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  1. Forcing people to work without pay.
  2. Correlation does not imply causation.
  3. 332nd

    Kamala Harris

    This. When I was in undergrad at A&T, signs started popping up all around campus "Join The Underground Railroad", "Coming soon. The Underground Railroad", things like that. We found out that they were on almost every campus in NC. Turned out to be a voter registration drive. It was extremely effective, & see there were tons of thousands of new voters that the Democrats & Republicans hadn't panderd to. They both lost their collective poo, & raged about it, but the Democrats were the first to calm down & start talking with the students. The university system got a few hundred million out of that. At any rate, at least the Dems came to the table after their fit. Maybe Republicans could do better if their argument wasn't "Reee! You guys are so stupid! Vote for us based on what we used to be like good n******!"
  4. 332nd

    Pelosi Shuts Down State of the Union

    This isn't petty. This is just taking advantage of what Trump gave them.
  5. 332nd

    Pelosi Shuts Down State of the Union

    Pelosi is trolling Trump. Is that really so hard to figure out?
  6. First off it's barely tens of millions if that. Second if tens of millions base an argument on an opinion, it's still an opinion. Now then, why do you feel cat calling women on the street is essential to your brand of masculinity?
  7. What evidence do you have that it's anti masculinity other than your opinion?
  8. He certainly seems upset by people saying "guys, just because you have a dick doesn't mean you have to be one all the time."
  9. Toxic masculinity. Not masculinity in general.
  10. "Grrrr! All of those psychiatrists who have studied this topic are dumdums! They hurt my sensitive pride!"
  11. LOL! I was going to point out how uttt wrong you are here, yeas we need to be reminded, yes there is such a thing as rape culture. Yes boys will be boys gets used for sexual assault & bullying, but then you had to try to handwave theft & screaming profanities at teachers. Y'all lil concons are triggered by this ad & it hilarious.
  12. 332nd

    DNC pulls out as sponsor of women's march

    Using their logic my wife is anti-white because she wanted to include black guys on her dating menu.
  13. 332nd

    DNC pulls out as sponsor of women's march

    How does including people of color mean you're excluding white people?
  14. Wow... They really don't get it. Funny thing is I can just see the abject rage from them if Michelle Obama had taken some time to teach at an HBCU.