frame? He won't play a single minute next season and will probably be a shell of what he was when he eventually tries to return in the Fall of 2021. What does he even do now? Just sit out? Who's going to sign him? Who's going to pay for the surgeries and PT and rehab once his contract expires? Maybe the Warriors throw him a new good contract since they screwed him over.
  11. We need new everything when it comes to game day interactions. Everything is outdated. The Browns and Falcons stadium game day experience puts ours to shame.
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