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  1. I see burns becoming the face o the defense this year. Our von Miller
  2. I could say something really fuged up but I won’t. Get better Sean and city of New Orleans
  3. Good for Mario but can the bills fug off for once
  4. I feel like everyone is trying to put Cam newton on another team but The panthers
  5. Good for him but he should've retired but like thomas davis and ryan kalil he just didn't know how to and will end up as one of those guys that should've of hung it up when they had the chance.
  6. the collective idiocy of this fan base in wanting to get rid of Cam for a has been veteran or a rookie QB like Trevor lawrence who could bust just like Joe burrow who could bust and just like Tua who could bust is absolutely insane. When cam returns to MVP form i can't wait for you idiots wanting him gone to eat the biggest piece of crow you can find. You people make me sick.
  7. I like Lamar Jackson but what I hate is the people acting like he’s the only qb to ever do it.........cam newton says hi.
  8. What’s the point of the show if everyone already knows the winners?
  9. Cam didn’t win WPMOTY no point in watching
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