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  1. Them not putting cam on that list is a bad look
  2. Probably the only black thing allowed in his house.
  3. You seem like some psycho lonely simp that feels the need to belittle any women even remotely attractive. You’re pathetic dude.
  4. Greg was a beast i will not complain if he becomes a greg hardy like player on the field....... ON THE FIELD
  5. Is it confirmed that we’re going back to base 4-3?
  6. Didn’t really lose anything because we had two 5ths
  7. You win the game in the trenches how hard is that to understand. You guys might’ve hated Dave gettleman but him focusing on the hog mollies helped get us to a Super Bowl.
  8. Did you guys not see how horrible our run defense was last year? I swear some of you people are dumb af.
  9. I like shaq but burns has the potential to be Michael strahan good I see a breakout 12 sack season for burns. I see him and christian miller becoming monsters on the edge.
  10. You don’t draft for need in the pros you draft best player available or you end up with a Sam. Bowie. If tua is available you take him.
  11. If we take Tua it changes the entire view of the Panthers vs the rest of the nfc south.
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