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  1. Release him and sign Funchess what could go wrong for them....
  2. Big bucks could mean a 3rd round comp or resign Williams? Not too tough of a call in my opinion
  3. When moved I feel it will almost definitely be to an NFC team to get him out of the conference. I can't see it being anyone in our division although if it were to be one I'd say the Panthers would have the best chance.
  4. If this were to happen I'd expect to see some withdraw from the PSL owners. The question to me is what is the percentage of those who would walk away and turn their tickets in...?
  5. According to Mort & Schefter: Mississippi St. DT Jeffery Simmons, projected to be a top 15-pick in April, suffered a knee injury during training that is thought to be a torn ACL, per league sources. A statement to offer clarity on Simmons' injury is expected to be released today. If it's a torn ACL I could see him fall in the draft and potentially be there in the 3rd or later......
  6. I have my doubts with this mock. Seeing the LB Thompson going in the 3rd round to Washington is hard to imagine. I can't see him available that late
  7. I can't see him here playing out his contract. I'd actually be surprised if he finishes next season healthy. It's about that time that he considers hanging it up or the Panthers consider letting him go.
  8. Non story here... No information that anything happened
  9. I'd bet on some restructuring and they will be back in contention. I don't see them reaching the NFC Championship game next year but they will be ok
  10. Stuff happens to teams in all games. You win some and lose some... Blaming the refs for a 4th quarter call is funny to me like the first 3 quarters didn't matter as much
  11. Seems like a player with a lot of talent. Hoping if there are issues that he finds needed assistance
  12. I've thought the same since 58 packed up
  13. If our Offensive line ever became a force even something to match what our defensive line used to be or what we used to be known for we'd be dangerous
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