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  1. 66% in the 4th quarter in his career. That’s unacceptable.
  2. When you have a good kicker, you don't cut them for a shiny new guy that sucks. Good kickers don't come around that often.
  3. No way he would have? He made a 63-yard game winner. Why couldn't he hit a 65-yarder?
  4. Yeah, well we were in a position where we could win the game even with that error if Slye just does his job once. Instead, he misses a chip shot and shanks a game winner.
  5. They're first in their division. What are we, and what would we be if Slye made any of the game-winners he's missed this year?
  6. Damn impressive kick by Slye. Thought he had it. Right down the middle - can’t blame him for that ridiculous ask.
  7. Reminds me in a way of Jake's injury in 2007. Was absolutely torching it every week then got hurt three or four weeks in. Hope Dak can recover.
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