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  1. I imagine the deficit will suddenly matter again, so he'll have to get right to work on that.
  2. Interesting. Earlier today the trumposphere was passing around a video saying that PA & Ohio had "flipped" to Trump after a judge had agreed that mail in ballots were unconstitutional. I mean I was under the impression that Ohio had been called for Trump already, & that its been clear for weeks that the unconstitutional argument failed in PA. Now all of a sudden, all of the posts I saw with the video are gone.
  3. Some of them, yeah. Others have convinced themselves of all kinds of idiocy. From Trump is playing 6D chess, intentionally losing cases so they can present all of their evidence to the SC at once, to the batpoo crazy insistence that since its obvious they & dear leader are upset by this, we should hold a brand new special election just for the presidency before January 20th. Only this time all voting must be done in person, & whomever wants to inspect the count should be allowed in to do so.
  4. Insisting your position is true isn't data. Stop running from the question.
  5. Actions have consequences. Rush made his bed, now... Wait, what happened to "personal responsibility"?
  6. Heeeeeeeeeeeeere we go!
  7. They see it as different because its done privately, as long as one ignores government input.
  8. Republicans are cheering this but when the housing market collapsed, & landlords were walking away from properties, letting the banks foreclose, & allowing rent paying tenants to be evicted, they insisted that any sheriff that refused should be fired. Wonder what's different.
  9. Yep. Not all of them, but enough of them.
  10. Yeah... As someone who worked at a "no kill" shelter, fug peta.
  11. Yes. We live in a mostly immigrant neighborhood none here.
  12. Won what? About a 1/4 million people have died. Their friends & family have to live with that. Millions are out of work. Some have lost their homes. Maybe you can send them a pic of your haircut & paperwork showing how your 401k is doing.
  13. So if a law says stay at home unless necessary & you leave for a frivolous reason...? Killing people by passing around a preventable disease is ok? K. So how do I earn a living? I mean I know how conservatives think, & if I apply for aid more than a few weeks people like you, people you would vote for would happily say "well you seem fine so get out there & get a job". Maybe not, but you don't care if we do either. Your posts prove that, & that's the problem. Yet you run around screaming the world is going to end if a few stores burn down? You run around screaming the world is going to end if the stock market dips? (under a democrat president of course) You run around screaming the world is going to end if your 401k takes a hit? If Muslim immigrants are allowed into the country? If cops get their budget cut? If people have to SIP again for a few weeks? All of that is a dystopian nightmare, but 250,000 people dying is just a hiccup that should be ignored?
  14. ... Goddammit.. I have never seen a response so clearly prove the other guy's point.
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