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  1. If this is still around, there won't be a season. Every other major sport league has pushed back their seasons so it's silly to think the NFL wouldn't do the same.
  2. I need to make a CSGO channel...I’ll do that today.
  3. I know of at least one guy who does, Jesus Jones. He’s always trying to get me and another guy to play but then tells us it wouldn’t be fun for us since we’ve never played before. I sort of believe him though; he’s been playing for years. He’ll play with you for sure.
  4. I can’t believe this sentence left your keyboard.
  5. Just imagine a stadium full of fans wearing those jerseys.
  6. How is Warzone an Apex clone? I feel like they all copy each other, tbh.
  7. Warzone is free, FYI. I love Apex, but Warzone has me hooked right now. The fire fights can be really tactical which is a nice change of pace from Apex, which I feel is always fast. I've had fights in a forest, in a pretty optimized downtown setting, in an airport...the locations are fun. I feel like it's really balanced, too. Definitely recommend playing with a pre-made group. I don't know how long it will keep me, but it's definitely up there with Apex. I think it beats out PUBG, Fortnite, and Battlefield's BR.
  8. Would Cam have accepted it though? I don't know but wanted to pose the question.
  9. Just wondering why you think so.
  10. In case you guys wanted to get emotional again, the Panthers are airing the behind the scenes from Luke's retirement in a series called, "Unmasked" tonight at 8 pm. I'm going to hate watching this...
  11. Yep, my buddies and I were getting nowhere in ranked tonight. Went to casuals for a breather and won the first game we played. Loving this season so far. This might be the first battle pass that I actually finish.
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