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  1. Hopefully the AAF can get out of their "Financial" crisis.. and it would be a great Farm league. The Owner of the Hurricanes.. bailed them out.. and wants an team in Raleigh...
  2. I can help build anything.. Im a weak mind and a strong back.. I was thinking more like holding an BAR and getting shot in the face... or maybe be a Medic and get shot in the face.. my 15 seconds of fame.. lol
  3. I'm not an actor, but I work cheap, have some military background, and love WW2... hint hint.. next movie.
  4. Devil Doc

    Cam talks about his surgery (video)

    Wait... when did you move to Charlotte? I must have missed alot of somethings..
  5. It starts with an C.. whoever it is.
  6. Congrats bro, I haven't been on enough to follow the whole process. Who is in charge of wardrobe and props, they did a good job making it period specific. I think I contacted you about my friend who acts on an PM, he is decent and cheap.. lol. I'll make sure to check it out. I can tell the movie isn't an typical era flick.
  7. Devil Doc


    Fine, When I mean Veteran.I mean players who have been playing the longest... on our Team/League. Is that better clarification? I would Consider Torrey Smith a Veteran.
  8. Devil Doc


    I just hope we do whatever we can to keep Saints from ever going to the SB.. We just need to be competive again... any new on indoor training facility @Mr. Scot?
  9. Devil Doc


    I honestly think Tepper is the reason for the change, Ron knows his days are numbered, Tepper is focused on winning. I wonder how mad he was when his old team, kicked his new teams ass.
  10. Devil Doc


  11. Devil Doc


    I agree.. I just see so many people complain on this form about "Ron loves his Vets" well.. we just 3.. and Olsen might be gone soon too.
  12. Devil Doc


    Since Davis, Kalil, and Peppers are gone, with Adams on FA, are the oldest players left Gano, Newton and Kuechly? Are the days of the Veterans over?
  13. I knew when Davis wasnt being signed, Peppers was gone too. This is the year of the Veterans not returning.
  14. Devil Doc

    Salary cap carryover

    Browns and Colts about to OWN like half of the Free Agents
  15. 3years/9 Million bonuses if you play more than 6 games uninjured, and without loosing your starting position to someone else.