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  1. Great news. Hopefully we miss a few games so we go 1-13 instead of 1-15
  2. Good luck to Tepper trying to get a new stadium when our offensive and defensive MVPs are gone and we’re going 1-15 next year.
  3. We're going to have the worst couple of seasons in Panthers history ahead of us. We'll be lucky to win more than five games until 2022
  4. Hope Hurney drafts well and hope Rhule is good. Thats basically it.
  5. Rather him than Gettleman, who wanted to extend Kelvin "Golden Corral" Benjamin
  6. It’s almost like firing our coach midseason only served to amplify our existing issues, making it easier for everyone - including coaching candidates - to see.
  7. That’s why Green Bay looks so much better after having fired him, right?
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