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  1. I get where he's coming from, but as the father of a part black lil dude, she gotta get hammered. I have to tell my son that he has to make 100% sure that everybody he sleeps with knows he's part black because of people like her. He has added stress because of people like her. Poo ain't right.
  2. No. You're not right. Multiple people have pointed that out. No one is pissed off at you. You aren't that good. At best you're a funny example of a person flailing around trying to make an argument for a public speaking class. Most of the rest just tell you to fug off. Notice how you had to shift from "the mainstream media isn't talking about this", to "I really meant the TB" because you're so clueless you didn't realize by seeing it on CNN, the mainstream media was talking about it? LOL!
  3. Yes you are. You're very concerned about getting a pat of the head for being some kind of "rational" thinker. You're just not good enough to pull it off.
  4. Two white people killed by cops that were talked about constantly on here that you're too much a a bitch to realize because you only come here with fake concerns.
  5. LOL! Why do you think I don't have anything to do other than answer your questions? As a matter of fact, I'm going to delete my previous answer, & I'll repost if if you ask me nicely.
  6. 332nd


    There are a lot of Cherokee mix/ Cherokee in my family & they hate the name. Met a lot of Navajo, Lakota, etc... That hate it too. The good news is you can start a YouTube channel complaining about how only white liberals are really upset about it & bash any Native Americans like Snake that say they don't like it. You could make some cash that way. It's been a gold mine for several black people.
  7. We haven't heard the whole story.
  8. Like how no one here talked about Daniel Shaver or Justine Diamond?
  9. Normally I'd have kids from some of those South Chicago neighbourhoods working for me about now. Maybe one or two of those kids wouldn't have been there... But a bunch of whiny, fake ass Christians felt that not getting their haircut was unconstitutional.
  10. Why do you think we have statues of Confederate generals, but none of Stalin?
  11. No a single word from you (or any conservatives) about violence in those cities unless it's to interject in a thread about racism or police brutality.
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