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  1. I mean, they signed Olsen, kinda seen this coming?
  2. ok, fine. Liquor Stores open for 1 Hour at 8am, and 3 pm.
  3. I am against SIP orders, due to it really does not change anything, which it didn't you can still go places. Due to other reasons, I do not like the Government to "Force" things on people. However, If we want to be "Serious" about this, we need to shut everything down. Unless you are a medical provider, Truck Driver, Construction Worker, Government Employee or some form of clerk ( Groceries, Pharmacy, Etc.) Shut it down... all of it. Block Roads, check ID's, close down parks, liquor stores, golf courses, gyms. Limit grocery stores to 10 people, meaning, if there is more than 10, you wait outside. Gas Stations are pumps only, no boats on lakes, no walking outside ( Limited to your neighborhood). ALL stores open during limited times, for certain people, and limited people inside the store. However, this will never happen.
  4. He would make an awesome colt leader.. lol.
  5. I am fortunate to be an essential employee, as I work in a hospital. However, I am just administrative. I have offered my services due to my medical background, and state certifications/license. However, I am not needed at this time, which IMO is a good thing for my hospital. I have family and wife who are freaking out every day, which, I am just the type to just let it roll. I am pretty much the only one who leaves the house. We make sure our gas tanks are full, extra gas jugs full, and enough food to last us a month. I wish everyone out there luck, lets hope the wave is at it crest.
  6. Some consider him Edge or DT
  7. I spent a few minuted scouring the interwebs, and came to a conclusion, most of the mock drafts have us taking: Derrick Brown- Edge Isiah Simmons- LB Jeff Okudah- CB Which one would you guys think we need the most?
  8. There has been TON of Corpsman, before me, and after me, that have done some brave poo. Interesting Tid Bit, Corpsman are one of the most decorated jobs in the military. They have earned 22 Medals of Honor, 179 Navy Crosses, 959 Silver Stars and more than 1600 bronze Stars.
  9. I agree it can man, I want people to get better, I honestly do. I just don't want the Government to get 'cocky'. Thanks bro, we do not get along very much, I do try to be civil in our conversations. I hope you and your family are well.
  10. My issue is this all these "numbers of cases, and deaths, are coming majorly 5 of the hot spots: Washington State, New York, New Jersey, Louisiana, and California. Then there is some in GA, Illinois, and Florida. With all this said. We just need to be vigilant, follow proper hygiene. We do not need to change our behavior to avoid being infected, we need to assume we are already infected and change our behavior to avoid transmitting.
  11. Tell me, what will SIP do, when people are already going to be walking around? When people have already exposed other people? When it has been here since December, and people have been reportedly sick, and is was ruled out as the Flu? People have already touched surfaces, coughed on surfaces, eating meals and hanging out. Forcing a society to Quarantine, is more of a draconian rule. Actually, forcing anything, on Americans, does not go over well. Social Distancing, is well needed, and should be followed. Handing out tickets, charging people with obstruction, etc etc.. just for being out... is pretty close to martial law, and not needed. People are doing a pretty good job all ready distancing and only going to stores when need, the extra step, is just going too far. Btw, the name Devil Doc... is because I was a Navy Corpsman, and that is our nickname. Corpsman are the medics for the Marines.
  12. SIP will not do anything. People have already been exposed to the Virus. The people you have already been around in stores, surfaces you touched, etc. It has already happened. Social Distancing is fine, however forcing a curfew or forcing quarantine will not go well. Just be vigilant, wash your hands, be courteous of others, and it will be fine. It is a huge mistake ordering SIP, it will cause more mental harm, and physical harm, then the actual virus will.
  13. So, what is the over/under on him going to ATL in the future?
  14. can someone go on the Panthers WIKI, and delete Keuchly from the roster... it wont let me edit and save it
  15. As long as he is not number #59 Ill be happy.
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