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  1. Think Hurney and Tepper share the view that you can get more wins w system guys than w raw talent.
  2. Where has Shaq gone? He never was the leader type but given the youth in the team would think he’d be standing out. Dude got paid, laid, and now reclining in the shade. finally got a stop, great.
  3. right place, right time. yes.
  4. Many layers for the dysfunction. So far I’m seeing lack of training camp and OC still trying to figure out his rhythm.
  5. The question is really, "Has he been worth his $12mm signing bonus?" His annualized salary comes in at a whopping $1mm this year. He's due $11mm next year, and if he doesn't work out, he's gone. GMan knew what he was doing, and handled it all as about as well as a GM could have.
  6. no more long-developing routes should be of some benefit, no?
  7. 5 pounds is a poo load when your doing the cardio these guys do, and then on top of that he needs to keep his speed burst? oh yeah, 8 pounds is pretty damn good i'd say with being able to keep your speed.
  8. Ya know, I did always peg him as a doublestack Rainbow sandal wearer.
  9. I know the Broncos are down this year, but coming out and stomping them could do wonder for this team's psyche. We have been exorcising demons recently, if that trend continues for Week 1, it should give our guys LOADS of confidence in knowing they can get back to the big dance. BELIEVE!
  10. wonder what they'll be saying about there hooker-loving safeties.
  11. Can someone do some homework for me and actually break out the stats of their #1 defense v our #6 (or whatever the rankings may be) and actually compare the NUMBERS. Because if nothing more than like 2.5 yards separates us from each other, then that's too minuscule of a factor to weigh in an analysis (think weighted average for all you math nerds). Any statistics/probabilities majors want to speak here?
  12. So, what are they saying about all the weather here for the field our snow practice and travel and such?
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