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  1. I mean, he didnt throw any punches, but if you look at previous fights, it warrants a fine or 1 game. I am not saying he was wrong, but he did hold him to the ground... which is an act of unsportsmanlike conduct.
  2. Ok, what about DeCastro, he threw Garrett to the ground and was on top of him, yes he was trying to de-escalate, when looking at previous fights, that is still atleast a fine.
  3. Im suprised, DeCastro nor Rudolph got fines.. that is redic.
  4. I laugh at the people who think the reason Kaep is hated because of his political views, or skin color, or whatever reason someone wants to make up. There is other players who are not playing in the NFL right now because of antics and other reasons... Brown, Bryant and Kaep.. then there are some who have the same views as Kaep... but are actually good... Reid. Hopefully, he gets signed... sucks.. and we will not have to hear the same thing every year when an QB gets hurt. Untill then.. we can watch the entertainment... unfold.
  5. Being on a team with more wins, should not be a factor in determining MVP.
  6. Many of the constituents are grumbling that Wilson or Cook should be MVP and not CMC.. I say Bullocks. CMC is always overshadowed by Kamara, Barkley and others.. CMC is something special.
  7. Cam will be back for Packers...
  8. I mean any player COULD cost us the game, with penalties. Its a little projecting off a players performance, we already know how the NFL is.. they will hype it up as an revenge game. Therein, will make the refs for chippy, so its a legit concern for sure. I just do not know if I would word it as being aware.
  9. This wasn't a racial or politically motivated thread... but whatever straw man or brush you want to paint. Duke is better anyway.
  10. Many post on here are dumb, should we lock all of them? Or just ones people do not agree with? Just a question.
  11. Do they though? The whole Reid and Kaepernick thing flamed out about 3 years ago.. no one really cares anymore. Honestly, people have moved onto other things like calling Dave Chappelle an Uncle Tom or Anti-LGTBQ or maybe which singer is under the mask.
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