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  1. I think Jaimie kills Cersei after those who escape the battle make it back to King's landing. Jaimie, seeing the horror coming their way, trys to convince Cersei to join their fight. She refuses, he sees her for what she is, and kills her. That, or during their conversation, Euron hops out and stabs Jaimie in the back.
  2. I know this is way beneath what we're talking about here, but the thought crossed my mind. Fantasy football is going to be nuts this year. No Gronk, Olsen is an injury risk, Hunt is suspended for eight games, Hill may be banned from playing (he should be), Cam may not be a first-round draft pick if his shoulder isn't healing well, etc.
  3. They asked about 12 or so different scenarios with different seating. It ranged from $150 seat license, $450 season tickets to $650 seat license, $1100 season tickets. Really not that bad for, what, at least 10+ home games?
  4. If the season tickets are going to be around the prices they surveyed about, I'm on board.
  5. Oh wow. Yea, that's far worse than our schedule. Who thought that was a good idea?
  6. I finished. It was really well done. I feel like I would have felt more emotion if I hadn't taken a month or two break in between. The epilogue was great, but it did drag on a little more than I would have liked.
  7. Come on now... you're lumping a lot of people into a single category. That's not fair and a horrible way to think. Don't add to the division that this country is already going through.
  8. Yea, I just purchased tickets for my wife and I to see her in Charlotte. Sue me!
  9. I'm in Chapter 6. How do you do spoilers on here? Highlight the text below I guess. <spoiler> I just watched Colm hang. Now, I have to go see Eagle Flies wage war against the army because I'm too nice of a guy and said I would help him steal the horses, which opened up these other missions. <spoiler>
  10. I just started playing again this week. Probably haven't played since December, but I'm really close to finishing the story. I'm trying to stay away from the side missions and just play the main story lines. I know I'm towards the end, so I'm just going to stick it out.
  11. Yea, I fugged up. I had to take my dog to the vet right around 10 and completely forgot about it until around 10:30.
  12. Tickets are already sold out. People better not be trying to sell tickets to this...
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