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  1. LOL! "Closer than they should've been". Airborne burns in: "He didn't die because his chute failed. He died because he was moving faster than he should've been."
  2. Then why is their saying "ok Boomer" a bad thing?
  3. Doubtful, but let's say you never have. Does that mean no one has ever done it?
  4. This. For any who haven't seen it, aside from names & couple of position changes, that's the actual plotline. Kevin Costner gets 1st pick, 7th pick, & an impact player for 3 second round picks. Only value that movie has is a lot of people haven't seen it, so its funny when you break out the scenario & they wonder WTH you're talking about.
  5. We trade this year's, 2021's & 2022's firsts for number 1, & pick Derrick Brown. The Huddle goes berserk. Tepper (who was at the draft) hops on his plane, flying back to Charlotte in a rage. Cam & his family celebrates. People get shook & Burrow starts falling down the board. Then, while the dolphins are on the clock, Marty contacts the Chargers & works out a trade of this year's, 2021's, & 2022's second round pick for #6. Rhule threatens to quit. Tepper arrives & yells "Marty you SOB!" Marty holds up one hand because he's on the phone with Cincy's GM. Cincy's GM says, "Marty! I owe you a thank you! 3 #1s AND Joe Burrow!? Please let the Chargers screw this up!" Marty says "The Chargers don't have the pick. I do..." A string quartet runs in & plays a dramatic sting. They work out a deal where we get all of our first rounders back, plus Cincy's best O lineman. Cincy picks Burrow & at #7 we pick Jerry Jeudy. Marty is congratulated, & goes off to bang Jennifer Connelly.
  6. Just the "catch & release policing" thing. For the record, I will be keeping my end of the bargain & I'll present it to the committee.
  7. Very similar actually. A disparity in income granted, but then there's also a disparity in production cost.
  8. Over 156 million followers on Instagram. ~Kim Kardashian.
  9. Well that last one is an excellent example of how Limbaugh is full of poo, trumpets are stupid, & how easily the right can be manipulated all in one.
  10. A fun fact about that one. At the time he said that the number one QB in the league was Steve McNair. In the time since, I've never seen a conservative get the irony of that.
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