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  1. 2020 Tar Heel Day'Ron Sharpe is a beast for South Central. Go Heels!
  2. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article226915914.html
  3. I feel like I'm as hardcore of a fan as they come. Started watching the Panthers every single Sunday since probably '98 at age 7. Have spent thousands of dollars over the years supporting the team and going to games and away games. Bought PSLs as my first major purchase ever as a young adult after I graduated college. Honestly, I just feel burnt out on it. No news this off season is going to make me get excited about this upcoming season. I don't even plan on attending any games for the first time in over a decade. Keeping Rivera is one thing and I can understand it, but Hurney keeping his job and surviving the change in ownership is mind-blowing. That alone is a pretty major blow to my outlook on the organization. That combined with the uncertain status of Cam's health has me deep down in the dumps right now. I'm just so sick of the status quo for the Panthers. Is anyone else feeling this way?
  4. The Falcons are probably the least attractive of events to visit that stadium for so I'm sure Chic-Fil-A is doing just fine.
  5. Surely TD is not broke enough to have to go play for a Buffalo or Atlanta. If he's not on a sure fire probably going to make the playoffs team or the Panthers then what's the point?
  6. We all knew Cam's shoulder was going to be the scapegoat for this season. Bravo Ron. Can't wait to see what Teflon Ron comes up with next.
  7. The fact that we're still talking about this in regards to an NFL head coach and we're 9 years into his tenure is baffling.
  8. Seems like a very smart man obviously. Says he learned a lot and this is the first season he can really make an imprint... I'm curious what could he have learned about his "child" that would compel him to continue allowing Hurney and Ron Rivera to push its stroller? Must not value the life of this child very highly to send it to its inevitable doom.
  9. @Jeremy Igo Could going into the season with only Cam and Kyle be a blessing in disguise? We could focus on young defensive talent and maybe o-line in this draft. If Cam's shoulder holds up and Rivera turns it around and gets us back to the playoffs, then sure that's great and all. Most likely scenario is the shoulder just can't hold up for a grueling NFL season anymore. If that happens then surely the wheels would fall off yet again. Tepper would be forced to clean house. We'd be rid of the JR stench for good. And also the 2020 QB class is loaded. Complete rebuild, Luke and Cam prime wasted unfortunately, but at least we'd have CMC, DJ, Samuel, and Thomas paired with our new qb.
  10. Where does this developer of DL talent stuff come from? Our DL is trash. Daeshon Hall, Vernon Butler, Kony Ealy.... so glad we developed these guys well.
  11. Wilks and Washington were both huge fails. We don't even need a DC. If Rivera is going to stay, run the defense and stay the fug away from everything else.
  12. Cam and Luke’s career will be over by the time we get rid of this clown and it’s a damn shame. If you’re not going to fire him now, then when? Cleaning house after Tepper bought the team was unrealistic, but now that he’s had a whole season to witness this circus, surely this man can not think there is a recipe for success here. Time to rid this organization of JR stench for good. I don’t care if it makes us less competitive the next year or two. In the long run we will be better off. No one truly believes Rivera can win a super bowl so if we’re not a legit contender next season anyways who gives a fug. Get it over with and move on.
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