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  1. Bill Voth is the new Steve Reed/DGantt. Voth has been great.
  2. Rivera has lost some serious weight.
  3. I could see him being signed tomorrow. We need all the help we can get at CB.
  4. Kony Ealy looking like Greg Hardy
  5. There is more to this story no doubt but it still doesn't excuse Greg for what he did.
  6. We were never going to come to a long term deal with Greg before the deadline, his arrest just sealed his fate with us long term.
  7. This is bad but not something that can't be forgiven. If Ray Rice can still have a future w/Ravens after being caught on camera w/his knocked out gf, then Greg can overcome this mistake.
  8. LMAO! I kno0w what that means. i used to be called "Pinche Guey"

    1. El Chingon

      El Chingon

      lol I like it, you should have stayed w/it.

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