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  1. Stuffing (GTFO with that boxed poo) Mashed Potatoes (add a little horseradish to wake you up from those 6 pre dinner beers) Mac and Cheese GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE (I dare you to fug with me on this one...)
  2. Anyone know if his family stayed in Charlotte or moved to Seattle? I know TDs family stayed here as did Ted Ginn’s and others.
  3. 11 broken ribs? Fug. Apparently already had three broken the week earlier. Hate the saints, but that’s a tough old man.
  4. True, but I would have to argue that if he’s being traded, it would be in order to move up the draft order, so doubtful it would be to a team with a better qb option. Doesn’t mean DJ has a say in it but still... I hope he stays.
  5. Haha Not happening, the second I saw that team pic I knew exactly where it would look good. You have good taste at least.
  6. No doubt we need him, but of all players who would make sense to trade, he would have to be near the top of the list. He would attract offers, and with RA playing well and Curtis developing nicely, an argument could be made that he would bring in enough of a return to warrant a trade. For what it's worth, I personally want to keep him.
  7. From JStew’s Instagram page... The box lower left says replica helmet. So replicas of a real new design or just for fun?
  8. Absolutely abysmal...unbelievably bad.
  9. I just don’t see the quarterback we need falling to us this draft...
  10. What? That wasn’t DJ Moore, that was Robby Anderson. DJ is number 12, Robby is number 11...
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