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  1. I think veganism is stupid but there are dozens of top-tier athletes across all sports and both genders that are vegan. Cam's performance had basically nothing to do with veganism, which isn't far off from what his diet used to be (pescatarian).
  2. All the defense has to do is stop a touchdown. Not a big request.
  3. College overtime is an abomination that barely resembles football. The current overtime system is basically perfect and actually fairer if you look at the numbers.
  4. Somehow I doubt a few certain people here that were so critical of the kicking situation are going to crucify him.
  5. If they do that, Moore and Samuel are open downfield. That's why nobody does it.
  6. Over. We looked sloppy and rusty and still only lost by 3 against a very good team. Also the rest of the division looks like poo right now.
  7. He forced two fumbles, one that we rejected in favor of a holding penalty and the incomplete complete catch.
  8. I have read the NFL rulebook and I am fairly certain this is not a thing.
  9. You could also say the same about Gettleman’s 2013 team being mostly Hurney players.
  10. 4/8 playoff seasons. 3 division titles in the league’s toughest division. How many playoff games has Garrett won? How many Super Bowls has Garrett coached? How many coach of the year awards does Garrett have?
  11. Better than David Gettis, Dan Connor, and Stephen Hill.
  12. 71-56-1 with a Super Bowl appearance and two coach of the year awards isn’t average
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