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  1. What did Carolina do to him? He takes every opportunity to trash the team and Cam mostly. He also didn't know what the Keep Pounding drum was and claimed we ripped it off from another team
  2. A few years ago I had someone do a few small printing projects. Are they still around? I might need a few more things printed
  3. Every year the huddle freaks out over the schedule we have a great season. Cool
  4. Already got my tickets and seats
  5. Mid 90s for company drivers, 250k gross for o/o
  6. In ND they're moving oil and water, Colorado it's just oil
  7. If you want to make the big bucks gotta go where others won't
  8. My friend that works there said it was take the tarp or they were going to ask for a closer look at their books
  9. BBT was forced to take tarp money. They took the minimal and put it in an account at a bigger bank, repaid as soon as they could, and kept the interest
  10. Don't forget to subscribe to the alt light... I mean PewDiePie
  11. They're still drunk from the national championship. Try again in a month
  12. Now who will you mouthbreathers blame all your problems on?
  13. The end of this thread isn't yelling and way off topic. This still the Huddle right?
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