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  1. Maybe it is a money grab, but this one deserves the money. It's a fun game without any microtransactions.
  2. @onmyown pretty much nailed it, but I'm not that dedicated. I just do variations of PPL and run a mile on the treadmill after every work out. I fricken love leg day because I can lift the most and it boosts my confidence. As for this part of the original post... "dumbbells 40lbs 40-50 times set of 3" that don't make sense, man. There's no need to do that many reps with that much weight. When I do chest press using dumbbells, I do 3 sets of 8 with 50 lb dumbbells (I'm not as big as you!). I follow that up with incline press using the same-ish numbers. Just increase the weight to what you desire (probably 70ish+).
  3. Can I steal this topic since it's been a while? I'm looking to upgrade some parts, but not sure what to upgrade first. I really want a new monitor (IPS), but I'm not sure if it's worth doing that with the GPU and CPU that I currently have. Here's my build from Dec. 2016: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/nlannin3/saved/#view=DkCLkL My monitor is only 1080p 60Hz, so I feel like I'm lacking in that area. However, I don't know whether I should jump to 1080 144Hz or to 1440 60Hz (or 144Hz if I can find a deal.) Also, everyone keeps telling me to get a g-sync monitor since I have a Nvidia graphics card, but that seems pricey for what you get in return. Thoughts? If you think my GPU or CPU is worth upgrading first, let me know! Edit: I use it purely for gaming. FPS's mostly, but also play single player games from time-to-time. Apex, COD, BF, Fallen Order, PUBG...all the standards.
  4. I hope I don't get crushed here, but I'm going to try and give an honest opinion of the show. It's enjoyable to watch, but it's not the best thing I've ever seen. I don't geek out over Star Wars, but I do enjoy watching SW-related things. That might be why I'm not as into it. Some things really annoy me, but from a directorial (?) standpoint. For instance, they did the whole "I'm going to learn to ride this animal after two tries because my ancestors did it!" and when they attacked the base in the first episode...there were what seemed like 30+ people, the robot did most of the work, and when he finally gets on the big gun, he takes out 3 people and it's done. Eh... maybe I'm too critical, but stuff like that gets to me. Don't even get me started about the cheesy fly-by salute from the bigger Mando at the end of Ep. 3. Like I said in my earlier post, the writers are doing a phenomenal job of moving the plot forward with very little dialogue and the settings/props they're using are awesome. I enjoying seeing something different (I don't agree with the earlier poster who said the story is the same). Like another poster said, I don't want this to turn into a cat 'n mouse type story; I'm interested to see if they move in that direction. I'm hoping they don't. I'll continue watching it for sure. Oh, I do like the RPG style of building his armor, but I'm a little sad that he has the entire set already. P.S. Those scenes of them crafting the armor were a bit cheesy, too. Don't hate me. Convince me why I'm wrong
  5. That's actually why a lot of people who are into Star Wars lore enjoy the show. Mandos aren't supposed to say much. I give the writers credit for being able to move the plot forward without much dialogue.
  6. Lol yeah, the NFL really wanted to give them that PI call in the playoffs last year...
  7. I'm afraid to say that I don't think it was worth an ejection because I don't care to argue about it. It was loud as hell in there so I don't think he heard the whistle. I do think he was going to punch the ball and missed terribly. At least we got the flag. I find a couple of things funny. One, every single one of you has said that he should have been ejected. I sense some homerism. Two, we bitch and moan about the roughing the passer calls the refs have been calling this year and then we want Cam ejected for that? We can't have it both ways. The flag was thrown and it kept our drive alive. I think that's all we could have asked for.
  8. Lol thought I was in the game day thread.
  9. I also didn't expect a win, but I didn't expect this. My God, it's ugly.
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