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  1. Hey! I was a Center also, but in middle school ( Knee Injury prevented me from playing subsequent years). I found it odd though that I wasn't a big dude, compared to my guards. I was only like 120 ish pounds.
  2. As long as your 5 year plan isn't working at hooters...
  3. I agree, just think 3 days is a bit soon to follow precautions. I agree with testing normal, just not sure if 3 days is enough time. Who knows.
  4. This does make since, he is running like his life depends on it literally. I just hope the Panthers keep him around, and have a dual threat. Heck, even Bonnafon is a good player to keep around.
  5. I am pretty sure about 6 years ago I made a thread that I grew up a Cowboys fan, since I am From Texas. I had a friend @usmcpanthers convert me.
  6. TBH, I have no clue who he is, I just looked him up. I didn't Start watching Panthers religiously until 2012 ish.
  7. I know it is early, but Davis reminds me a lot of the early days Tolbert and Stewart, the ways Tolbert would bounce off people, and the way Stewart would plow through. End Rant
  8. Ya, I was going to say Brady was a good TE also, lol. I guess your right, they passed up on Marino and Sapp. However, the choices were not horrible though.
  9. Ken O'Brien wasn't a bad QB though, he was in the league around 10 years.
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