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  1. 1) RR needs to grab his fuging junk and put the pedal to floor the whole damn game. 2) RR needs to grab his fuging junk and put the pedal to floor the whole damn game. 3) RR needs to grab his fuging junk and put the pedal to floor the whole damn game.
  2. bleedsgreenandgold

    Monday night's game in Mexico City

    Move it to San Antonio and let's get this track meet on!!!
  3. bleedsgreenandgold

    Sean Payton smashes fire alarm

    So when is he getting arrested?
  4. Panthers win, fat York County rednecks sad
  5. bleedsgreenandgold

    Saints talking to Dez Bryant. No contract....yet.

    They have to replace Ted Ginn's drops somewhere. Also if you're comparing Dez to Moss, you need to watch more football.
  6. bleedsgreenandgold

    Saints place Ginn on IR

    All Tre'quan Smith in fantasy leagues
  7. They are the same idiots that thought nostalgia in the Hornets name would bring quality NBA back to Charlotte. It's nice to see the Purple and Teal back on the court but it doesn't mean poo other than more merchandise $$$ for Jordan. Personally, I unfollowed them years ago on Twitter.
  8. Are they trying to compare hiking with your child (aka quality time) to watching an NFL pregame show with your child? Whatever they were trying to do, it was piss poor.
  9. I pray Reid plays up to his abilities because if he doesn't, unfortunately, it's going to get ugly amongst the political crowds. Either way it was the right football decision.
  10. bleedsgreenandgold

    Ex-Panther Fans?

    "Not looking for a political discussion" but ask a question that directly relates to political drama.
  11. Some people live sad lives and just like to project their negativity towards others.
  12. bleedsgreenandgold

    What Bengals fans are saying

    Imagine having that hubris with Marvin Lewis as your coach.
  13. bleedsgreenandgold

    Thanks to David Tepper and Roger Goodell

    Muh opinions!!! It's sad to watch people on both sides of the issue get sucked into this boondoggle. I'm just sitting here waiting for people to realize our government is really just one party and this division is what they want.
  14. bleedsgreenandgold

    Cowboys fans

    Don't care to argue with you, the main point of their bias announcing still stands. I wasn't shocked or dismayed as it is the standard when they have Cowboys in their game.
  15. bleedsgreenandgold

    Cowboys fans

    Aikman on the broadcast: "Cam has been pretty inaccurate today" "Dak has had to deal with humidity and poor throwing conditions"