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  1. I dont see a link to Matt Rhule or Baylor...
  2. I mean I get where he is coming from, but is it normal for coaches to take staff with them when they move on?
  3. I knew he was injured, he was limping. Eagles didnt have another QB to play.
  4. So, The Bills and the Redskins are still poaching Carolina I see..
  5. Its his wife, big difference, she was smiling, and it wasnt forced. Now, if that was an intern, reporter, etc... then it would be different. Believe it or not, some women actually like that attention in public.
  6. I say bring in Bill Cowher as some form of mentor/assistant he has NC and Tepper Ties.
  7. Bengals- Tua Redskins- Okudah Lions- Brown Giants- Young Dolphins- Burrow
  8. Now if the Packers and Seahawks can lose, It will be an Glorious Time.
  9. So is this Group chat of FA's going to be called Failed Achievements?
  10. What is funny, is other people are tagging him too, and he is going with it. Someone mentioned the Browns, he says, My wife says I look good in Brown.
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