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  1. Got a 15 hour flight coming up. Need some fresh suggestions. Anyone hit anything fairly new and unknown that was worth your time?
  2. fat fingered the rep should have read ... gets it.

  3. Currently reading The City & The City by China Mieville Its a pretty mind bending detective novel. Mind bending in the sense that the setting is two cities that occupy the same geographical area. The only thing separating them is the citizens determination to not recognize anything or anyone in the other city. Doing so would result in the crime of "Breaching", a crime that is dealt with quite severely. It sets up a story where two people from different cities can be standing side by side and one of the two not "see" something that happened right in front of them. Hugo nominee for 2010 and BSFA for '09 as well as Clarke winner for 2010.
  4. The more I think about it the more I think The Forever War is top 5 all time for me. My .02
  5. Bingo! It's more meant as good natured ribbing from one nerd to another than any kind of real bitching.
  6. Got 150+ pages into it on two different occasions and couldn't continue, Id love to curb stomp GRRM. Again I have to ask.... When did Fantasy become a sub-genre of SiFi?
  7. Thanks for the sticky!! Because I was posting on the way out of the door yesterday and don't think I did it justice I just want to pimp The Forever War a bit more. From the cover: It was all I could do to not turn back to page 1 and start over as I reached the end of the epilogue.
  8. Since this is in the nerd forum whats the chance we could get it stickied?
  9. Bump to add some really strong titles Ive finished in the last few weeks. The Forever War - Joe Haldeman Armor - John Steakley Ive been trying to get a copy of Hyperion but keep missing it in the stores. Looks like Amazon is my only hope. Oh and would someone PLEASE get Fantasy its own section and get it out of the SiFi section...
  10. I can never say enough good about Richard K Morgan's Takeshi Kovacs series. Altered Carbon Broken Angels Woken Furies Three of the best SiFi Ive read in a long long time. Some of his other work is less than impressive but these three are worth your time.
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