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  1. I’ve tried to defend Teddy but this is enough...he keeps missing passes that can go for easy touchdowns, I counted at least 3 today. Not even mad about the lost, at least we dropped down a bit in the draft order now.
  2. I saw comments from some Broncos fans saying Royce Freeman, they mentioned he played some QB, can’t remember if they said high school or college.
  3. woahhhhh ok ok, interesting.
  4. Smh idk how to post tweets here, but... There's supposedly interest between the Hornets and Boogie right now. It was a move I was thinking about a few days ago, but I didn't think Boogie would've considered it. What do you guys think about that possible move?
  5. Loving this draft so far. Ball is going to be the real deal, and huge upside with Carey.
  6. So many rumors and smokescreens going on...all I know is that this is going to be a fun draft to watch.
  7. Something about him always rubbed me the wrong way whenever I would see him during an interview, now this just for sure completely turns me away from him. Wiseman or Ball please.
  8. Wasn't Rhule praising players during the offseason just for them to be cut a couple days later? Hopefully that's the case here
  9. If the Hornets really are interested, they have the leverage here if the rumors coming out of Houston are true. Like someone mentioned above, the only deal i’d make is Westbrook for Batum and Rozier. I’m guessing they just want to get rid of his huge contract, they make that happen with Batum’s expiring contract and still get a capable starting PG. I personally wouldn’t make that deal, i’d rather be free of Batum’s contract after this year, but if it happens..it’d be an exciting starting lineup to watch, with the possible addition of James Weisman as our starting center or any of the other top rookies coming off the bench.
  10. Don’t pay attention to what Canfora says about the Panthers, he’s reported multiple false news about them in years past...the biggest one being when he mentioned Panthers were going to fire Hurney back in early 2018.
  11. It was 1st & goal with 1:12 seconds left, and the Lions had no timeouts...cardiac is right. They could've just taken 2 kneel downs and then spike it on 3rd down with about 3 seconds left. It's not all Gurley's fault here, blame everyone.
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