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  1. Defense has to step up! Offense finally has. Maybe the refs will get their heads out of their bungholes.
  2. These refs are absolutely awful.
  3. 3 facemask ive seen 2 on Funch and one on Pepp and not one called
  4. Funch has to catch that. Unbelievable
  5. JSouth

    What Cowboys fans are saying

    The thing is if Cam was white people would still be saying the same things. I've seen it in the past except we didn't have internet then...I'm sure racism plays a part in some people towards Cam but it's not every single person who questions our qb.
  6. 21-17 We go up 14-0 on our first two drives and then Rivera starts trying to run the clock out with 7 minutes left in the first quarter. Cowboys go up with a field goal in the 4th and Cam has to win the game as time runs out...
  7. If they would actually call this game even things would be a little different right now. 3 down, Keep Pounding!
  8. Nothing bouncing our way. Let's go defense!
  9. Need some quick throws. Have to adjust and take what they give. Of course if they can keep their hands on our receivers it doesn't matter what they do.