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  1. Remember that couple in Houston that got killed in a no knock raid? The cops' story is really starting to unravel. https://reason.com/2019/12/09/handwritten-notes-document-the-collapse-of-the-phony-story-that-led-to-a-deadly-houston-drug-raid/?fbclid=IwAR27dVn4kjk09uJhP-5TUN3GVghIYdR-I58RltYYXDFknpfWlYabP3XnQzA#
  2. LOL! Do you really think you're taking a risk by predicting anything here? Yeah if you're right you'll puff you chest out, full of internet pride. Hell if you're wrong but it turns out the injuries were too much for Cam, you'll still claim victory because of what should've happened in your head. If you're wrong? There's a 99% chance that after a few posts mocking you everyone will forget about your predictions. If the 1% comes about you'll pretend it didn't happen til people get tired of laughing at you or you'll just make another alt. You're taking less risk that my son did when he was two & liked to run across the living room to dive into the overstuffed couch.
  3. Women are supposed to suffer during childbirth. No epidurals sayeth the Lord!
  4. Why would god not want concentration camps, but be ok with killing a bunch of babies because one guy didn't want to get rid of slaves?
  5. Cool! Now which Congressman are you going to write about adding this law?
  6. So why not support a bill that makes everyone buying a gun watch the Sandy Hook autopsies first?
  7. God doesn't want women to abort a clump of cells, but if those cells are carried to term, become children, & make fun of a guy for being bald... He's ok with sending a couple of bears to murder them.
  8. Captroop made a very good point here. I can't help but notice that g5 & retired both have ignored it to babble on about "saving" kids.
  9. I don't see why conservatives want to force women to carry to term, yet here we are.
  10. Lots, but when people keep making alts to dismiss Cam there's little point to engaging in said discussion. Yeah, one could say that they're successfully trolling the board, but they'd be wrong, since trolling is about getting people so upset they expend an effort all out of proportion to prove the troll wrong... Like getting someone to constantly make alts...
  11. Cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, etc... Are all domesticated. Domesticated just means the animals were selectively bred by humans for various purposes to be different from their wild kin.
  12. Personally I wouldn't have a problem with a drug addict getting publicity. I mean some of the best artists ever were drug addicts.
  13. LOL! Yeah, if you're right you'll make sure this thread is bumped, if you're wrong the huddle will get a new alt. Nothing new but said alt.
  14. Did the Pats ever give an excuse for Brady giving that signal that appeared to cause the play clock to get more time?
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