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  1. Stubhub takes 15% of your sale. I do remember the Broncos revoking some season tickets people were selling but I don't believe they were tied to PSLs, correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. It won't, I sold some mobile only concert tickets on Stubhub the other day. Really easy process, you just won't see scalpers outside the stadium anymore.
  3. Same here but I'm a glutton for punishment when it comes to my sports teams.
  4. I wish I could give this unlimited pie...same here. Didn't really have a hatred for him until he said he knew nothing of Bountygate.
  5. I remember screaming at that game sealing interception very vividly as a 12 year old...been a fan since they announced in '93 but that season definitely had me hooked as I didn't have an NFL team before then.
  6. I'm here for it...until they get rid of Tom Cable as their OL coach, they will struggle.
  7. RR was outcoached in the biggest game of his career by a guy who is now an assistant coach.
  8. Well you either didn't read my first post where I mentioned how good SS was on the field, didn't understand it, or just chose to ignore it. If my statement hurt your feelings that bad and reporting me is what you feel is necessary go for it.
  9. Assumptions...I've watched 89 from the stands about 40-50 games during his career and plenty more on TV. I was there the night he broke his leg against the Packers in 2004. No one is questioning how good he was on the field or his tenacity, you just lack reading comprehension skills.
  10. I don't hate him but the guy was a poo teammate despite being one of the best in the game. He was no different than any other superstar WR with drama.
  11. Seahawks just released Doug Baldwin and Kam Chancellor.
  12. I always love it when the talking heads aren't on the bandwagon and we only have a few primetime games.
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