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  1. Watching a spring league that wants to basically be an NFL developmental league to trigger the NFL is a bad idea. I am interested but I don't like some of the rule changes and there's not a nearby team.
  2. Not really. Butler just looked like garbage in training camp and we chose to keep Gano.
  3. Gano did the exact same thing in 2017, except it was at Foxboro and for the win.
  4. You should be able to review any aspect of any play. You think a penalty was bad? Challengeable. Think they missed a call? Challengeable.
  5. TN05

    Ring of Honor expanding

    Steve Smith Thomas Davis Julius Peppers John Kasay Mike Minter
  6. TN05

    Gerald McCoy

    Surely tearing up the only good part of our defense will fix all of our problems, which are almost exclusively in the secondary.
  7. Yep. Been a long time since I’ve hit the tinderbox and trump is a big part of that.
  8. It's almost like scheme is almost as important as talent or what formation you use.
  9. The Texans finished 8-8 that year. Hardly terrible. Delhomme was completing 64% of his passes with an 8-1 TD/INT ratio before he got hurt in the Falcons game. We still finished 7-9, but undoubtably would have been better had Delhomme not been hurt.
  10. To be fair, we looked really good before Delhomme's arm got broke
  11. Exactly, and he’s going to be stuck in the minors for 2-4 years, and the salary is frankly appalling. He won’t be able to negotiate a new deal until six years in, assuming he makes it that far. Endorsement deals for minor leaguers aren’t a thing either, which is even more wasted money up front.