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  1. luke nukem

    The real reason why we are a bad team

    Its never been the same since josh left. and until a regime change happens it wont ever be back.
  2. Not against the best O in the NFL.
  3. luke nukem

    Marty Hurney FIRED....in 2012

    The fact that the raiders fired their GM like 20 minutes ago gave me the false hope tbh.
  4. got a burner WR with no one to throw him deep. Good grief...
  5. There needs to be a way to tell if someone is banned... not that it even really matters. the trolls will continue to make new accounts.
  6. Justin Tuck was a low key STUD in his prime
  7. I pounded the drum for butker so hard, tbf it was like a 70-30 split between wanting him and keeping gano. If the camp battle is a toss up, just go with the younger guy who has a dirt cheap salary, would be paying butker less in three years than gano in one. Just dumb poo and a good reason why Marty Hurney needs to go. Ill commend his effort this time around but we need a change.
  8. luke nukem

    Kelvin Benjamin released.

    I honestly cant believe KC signed him. Guess they didnt have much of a redzone threat besides Kelce
  9. Nah we are going to win this game. fug all this negativity, nothing this year can come close to going 2-14
  10. "who picked that tie out for you" "M-my wife" Honestly that was probably the funnest moment of the whole season.
  11. also respect for going to the toilet bowl to watch us play
  12. meh. Chicago will be gunning for that 2 seed if we some how beat the saints next week. I personally think 9-7 will get us in if seattle can beat Minnesota
  13. even our kicker is starting to break down.... this team is so old.
  14. But more importantly, we really gotta get an off-season movement going to fire mick mixon.