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  1. 0-16 this year, 3-13 next year maybe if we're lucky
  2. There's a big difference between a floor of 7-9, like most of the 2000s and 2010s had, and what's shaping up to be an 0-16 season with basically no light on the horizon.
  3. Actually, Gettleman got fired because he basically singlehandedly demolished a Super Bowl roster because he got in a pissing contest with an agent. His firing was on his actions and his alone, and thank god because he wanted to give Kelvin "Golden Corral" Benjamin a massive extension.
  4. The good news is we have a winning record against him I guess
  5. So $20m a year... or basically what Cam would have gotten this year?
  6. This team has basically nothing right now except for McCaffrey and DJ Moore, for all we know one of them might want out too. We're getting the total rebuild you wanted, and that starts with 0-16.
  7. Evidently he was a player favorite, given he's the special teams captain.
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