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  1. It certainly has been a virtual Peyton slurp fest this AM on BSPN as well as NFL Network. It's quite unsightly, especially given that he'll watch 2nd half from the sidelines (or locker room).
  2. mikencP226

    What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    I finally found ONE reasonable Broncos fan (from their board): " I think we can beat the Panthers. I think we can beat the Panthers. I think it's more likely that we will not beat the Panthers.Sure, i'd slap down $10 on the Broncos to win, but if someone were to force me to bet a couple hundred, it'd go on Carolina. Carolina is the more complete team right now, and there's no debating that. It's just fact and common sense goes to the complete team, not the one dimensional. As previously stated, though, I believe we CAN beat them. "
  3. Lovin' my Panthers here .....
  4. From the Falcons Forum: " hope he doesn't scat in his pants again I honestly don't want to see him hurt"
  5. I am a relatively old white guy and I love Cam's shenanigans after a 1st down and a score (but had to look up dabbing). My only worry is that he puts a big bullseye on his chest for coaches with less than honorable intentions, ie Jeff Fisher and/or Greg Williams.
  6. "The Bucs have decent talent and just need a QB before they're respectable again. " Their biggest problem is; Lovie is still calling the shots.
  7. mikencP226

    Saints deal TE Jimmy Graham to Seahawks

    Well, they are still paying Russell Wilson rookie minimum contract.
  8. mikencP226

    DeAngelo released...

    I predict a veteran minimum 1 year deal, or it's off to the islands. ETA: "Hey everyone, come point and laugh at this idiot who thinks cutting Deangelo was a bad idea. What a loser! Hahahaha!" That's the only statement where you and I agree.