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  1. Never imagined I would be rooting for someone with the last name Brady.
  2. Ya'll are making me want to play while I'm working from home...I'm struggling not getting on for a match or two.
  3. Hey everyone! From time to time, I've seen people searching for people to play games with. It's always more fun playing with people you know so I figured it would be a good idea to create a Discord server for us to connect! I'm hoping to keep it pretty laid back. It's my first server so it's pretty basic right now. There's voice channels for different games and a few of your basic text channels. I'm always open for suggestions, so feedback is welcome. If you're interested, click the link below and let's get gaming! Huddle Gamers - https://discord.gg/ZCxEWaR
  4. Making a post now. What's your name in Origin or Discord? I clean up my friend's list a lot so I may have accidentally deleted you. Mine's Chaymbah.
  5. I couldn’t find much about him except that he spent his entire playing career here in Charlotte. I know it’s not the most important hire, but it’s news. Does anyone know anything about him?
  6. I've actually thought about creating a Huddle Discord server. Okay, I didn't actually think about it, I made it but never finished setting it up. I started trying to get fancy with it and lost interest after dealing with some bots. I'm down to make a bare-bones server though. I do worry about some people on here joining it and just trolling and what not; that's why I started trying to get fancy with it by locking down channels and having people assign themselves roles. I'd be glad to continue setting it up if we think people would use it. P.S. @TbTeRRoR I think we're already friends on Origin but we've never played. I haven't played Apex in a while, but that's mainly because everyone I was playing with stopped. I was Gold in Season 2. I purchased the pass for Season 3, but haven't played that much. What's your playstyle?
  7. What's the average yearly salary for NFL coaches?
  8. Lol and that right there is why I don’t listen to anyone who overreacts in the huddle! Who in the hell wanted to give Kyle Allen a $200 million dollar contract hahaha especially after four games?
  9. I guess what I’m trying to say is this is a stupid thread and is unfair to say, “look at how bad this team is!” when it’s the last game of the season, we’re 5-10, and we’re not playing for anything. Plus, we’re playing against a team who is far superior than us this year.
  10. Yeah, but are they playing horribly because they’re bad or because of the other injuries/this team completely collapsed? I’m in the boat that thinks we should part ways from Hurney but I think there’s other reasons this team is bad and it doesn’t all fall on Hurney.
  11. How can anyone ask this question after knowing what transpired this year? I’m not a Hurney lover but everything went wrong for us this year and everyone thought we looked fantastic on paper before the season started and the injuries started racking up.
  12. Make sure to say “cheers” to the bartender after ordering a beer. Not only do they drive on the opposite side but they walk on the opposite side as well. When walking up a stairwell walk on the left, not the right.
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