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  1. It was a nice line that's meant precisely dick. I know that's a difficult leap for you to grasp.
  2. Because a lot of them don't know the difference between it & the constitution.
  3. Not which law. "What" law. "Current".
  4. They should've said that then. They didn't. They mewled about the people deciding. Funny thing is, when the tables get turned. People like you will howl hypocrite.
  5. Show me where there have to be 9.
  6. So SC will use tax breaks to make sure Tepper spends as little money as possible, & pass his savings onto the taxpayers? K.
  7. My deal would be to let this one go, raise the number to 11, & then start pushing for term limits. Say 16 years.
  8. Exactly. That's why I'll be shocked if they wind up winning in November, & actually expand the court.
  9. 332nd

    Breonna Taylor

    Yeah. We knew they were going to let the cops slide on that one when they jumped the gun announcing the plea deal with the ex.
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