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  1. No, but your hero keeps concentration camps according to reality.
  2. A baby bonds with Mom at about 3 months old.
  3. ... Holy poo, you don't know how rivers work.
  4. Maybe you don't know how rivers work, but they flow. Things from far upstream can get washed downstream, & something blocking the current can cause it/them to wash up on shore. Using your "logic" it's equally likely that some militia "guards" found them crossing while on Miller time, drowned them, & left them with the cans.
  5. Oh yeah, but at least they were somewhat competent when they did it. This guy is just horrible.
  6. Questie can't help it. He's just bad at this.
  7. It could be very similar, kinda like being a bondsman, but the overall experiences & repercussions we're different.
  8. Nope. Not how it worked. You're still bad at this.
  9. Very rough math, but about 3.5 million births a year, infancide rate of about .44 per 100,000 a year, so comes out to about 662. Granted those are proven cases.
  10. So you think she's taking the Trump path to the oval office?
  11. He's right, also a fact. ETA: Why did you post a quote as if I were saying he didn't say it, then ignore the context?
  12. No, Gore said that he "took initiative in creating the internet" which was part of a much larger statement that when taken in context makes it clear that he was talking about how he was one of the first US politicians to use his office for legislation that cleared the way for what the internet became, & convinced government agencies to spend money on IT, & implement the internet in their mission. Vinton Cerf & Robert Kahn (two well known internet pioneers, hell, Cerf has been called the father of the internet) backed him up on his claim. The whole "I created/invented the internet" myth was born from right wing talking heads that knew stupid people would buy it. As far as AOC, as pointed out, she keeps getting the conversations back on track so...
  13. Yeah, most of us are liberal, that doesn't mean we push liberal agenda in class.
  14. I wonder how hard it would be to find anyone defending this kid also defending a black or Hispanic kid who lost out on a college spot of scholarship because someone dug up a picture of them with what seemed to be a joint?
  15. 332nd

    Trump 2020

    Where are you getting 75,000 from?
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