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  1. like I said, guy is HATED by both republicans and dems... He is fuged and I doubt he ever see's the light of day again. I wont ever forget him though. He knew what he was getting into and did it anyways. He is a god damn hero. Oh and for the record he's exposed a lot more than the USA's Dirty laundry.
  2. Then what is his primary function? why is he being arrested? You realize he decided to go up against the most powerful country in the world? The (((Journalist))) at CNN wouldn't dare say a word about all our alphabet soup agency's nor would fox. The truth hurts but the truth is America is a pretty evil country at its core, if you cant see that then well... keep enjoying the panthers.
  3. you realize he pretty much has not been able to do anything for the better part of 8 years right? US committed war crimes under the Bush Administration and he exposed it.
  4. Julian is the truth, hated by Hilary and the Dem and hated by trump and the republicans. His sacrifice for exposing corruption will never be forgotten, journalist like him are generational and we probably wont be seeing someone like him again. His mental heath is probably in the gutter after 7 years in Isolation.
  5. hockey is boring, that being said Ill always support the state squad once they make the playoffs. explain the hurricanes to me like a 5 year old. whos the best player? who is the coach? will they have a chance at winning a series?
  6. https://www.newsweek.com/wilderness-protection-bill-donald-trump-sign-environment-largest-death-valley-1361412?fbclid=IwAR1ZkpoSSYePl9QAF_WdnzOv3jAhJqn4llGAFK9ZjCeO7uZSpk1PPmxR5io we are out here winning and making America great again. your welcome to join whenever!
  7. hello duke, youve been swept by the best my friends.
  8. The mental image of meek mills visiting Robert craft in jail is hilarious
  9. Hope zion is 100 percent for the rematch, but tonight... we TARRRRRRRR
  10. Man I'm hype for this one. Really hope we can split with em this year. Undefeated on the road in the ACC. lets keep it up. Even if we cant get the dub our schedule is pretty easy going forward and if Leaky and Manley can get into forum with a few minutes here and there off the bench Id love our chances at home on Senior night. Injuries have been a pain this year but they came at the right time, as long as they stay healthy from here on out I love our chances to get back to the Final four. Go Heels!
  11. Ill bet you all the pie in the world will Grier is a 1st round pick.
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