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  1. A Side Piece bro.. its 2019..men have side snacks, or second courses, so when times get rough you eat.
  2. Is somebody cutting Onions in here.. Im trying to watch this and cant see because eyes are blurry.
  3. Thank you. I googled it and searched.. if its readily available my bad.
  4. So, has anyone seen the dates for Training camp? I know it is late July... so July 22-Aug 3rd?
  5. its not showing the ball at the end yet, just him throwing...
  6. Just a keen observation, are these players rides? Im not knocking it.... but does everyone drive the same color car? lol
  7. Not to divulge in personal... but is Product Strategy kinda like a Brand Ambassador/Marketing?
  8. I say we skip Wofford, practice in our new bubble. Ya, still under contract, so just pay them.. and practice in Charlotte. I've seen them build a 3 story storage unit in Harrisburg in a month ... surely they can build an inside facility.
  9. Instead of that, why dont they just have an agreement to share the information they have? This is interesting though... the PUBLIC gived money to the Panthers ( Entertainment). Yet, the news media do not have access?
  10. I can tell you this, a good friend of mine went to school for Sports Writing, and he is really really good. The problem is, the pay sucks, literally. I mean its not BAD, but his problem was that any Joe Smoe from the street freelances to be a reporter, then undercuts him, which lowers his value. He worked for the Government and wrote for the local newspaper... trust me.. he didnt make much. He said, being a sports writer or reporter is not what is used to be, you can get news online free, or from other sources, which makes our job obsolete. I think he was onto something when he told me this 6 years ago.
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