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  1. Believe it or not but QB isn't the most critical piece to the team's success at this point. Hurney and Rivera really do have 9 lives pun intended. Will be interesting to see what knives are pulled out once the wave of allowances Cam provides disappears.
  2. Rivera got strung up for 50 points in a professional football game. Just go ahead and end his misery, Tepper.
  3. Sword of Damocles...it just dropped.
  4. Where's the professional standard among the coaching staff? Is there one? We're trying out punt returners like it's a mother fuging preseason game. fug, Rivera, what the fug are you 'thinking'? Richardson had politics he was balancing that Tepper doesn't. You're ass is grass.
  5. Cheer you up? Rivera just dug his grave. Can't come out flat the same way you always have in a contract year. He just proved he's not learned out to improve. He's too slow to change and sticks with the old ways despite his history that the stat guys should be slapping him in the face with.
  6. Maybe those millennials see the writing on the wall when it comes to Rivera after a bye week?
  7. That's it...done with Rivera. Recurring special teams lapses are a microcosm of this guy's "coaching." He's a player mentor. Not a head football coach.
  8. Rivera getting absolutely schooled right now. Typical Ron after the bye.
  9. Randomly watched some of this last night and the Brady cameo was perfection once the context becomes apparent in the following scenes.
  10. "Enjoy the ride" almost as if it's not about one player and is instead about the team winning. How refreshing.
  11. The question is really, "Has he been worth his $12mm signing bonus?" His annualized salary comes in at a whopping $1mm this year. He's due $11mm next year, and if he doesn't work out, he's gone. GMan knew what he was doing, and handled it all as about as well as a GM could have.
  12. no more long-developing routes should be of some benefit, no?
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