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  1. The Lone Panther


    Meh, people will just react with the poo emoji and tell him he's an idiot. No biggie.
  2. The Lone Panther

    Eric Reid

    Belittling Reid is off-limits on this board. You're about to feel the wrath of the TinderBox goons.
  3. The Lone Panther

    Matt Kalil Plans To Play November 4th Versus Tampa

    But does he have to play LT? Can they try him at RT or even guard? It would be horribly stupid to replace Moton with Kalil. Moton has been killing it at LT.
  4. The Lone Panther

    2018 Torrey Smith highlight video

    Bad signing. His roster spot could be used for a position we need help with, like a pass rusher.
  5. The Lone Panther

    MNF: Skins vs Saints

    Can't wait until Brees retires. Dude is going to rape us again.
  6. The Lone Panther

    Thursday notes/pressers

    Is Byrd still hurt? It maybe time for us to move on from him. He can't stay healthy.
  7. He's really hurting his chances with a future team. Who wants to sign a banged up self-centered drama queen?
  8. The Lone Panther

    Curtis back at practice!

    Anything on Byrd?
  9. The Lone Panther

    Eric Reid Press Conference

    Can someone give me a quick summary of what was said?
  10. Awesome, glad to have him.
  11. The Lone Panther

    Week 3 Monday Night Thread BUCS VS STEELERS

    The ONLY reason I would pull for the Bucs is to show everyone that the NFC South isn't a division you want to play.
  12. The Lone Panther

    Week 3 Monday Night Thread BUCS VS STEELERS

    Embarrassing for #23
  13. The Lone Panther

    Panthers sign safety Southward

    With the Panthers having a bye this week, the time is now to sign Eric Reid. Would give him plenty of time to shake off the cobwebs. Make it happen, Hurney.
  14. The Lone Panther

    So.... We are done with Matt Kalil, right?

    When everyone is healthy, could Matt play LG?