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  1. Need to waste a timeout or lose 30 seconds at a crucial time? Apple's Riverboat app is the app for you. Available on all Apple watch models so you can watch precious seconds tick away in front of your eyes.
  2. It means you suggested we won't have the airwaves polluted by Garcia, so I hope someone is listening to your suggestion. Kind of like speaking something into existence. Meant to be complimentary. Edit - just saw you poo'd it. Thanks for that.
  3. From your lips to God's ears.
  4. Jackson is short, small, and not as fast as he thinks he is. Perfect recipe for a record breaking contract in Carolina.
  5. Ron's defense being sliced and diced by a rookie QB
  6. Why even trot Addison or Horton out there? They're terrible. Any decent DE forces Baker to miss that throw. I don't know why Haynes and Obada aren't playing every week. What we have is not working.
  7. Fug Ron. People are worried we'll find a worse coach? Not fugging likely. Ron is a bozo.
  8. Chubb carried Poe like a backpack. What a waste of a signing
  9. Donte's just overrated. Easy to do when comparing him to Bradberry. This defense is a dumpster fire.
  10. I really hoped we'd give John Dorsey a look but Jerry was gonna Jerry.
  11. Footage from earlier this morning...
  12. jimfear

    Imamura is a scapegoat...

    I don't agree with you on everything but you've been spot on about Rodgers from day one IMHO. He is only here because he's one of Ron's BFFs.
  13. jimfear

    How Hot is Hurneys Seat?

    That's why I clearly stated "just like all other Panthers/GM combos". My argument is that Gettleman was no better that Hurney or anyone else, contrary to what a lot folks around here believe.