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  1. This one doesn’t hurt as much as it should because I know he’s doing what’s best for his long term health.
  2. The secret is that he has a baby with some instagram thot
  3. Im starting to think the generally consensus around the league is that josh mcdaniels is a douchbag that failed as a head coach his first try and got cold feet his second try so went crawling back to papa belichick.
  4. When you plan to talk to the girl that does butt stuff later but the girl you meet first does butt stuff and has no gag reflex so you can't let her leave.
  5. I just don't like mcdaniels whole vibe. He feels like the snobby kid that thinks he because his daddy got him good grades he can go to any school he wants
  6. What is wrong with you people? Cam has brought so many good memories to this franchise and one injury completely unrelated to his shoulder which is fully healed btw has everyone shipping him out of Carolina. Franchise quarterbacks don’t grow on trees. No one in this damn draft is a sure thing. When you have a guy that is a proven winner you keep him. This negativity towards Superman is sickening and needs to stop. When cam starts the 2020 season with his Walter Peyton man of the year patch ready to win comeback player of the year. I hope all the people that wanted him gone remember what he brings to this franchise. Here’s to hopefully future 2 time MVP cam. Keep pounding.
  7. It's incredibly stupid to think Rhule is going to come to this team get rid of cam and put all his cards on an unproven rookie. Incredibly stupid
  8. The only team two teams I didn’t want to win the Super Bowl are eliminated. It was a good weekend
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