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  2. I finished the first three books of Stormlight Archive yesterday. Really good stuff. I find that the books make me anxious because I just want the characters to break out of their ruts and become radiant again! I guess that's part of the process, though. The ending battle of Oathbringer was a fun read, but now I'm sad because I have to wait for the next book. I'm going to take a break from fantasy and move into space for a bit. I started reading The Expanse series last night.
  3. "Ron, with his arms folded just below his plentiful chest." - Mixon
  4. Holyfield's not making much of a case for himself. Can't seem to find the holes and then a fumble.
  5. What are we trying to point out here? His dress code or the fact that he's in a Wal-Mart? Either way, who cares?
  6. Obada isn't going anywhere with us playing in London this year.
  7. Nice. Won't be able to make it to the tailgate because of work, but I plan on rocking a Riot shirt.
  8. The Panthers are having an "exclusive All or Nothing Premiere Event" at Knight Theater tomorrow night where they'll be showing the first two episodes of the show. I received an email for a ticket giveaway contest, so I entered and won! I'm sure they had multiple winners. Did anyone else snag a pair of tickets? I'm pretty excited. Here's what the schedule looks like: 7 PM - Door Opens, Cash Bar available 8 PM - Screening 9:30 PM - Q&A featuring Director Steve Trout, David Tepper, & select Panthers players 10 PM Event ends I don't know how exactly they're doing the Q&A session, but I'll try to take notes on what is said. If they take questions from the audience, what is one question you would ask?
  9. I didn't believe it when they said he had a 17-year career. Where the hell does the time go?
  10. I'm on the fence about it. If it's a person's first world cup goal, then celebrate the hell out of it...you've earned that right. If it's a goal to beat a record or even tie one, celebrate it. If it's your 100+ international goal (in other words, you've been here before), then celebrate but don't go over the top with it. I guess it mostly doesn't bother me. Hell, I wouldn't have thought anything of it if the public hasn't made it a thing.
  11. What's everyone's take on the goal celebrations and the controversy surrounding it?
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