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  1. But he told the correct lies. A lot of the swing voters are low info types & that plays to Trump. They won't remember how he down played the virus. They won't remember that he sent 17 million tons of equipment to China. They won't remember a trillion dollar injection to the market for a few days of roller coaster rides. They won't remember all of the deaths. Hell, I'm willing to bet that no matter the toll Trump will both claim credit for heroically saving America from covid19 & insisting it was never a big deal at the same time. The only way I see Biden winning is if things get much worse. Of course his supporters are so far gone, if he transfers $600 billion of the stimulus to his own companies, resigns, a week before his second term ends, does it blatantly so he gets charged, & has Pence pardon him, they'll wet themselves laughing at how he "owned the libs".
  2. Dont know if I missed this being mentioned here, but apparently Trump went after 3m for selling N95 masks to Canada. Wonder if anyone has told him yet why that's a bad idea?
  3. He seems to be the saddest type. I mean some guys just get off on watching their wife, or they can't perform anymore, or they actually like the "humiliation", etc... etc... Then there are those who didn't really want to get into it, but felt they would lose her, so they give in. They tend to grow to resent her, hate her even. He seems to be the latter. Most likely someone picked up on it & she left, so this is all he has now.
  4. Lol! Such a salty bitch. Look, I'm not kink shaming. It's just that this is a weird way of going about it.
  5. It's the only way he can get off now. His wife/gf most likely took the key to the c**k cage with her.
  6. Awww... The meme cuck is back. Too addicted to using his lame arguments as a surrogate wife he gets to watch getting plowed to quit.
  7. I wonder what Dr. Fauci was about to say.
  8. Oh, is that why he keeps popping in this thread to make sure everyone knows he's done with TB because he's above it?
  9. Do you understand that what you said about AOC was stupid & you need to stop?
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