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  1. Honestly with our roster, 6-10 is probably a ceiling.
  2. It’s gonna be really nice paying $20m to Bridgewater to go 4-12 while watching Cam win a Super Bowl for half that.
  3. So glad we chose Teddy Bridgewater over him
  4. No, I’ve always lived in NC. Went to App for college. Don’t think anyone here knows me irl.
  5. I'm still here, I've just stopped posting in The Tinderbox due to low-quality content. As was well known, I did not vote for Trump and won't do so in 2020. He deserves what's coming to him.
  6. Actually like 50% of this board is still horny for Gettleman to this day
  7. I think a lot of it speaks to the complete dumpster fire years that were 2014 (when we got rid of our entire offensive line and all our wide receivers) and 2016 (when we dumped our entire cornerback squad and mostly wasted a draft on trying to fix that). Those years should have been better.
  8. The Huddle believes Hurney simultaneously has no power and is also the reason for everything wrong with the Panthers
  9. Hurney putting up a great draft class on paper. Let's see how it looks on the field.
  10. The people here are convinced Hurney can do no right and is also somehow responsible for everything bad and nothing that is good so good luck with that
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