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  1. Most teams haven't been to two Super Bowls in the last 25 years, and I'm pretty sure no other expansion team has.
  2. The math works with standard conversion and EP rates. I assume you can plug in custom variables and get similar results.
  3. Read the article and you’d understand why that’s not a good idea,
  4. The other question is if we didn’t think Slye was 100% going to make the kick.
  5. https://predictivefootball.com/late-and-trailing-by-14-points-always-go-for-2-after-a-touchdown/ football isn’t math, though
  6. https://predictivefootball.com/late-and-trailing-by-14-points-always-go-for-2-after-a-touchdown/ it’s an analytic thing.
  7. Has Allen been learning this mobility from Cam? I’m highly impressed.
  8. Grier has fundamental issues with the way he throws the ball that need to be fixed. If he can do that he can actually probably be pretty good, but this takes time.
  9. There is no reason not to ride the hot hand. Grier needs serious work on his mechanics to be a starter.
  10. It’s on the most recent Panthers IG post.
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