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  1. I don't even know if he is trolling, it is more like he is serious. If he is trolling.. he is just like a Pizza Cutter.. No Point.. All Edge.
  2. Because that is 1 of 3 of his Modus Operandi on this Forum.
  3. LOL.. He lost his boat, house and had to pay his spouse millions.. what luck.
  4. Did I say anything about him not being Smart?
  5. He was also mentioning the UNC Players that have tested positive as not being worth it because they do not get paid. ( Boston is an UNC Grad) However, he also mentioned the Entertainment thing.. I am confused? I can understand College players not getting paid to play football, but the NFL pays you Millions to play. Alot of us go to work everyday, expose to this Virus, we are not being paid Millions to do it.
  6. Are these Hospital Numbers just COVID patients, or just in General. It makes a big difference.
  7. I was reading some of Tre Boston Tweets, and he mentioned something along the lines of it is not worth it for him to play football just for our entertainment. I think he was talking more along the lines of protection from players, but it seems he is not on board to playing. I wonder how many other players feel the same way? He also mentioned there is talks about if they do not play, do they still get paid this year.
  8. So testing for anti-bodies is probably not a good indication of Herd Immunity probability?
  9. Also, Spain had it months before us. Is there not a certain time frame that anti-bodies do not show up? Like over 6 months or something? I have read were COVID-19 Anti-bodies can disappear after 2-3 months.
  10. Exactly, those who have already had the Virus, or have the Anti-Body get to work or continue, those who have no exposure do not.
  11. I get it. I hate wearing mask. I hate wearing anything on my head or face. I seldom wear hats. I do not wear my CPAP. I do not wear my mask in my house, my car, outside, etc. I do wear them inside stores. I have occasionally not worn one in a store, depends on how many people are in it. However, I wear a mask everyday at work. I see all kinds wear a mask, or not wear a mask, or wear one incorrectly. I just get tired of the misinformation or the contradictions. If you want us to Social Distance, Wear a Mask, etc.. then why do you not open up and quit with the phases. Why were certain things open, and certain things not open? Who was making these decisions? It is not OK for a park to be open, but it is OK to have gatherings or other similar things inside? At this point either let everyone infect each other, and get the poo over with... or shut down completely. Have huge trucks wash the streets, buildings, parks, stores, etc...
  12. I never said anything about not wearing a mask.
  13. I guess. It seems to me people had a different idea of what Quarantine, Social Distancing, flatten the curve and wearing mask meant. That is the whole issue with the hysteria and fray actors and the media. Different interpretations or what Ideas mean. I said at the beginning, if we are going to shut down the country, then it needs to be strict, tight, and NOTHING open for 2 months, ( would reduce it drastically and almost eliminate it) That means strict LE enforcement, only things open would be medical, food deliveries, papers saying you have permission etc. Instead.. it was lets try this.. oh wait.. lets try this.. oh wait.. lets try this. Now.. people are freaking out over the numbers because they have been delayed or not what they expected.
  14. Preventable? You think this Virus is 100% preventable? 100 deaths is a good thing, that means the Death rate went to 1% instead of 2%. The whole point of the Curve, Social distancing, the mask.. is to slow down the deaths and slow down the patients going to hospitals. It was never meant to erase the Virus or erase the inevitable. It was just delaying the effects, or spreading them out over time.
  15. I just want people to stop treating the Virus as the "Floor is Lava". It is not immediate death to have it or be exposed. There is a very high survival rate. You do NOT automatically test positive for being around someone positive.
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