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  1. if the Panthers cut Torrey Smith, and sign X WR... will the saga continue?
  2. Devil Doc

    Panthers sign Travaris Cadet

    At first I was like, that is a dumb decision. Then im like, well maybe they cut him for another defensive player, then the signing comes. Im still like Huh?
  3. Did Reid blow that coverage?
  4. Devil Doc

    PFF loves DJ Moore

    They have Welcome Packages?
  5. Devil Doc

    PFF loves DJ Moore

    I hope DJ Moore gets in Tune.. I bet $40 that DJ Moore will have better numbers than Ridley...So far.. that $40 is gone.
  6. I am praying for her.. Michael might do the same thing.. :( I was down in Lumberton in Oct 2016, helping with recovery of the Flood.
  7. The Concert Said Oct 13th.. Unless I read it wrong.
  8. Good idea... but I think Hurricane Michael might "Kill" these plans.
  9. Devil Doc

    If you like hybrids...

    I heard the BMW Hybrids are really good. I dont like them... I cant feel or hear the engine roar..
  10. Lumberton got hit in 2016 with Mathew, Hit again with Florence, and will possibly be hit Again with Michael... They are hurting.
  11. Devil Doc

    Giants almost scored?

    Nevermind.. I saw it... my bad for repost.
  12. Devil Doc

    Giants almost scored?

    I tried looking for it... can you link it?
  13. Was told yesterday, that with 1 second left the Panthers kicked it too the Giants... and they almost scored by lateraling it down the field. Is this true? they didnt show the last second of the game.
  14. Devil Doc

    Random Thoughts On Gano's GW FG

    If you guys seen how he kicked in the pro bowl games, you will know how good he is.
  15. Devil Doc

    Gano and Panther win Pie

    I was like.. 63 Yards.. Gano wont make it.. too far. He kicked it.. my but clinched tighter than a Z Hatch door. And he made it.. I was in awe.