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  1. Hugor Hill

    Best thing I've seen on Twitter all day

    what is Dukes discussing about?
  2. Hugor Hill

    Best thing I've seen on Twitter all day

    Miracle Whip is the Cleveland Browns of the condiment world.
  3. Hugor Hill

    Panthers Neweracap, featuring Craig Olsen

    And I cant wait for Sam Newton to put it on.
  4. Hugor Hill

    Panthers work out a few players today

    vinny testaverde literally came off the couch and started at qb so anything is possible with this team.
  5. Hugor Hill

    Midfield Logo Watch

    I really hate that Tennessee can still be seen underneath Carolina, but I guess that's like real life, Tennessee being below Carolina. lol
  6. Hugor Hill

    Streaming Service

    in my area, Hulu has my local channel that is streaming it, WFMY CBS channel 2.
  7. Hugor Hill

    Secondary logo??

    Or Greensboro
  8. Hugor Hill

    Where are you from?

    We went to Ireland and Scotland back in 2016. I concur with your daughter. wonderful country to visit. Nice people, awesome landscape. Overall just a pleasant atmosphere. I suggest if she does go back, to visit Bray in County Wicklow. So much to do there.
  9. Hugor Hill

    Shady McCoy

    His nickname fits. Shady ass mother fuger. He must feel real insecure about himself to do that. Little peon.
  10. Hugor Hill

    Zion Williamson to Duke!!!!

    I thought he signed today? I dont keep up with recruiting that much anymore but one of my coworkers was talking about Zion officially signing today with them.
  11. My theory on ASOIAF is that GRRM will die before he finishes the books and that he's willing to let HBO finish his story.
  12. Actually, there are more than just 3 flags. The first National flag of the Confederacy was the Stars and Bars flag, which on the battle field closely resembled the Stars and Stripes of the Union. They changed it to the "Stainless Banner" but that flag looked too much like a sign of surrender so then they added a red stripe on the end and called it "The Blood Stained Banner." The square flag that people fly is just the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia, and the rectangular version of that flag is the Battle Flag of Tennessee (Also used as the "Navy Jack" flag, also that is what was on the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard) and the Bonnie Blue flag.
  13. Hugor Hill

    Dog Festival in China

    now that's a name I'll never forget.
  14. Hugor Hill

    Confederate Flag.... Hate or Heritage?

    I was gonna say its kinda ironic that a white supremacist is driving a Hyundai.