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  1. Not a BB fan but recognize the greatness that was Kobe. Terrible loss.
  2. This is exactly what he was counting on when he claimed that he could shoot someone on 5th avenue. He counted on the fact that an army of people would shout something about Obama and drone strikes. "So what Trump shot someone, Obummer killed thousands and gave Iran pallets of money!!"
  3. Im calling bullshit on the notion that this is business as usual. What this POTUS has done is not "more of the same", its not a logical next step in self dealing politics, its a massive leap towards the end days of our democracy. The GOP is setting a dangerous precedence on the basis of tribalism that one day will end this nation.
  4. @Wes21 if you want to know what kind of person was brainwashed by the Russian disinformation campaign look no further than this thread.
  5. You pigeon hole yourself when you deny/downplay what is a widely accepted fact. You asked if I knew people who voted for Trump. Well since I only know 3 people who did, and they were rally attending Trumps from day 1, I chose to respond with examples of people influenced by the Russians in a way that benefited Trump. The campaign didn't need to create votes for Trump, it simply needed to degrade support for the other candidates and it was very effective at that.
  6. I can name a dozen or more who stayed home/voted 3rd party based on what they saw and were told on their SM platforms. I have a family member who believes that there is something to Pizzagate. Another sat out of the whole thing because of the mountain of bullshit they were fed. And the fact that you characterizing a complex, well funded disinformation campaigns as "some Russian Facebook ad" exposes one of two things about you. Either you don't have a clue and are just talking out of your ass because its what you hear Rush say or you are being deliberately obtuse because accepting the truth about this would call into question a long list of shitty beliefs you hold on to.
  7. So playing along... Twitter and Facebook didnt target the hard left. They targeted the folks who fit the profile of undecided voters. People who could be nudged. People willing to believe (if just given a solid enough source) that HRC wanted Benghazi/had an unofficial email/sold children into the sex trade. Advertising (aka social engineering) is about the inches and not the yards.
  8. Im really fuging tiered of this "overturn the election"/"take away your vote" narrative. Nobody wants to install HRC in the WH. That would be overturning the election/taking away your vote. Holding the elected president to a standard of behavior and ethics that is long established is anything but nullifying your vote.
  9. Steve's passion and drive, even when we were on the wrong end of it, were all you needed to know about Agent 89. Dude is the ultimate baller.
  10. and 11 ppl at this point don't know what greatness is
  11. FUCk yes http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-cant-miss-plays/09000d5d8154848f/WK-16-Can-t-Miss-Play-Steve-Smith-slams-in-for-the-score Thats a dude getting his arm broken and bringing home the TD
  12. Dude totally set the bar for how to play the position. I thought the concept of Luke playing the position like a QB would play the position was a perfect way to sum up Luke's approach to the game.
  13. not taking the points on the first possession of the game is what gets you beat.
  14. I have never understood the American fascination with the royal family and that goes double for the lesser, politically unimportant ones.
  15. Id love it A pair of coonass ol boys talkin football poo
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