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  1. crowntownpanther

    Official Panthers at Redskins Gameday Thread!

    Lot of blue in that stadium. Love it.
  2. I bought a KK short jersey from them 2 years ago. Looks legit, numbers were glued on though and started peeling. I just had them all sewn on and it still looks great.
  3. Can’t speak to how players are evaluated, but I have been diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat. I brought it up after some chest pain when exercising. He could have brought it up, if it’s anything similar it is noticable. That being said an EKG told me all is fine but maybe with a professional athlete they wanted to make sure. Again, I don’t play sports for a living so who knows.
  4. crowntownpanther

    Daryl Williams has helmet on in practice

    Williams in full pads today, per Reed... wow
  5. Also doesn’t help much when your own beat writer is basically advocating selling them to Cowboys fans...
  6. crowntownpanther

    OFFICIAL: Panthers Announce First Wave Of Cuts

    I have a feeling Hood will be among the next group cut. I think he has potential, if for no other reason his blocking has been spectacular, has potential on ST, and is a physical running backup for Armah. Unfortunately his injury last night might put him out of contention. Maybe PS?
  7. crowntownpanther

    Streaming Service

    I use Hulu but I’m in Virginia Beach and we still get the local Charlotte broadcasts. Not sure how this will change once the regular season starts, I’m guessing not well.
  8. crowntownpanther

    Panthers Vegas odds for Super Bowl

    I got in a little early I guess, I bet 100 at 35 to 1. Not surprised by our odds really, but agree with you that there are teams with better odds that have no shot compared to us.
  9. crowntownpanther

    Stadium Noise

    It’s loud. And that’s from watching on TV. Great job @RoaringRiot and everyone there tonight. For a preseason game this is impressive.
  10. crowntownpanther

    Official Patriots at Panthers Gameday Thread!

    Love that I can hear the crowd during a preseason game.
  11. crowntownpanther

    Official Patriots at Panthers Gameday Thread!

    Well, it’s rivera...and all this time we’ve blamed Shula. Cams not happy either.
  12. crowntownpanther

    Official Patriots at Panthers Gameday Thread!

    Hope Sirles is ok. One more OL down and we have to start looking at trades. I don’t like that one bit.
  13. crowntownpanther

    Official Patriots at Panthers Gameday Thread!

    God this team could be good this year
  14. crowntownpanther

    Matt Kalil having his knee scoped.

    We could probably get Byron Bell from the Packers...
  15. crowntownpanther

    New Ref Jitters

    Oh man, watching the MNF game with a new head ref Alex Kemp. So far the guy has misspoken on most of his calls tonight. Worst one just happened when he called the wrong number for a personal foul then said “I’m sorry...number 95.” So painful. Shows the pressure these guys are under and confidence they have to have. Hopefully the preseason games help out. Obviously it’s a hard job to get so I’m sure they have what it takes. Just nerves.