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  1. Watching "The Last Drive In" with Joe Bob Briggs on Shudder this evening and out of nowhere, D'arcy the Mail Girl reveals that she's trying out as a Top Cat. She is apparently a Panthers fan, and former Playmate, so if you are so inclined, show her some love on twitter @kinky_horror https://twitter.com/kinky_horror/status/782027492596994048
  2. I heard the same thing. I loathe Garcia and Bailey but listened today to see how they handled the situation. I did turn the show off once they moved to Hornets talk so maybe I missed Bailey going off, but at 2:00 and 3:00 he just declined to comment.
  3. I think you're giving him a run for his money.
  4. It means you suggested we won't have the airwaves polluted by Garcia, so I hope someone is listening to your suggestion. Kind of like speaking something into existence. Meant to be complimentary. Edit - just saw you poo'd it. Thanks for that.
  5. Daryl Williams and CAP are giving me a lot of hope for our run game. Even if JSTEW misses a few games, with Todman, CAP and some solid line play, we'll be able to open up passing lanes via a strong rushing attack. I completely acknowledge KB is a HUGE loss, but all is not lost. Olsen is a beast TE and we have some speedsters on the roster at WR. If Funchess can be a fraction of what KB was last year, we can still be lethal.
  6. Based on Oher's showing so far (yes it's early), not to mention Williams, I think our OL has improved. It's not our strength, but I wouldn't necessarily call it a laughing stock. JMO
  7. I think that with the O-line looking better, a stout group of RBs, some speedy WRs, and Olsen we'll have enough offense to stay with our opponents. Kelvin would've made it that much better but stuff happens.
  8. Bottom line - regardless of how it impacts our wins and losses - I hate it for KB. I think he was poised to light it up this year.
  9. I doubt it - Ron is nothing if not mediocre. My bet is that we'll be drafting another LB with a pick in the high teens next year.
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