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  1. crowntownpanther

    Is this what we want the NFL to be?

    Short answer, I think it depends on the officials. Tonight was a great example of a game that may have been over officiated, but done equally. When officials start favoring offensive plays, the defense can’t do much. If they can call both sides of the ball fairly, that allows the defense to really play. To me that’s the difference. I think the defenses in the league haven’t gotten worse, they are just playing 2v1 vs the offense and the officials. Maybe I have bad flashbacks to the Steelers game. We would have lost that game no matter what, but it shouldn’t have been what it was.
  2. crowntownpanther

    Tepper’s Opinion - Pure Speculation

    Sorry, poor wording on my part. I didn’t mean staff changes as much as making his opinion known to the current staff or making changes by trade.
  3. crowntownpanther

    Tepper’s Opinion - Pure Speculation

    I agree. But with so many close games; a few of which we could have lost, all I’m asking is do you you think a new owner would step in or wait to make moves till the offseason?
  4. crowntownpanther

    Falcons - Giants

    To be fair, we did try more than a few this past week, they just ended up mostly being check downs as the reads weren’t there. I agree though, and think if Samuel sees more snaps, they will come.
  5. How do you all think Tepper feels 6 games in as an owner? I told my brother at halftime yesterday that I though he may step in and say something to the coaches if we had lost, given his attitude and statements about winning being the primary focus. With the win, do you think he sits back as a new owner, or do you think he is making his opinions known to the coaching staff regarding our slow starts and conservative play?
  6. crowntownpanther

    Panthers won!!!!! Pie for all!!!!!

    I really can’t believe that we won. In the third I was so angry and convinced it was over.
  7. crowntownpanther

    Official Panthers at Redskins Gameday Thread!

    Lot of blue in that stadium. Love it.
  8. I bought a KK short jersey from them 2 years ago. Looks legit, numbers were glued on though and started peeling. I just had them all sewn on and it still looks great.
  9. One of the best yet. Please tell me you still plan on the coffee table book, this season deserves one.
  10. crowntownpanther

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    Everything about this game makes me happy
  11. crowntownpanther

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    Russell looks confused. Jesus water must have frozen.
  12. crowntownpanther

    Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Oh baby! Next man up!
  13. crowntownpanther

    Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

    "Even Janitor, even janitor" "is that real!?" "yes"
  14. crowntownpanther

    Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Klein out with an injury apparently? Hamstring.
  15. crowntownpanther

    Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Haha like two weeks ago?