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  1. Holy cow! The legend I signed up on this dark little corner of the internet to read his draft breakdown. Hope you and yours are doing well.
  2. Its not just for restaurants, any business under 500 employees can qualify. We are a technology firm and already working with our previous SBA banker to be ready for when this gets signed.
  3. Its pretty evil when there will be an SBA program to cover what Mnuchin said yesterday could be up to 2 months worth of payroll https://www.marketwatch.com/story/heres-what-the-historic-2-trillion-coronavirus-stimulus-package-will-do-to-help-small-businesses-2020-03-26
  4. I was simply stating that he and his team could meet with any interested front office You took that to breaking NFL rules Now you want to make it about physicals Cool Here's a thread about a player our team had interest in and signed yesterday
  5. One upside from this is more of us will know ASL by the time this is over
  6. Interesting. I mean we finalized TB today.
  7. what makes more sense for Greensboro NC? This? or this?
  8. All the vacant dorm rooms would be a better idea.
  9. I admit I haven't done super deep research at this point but there doesn't seem to be much crossover. Phillps is the one that jumps out but there is no obvious (a google search) real crossover.
  10. I meet with co-workers and clients everyday from home and we conduct business. If someone wanted to meet with Cam they could.
  11. Automakers making ventilators is weird when you have a dozen or more organization that make CPAP/BiPAP machines. I would have thought ResMed would be in a better position to build that type of equipment than GM.
  12. He probably thinks that Emirates and Air Canada should get some assistance too.
  13. I didnt say they dont matter.
  14. My wife came up with a debate drinking game for the Biden/Trump debate. You have to drink when either of these happen: Trump claims something was perfect/great/best Biden says "Look" and changes the subject I figure Ill be hammered in the first 30 minutes
  15. What I take from that is that you would vote for literaly a frog or a dog or anything whether it was capable speech or not over trump I mean seriously dude, Biden might actually qualify as a deduction on someones taxes as a mentally impaired dependent.
  16. People need to wake the fug up and realize voting for this is unconscionable
  17. Bull is either a sales associate at Hot Topic or an auto parts store and is lamenting his lost shifts.
  18. Should be for only vaccinated kids. Let the anti-vaxers roll dem bones.
  19. Sounds like an ultra hard headed version of our owner. We are in the SaaS world and there is nothing preventing every one of our employees (save our office manager) from working remotely. This is going to have a long term and positive impact on our company.
  20. Maybe. We went full WFH last week and our owner is so against WFH that although he tolerated it before this crisis he would make folks feel guilty when they called WFH when we got 12+ inches of snow overnight. My point being that people who were against it 4 weeks ago are having a change of heart these days
  21. Polis did not order a shelter in place for Co. Rather for non-critical workplaces to reduce their on site staff by 50% through creative scheduling where possible.
  22. No and I didnt really mean to suggest otherwise I mean I opened with acknowledgement of the factual truth of what he said. As a resident of the Denver Metro though I was taken aback by the 8k sq mi number and when I went to verify it realized how misleading LGs statement was. So I was offering a clarification more than a correction. As far as marshal law is concerned I agree that its a practical impossibility on a nationwide scale.
  23. According to Wikipedia you're not wrong. 8344 sq mi by their number. But looking at the county map they are including a whole lot of near empty space in that 8300. I mean that metro area contains Park county with 2200 sq mi and 18k people. Your statement, while technically right, is still misleading. How many guardsmen would it take to cover the 10's of empty square miles around DIA?
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