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  1. Time to work our magic, huddle. http://on.nfl.com/iJIcl9
  2. Crazy Cadet has had a longer NFL career than Armanti
  3. So he’s basically Fozzy Whittaker 2.0.
  4. Interesting signing. He’s a pretty reliable receiving back and has a lot of knowledge about the Saints. Might be useful in punt/kick returns. But he’s absolutely not a true running back.
  5. He hasn't faded entirely He had 6 QB hits in four games, none the last two though
  6. PFF loves blocking tight ends
  7. Highlights for anyone to remember. Cam had a legendary start to 2011 with two straight 400 yard games but only threw for 150 in a slugfest. We did pull out a 16-10 win with Cam getting his first game-winning drive (and first win) ever.
  8. TN05

    Addison Love

    He’s really come to play the last few games. He’s been criminally underrated with us, hopefully he gets a shot at a pro bowl at least
  9. He can do it all. His ball carrier vision is insane and he’s the fastest guy on the field. He might not be a guy who’s going to get you 1,000 yards every year, but he’s a threat to score every time he touches the ball. He’s exactly the sort of weapon we lacked under Shula and Norv knows how to use him and DJ Moore in creative ways. Players like him are why the future is limitless for this team - he’s breaking out.
  10. Gamble had 13 picks his first two years.
  11. Both 2013 and 2015 ended with really brutal games with questionable officiating. Almost identical scores, too.
  12. This is better lmao