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  1. I was really interested to see what a new coach would do with Cam. My venting is terrible
  2. I only opened the last page but this seems a little extreme
  3. Very hard to believe anything said after this.
  4. I better pay full amount to keep those shifty Broncos fans out of our section.
  5. I think their problem over there is sexual tension. But I could see why he finds me attractive:
  6. Whatever happened to those Seattle fans that booked flights to Arizona?
  7. Whenever points are made on the Broncos forum they just call me a troll. But most of them are legally retarded
  8. I ventured back over to Orange Mane where I saw Dave Mirra committed suicide and pulled some gems.
  9. So, um anyways, I'm hearing this third hand but did Peyton say during an interview during the NFC game we had 14 points by the time the national anthem ended?
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