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  1. Purdue on the road could be tough. With that said I know nothing about Purdue basketball.
  2. Oh man what a wasted episode. I kept waiting for something happen and it never came. We are in essentially the same spot as we were at the end of last episode. I don't see why they are forcing themselves to cram stuff into one episode when they could already be at the hospital by now if they didn't add pointless, plotless poo to every episode. The best parts of the Walking dead are the mid-season and season finales and they'd be even better if they weren't forced to rush things in those episodes. Still, the show has taken a big step forward compared to last season.
  3. To be it's not like Lebron is an awful shooter. He can hit from anywhere on the floor. When he gets older he will be able to put more time into gaining a consistent jumper instead of building muscle. If he doesn't he will "fall off" like Dexterity said and it will be without warning. Kinda like Wade last year.
  4. NC State will be good this season. They're very understated because they aren't full of any big time recruits but they have a good balance of players. I'd be surprised if our season wasn't at least close to what it was last year
  5. I'm curious as to who people think will be killed off this season. Pure speculation of course. If I were to guess I'd say Beth, but I've been saying that for the last 3 seasons. She's the white female version of T Dog
  6. A very mediocre episode that saved itself with a rushed ending. They had a lot of unnecessary filler scenes IMO. The good news is the next two episodes seem like they'll be dope.
  7. Yea but if they started walking out into the ocean they'd either be sucked in by the current or eaten by a shark or something. There's a big difference between a lake and an ocean. Honestly I was starting to get the thought that traveling to D.C. would be part of the series "end game" type plots. Now I don't know what direction they'll head in. Maybe they take over the hospital?
  8. Am I the only one NOT looking forward to the inevitable Rosita flashbacks. I mean, IMO, not every character needs a light shined on their past. It keeps them more mystifying
  9. Yea the only reason I could think of as to why they did that is that the quote "you're either the butcher or the cattle" will be used again in later episodes and they wanted to provide some backstory to it.
  10. If she would get rid of that stupid look that's always on her face she would be. Or maybe her face is just ugly...
  11. Honestly, this is better then bazillions of random thread popping up and getting lost with other Hornet threads. Good idea Diddy
  12. Well if you're trying to avoid spoilers, perhaps it's not the best idea to click on the thread about the show. What are we even supposed to discuss if you are meant to talk about what's happening in the show?
  13. WARNING! SPoilers from last nights episode ahead! Pretty good episode overall. Very filling. My only objection is the scenes from the next episode. They're gonna focus on Abraham and the group on the bus? Why not finish filling in the Beth storyline? How did Carol get to the hospital? What happens to the guy from everybody hates Chris? At this point, I'm pretty sure the remainder of this half season will be focused around getting Beth and Carol out the hospital. I think Noah is the only one with Daryl in the bushes, and he's gonna explain to Rick about Beth's situation. Daryl will likely go along with it because I'm assuming he knows Carol was taken by the same car that took Beth. So they'll raid the hospital and one of the semi-main characters will die. The end. Just my theory.
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