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  1. intangiblejohnny

    We have to talk about white privilege

    Good call.
  2. intangiblejohnny

    We have to talk about white privilege

    Saha, do you consider yourself a white supremacist?
  3. intangiblejohnny

    Dammit Steph...

    That leads us back to the question of why would seemingly rational people be eager to endorse an irrational position? At least that's what I find the most interesting.
  4. intangiblejohnny

    Dammit Steph...

    I would add that the vacuum created by "the death" of traditional western religion has helped to give rise to equally irrational belief systems in it's wake. It seems a significant number of people could be genetically "hardwired" to "believe" in something. This could have been caused by the limiting of the gene pool of those predisposed towards rationality by the controlling theist institutions. Flat earthers and physical science deniers lack rationality as well as tradition therefore (pun intended) they seem alien to many of us but their roots stem from a very honest and empathetic human condition that has been prevalent throughout the history of mankind.
  5. intangiblejohnny

    Trump Goes at it With Pelosi and Schumer... and Loses

    I agree. The Republican idealogy has been a disease for a very long time. Donald Trump has served to be a very obvious symptom of that disease. Now the disease is more obvious as well as the treatment.
  6. intangiblejohnny

    Dammit Steph...

    I agree with with the intention of your post but we must consider a large and interesting variety of factors that could cause otherwise intelligent individuals to question (or outright deny) basic scientific facts. Btw this is in no way an attack on your stance or you but merely an assertion that the issue is about more than "smart" and "stupid". There is wonderful discussion to be had about people believing in things like Roswell aliens, flat earth, illuminati etc..
  7. I think Short just killed Chubb lol
  8. Start a thread in the tb and I'll get into it with you. I know you're baiting Zod but if you want a discussion we should take it off the main forum for the sake of others.
  9. Check out the tax rates in FDR's era. During this time America had the most prosperous middle class in it's history. Understanding these figures will also help you understand the meaning of wealthy.
  10. It's like watching a Saints propaganda video.