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  1. "Nothing will fundamentally change" That being said I would hope to (realistically) see: Student Loan Forgiveness -- at least a significant amount for federal loans, not means-tested or solely specific to any one group of people Net Neutrality -- not really sure what can be done/undone at this point but should be addressed Environmental -- Paris Agreement, more aggressive targets and increased incentives towards a shift to more renewable energy sources Social Justice -- decriminalization of marijuana, increased research/funding for research, allowing banking institutions to conduct business with MJ companies. Full and unconditional pardon/release of any person imprisoned solely for possession/distribution of MJ, workplace protections against discrimination based on personal usage of MJ while off the clock.
  2. check out the rest of his twitter feed, this dude is a nut
  3. i guess white liberals on twitter didnt need to thank POC for winning the election lol
  4. Warnock gaffe isn't gonna matter, Republicans will win both runoffs. Perdue barely missed out on enough votes to avoid the runoff and Ossoff is just another empty suit personality-wise, not to mention Republicans are gonna be frothing at the mouth over Trump losing the election, and a handful of suburban Biden voters that voted for Warnock/Ossoff will have no problem not voting and sticking with a Republican senate. as for the other race, Loeffler will consolidate the Collins vote and should have enough to hold off Warnock anyway.
  5. hard to evaluate a lot of guys individually on defense this year just because it seems on almost every play there are multiple guys blowing coverages or taking bad angles. Shaq hasnt looked all that great but he's looked the best of the LBs.
  6. Rhule is the more promising coach but our offense was electric with Cam his first couple years when the OL wasnt dogshit and we didnt have Shula as OC. it's just that the defense was absolutely garbage.
  7. i think the representation matter is overblown, particularly in the media these days for cynical purposes, but i'm not gonna die on that hill because its just not worth the energy and i dont care enough. i like the term identity reductionist and that is closer to what i mean when i refer to idpol. its a cynical shielding that is used to handwave away any opposition or criticism, generally utilized by those with the most important privilege, class privilege. much better to be a class reductionist, though i would argue there's no such thing as class is essentially the building block off which most of your experiences will be based, bc whatever social "harm" you will cause others is at least alleviated by the improvement in their economic situation. the distinction i would make is that too often conversations about structural issues are only viewed thru the lens of identity, usually race, and disregarded the bigger picture. the perfect example is the disregard for the argument about Trump voters in 2016 being driven by economic anxiety-- while there is no doubt that Trumps rhetoric about minorities, women, immigrants, etc were major selling points for some of his voters, i think its a major failure of journalism and liberal blindspot to ignore the implicit rejection of austerity politics by voting in an outsider, a blowhard, a guy who was essentially a giant middle finger to the 4th estate and the establishment (at least in their minds). as far as a path forward, i think there is significantly more overlap with cultural conservatives on what would be considered economically left policies, as well as overlap with disaffected voters and independents. when potential voters see the Dems all too often instead of seeing the unifying, broad class-based message of a Bernie Sanders, they get Warren reading off the names of poc trans women. besides it being an esoteric undertaking, this laser focus on specific subgroups, or on cultural issues while ignoring harsh economic realities is fuging poison to the message they should be sending the working class. politics is about messaging and selling people a narrative they can believe in. when they see what most of the modern democrat party is pushing, they are either repulsed enough to vote against them or just wash their hands of it entirely.
  8. Agreed, I think this is definitely a problem and has the potential to become much worse and deepfake and other technologies further develop to be nearly impossible to debunk in the minds of the masses. In an ideal world we would educate people and develop their critical-thinking skills to the point where they would be less likely to fall for this kind of fake news. this, to me, is an extremely dangerous mindset. who is the authority that can make the decision on what is right for everyone? its an impossible consensus to reach. i would rather err on the side of radical freedoms-without violating the freedoms of others-than establish laws to restrict actions/speech of individuals, laws that are just ripe for abuse by authoritarian-minded people. the lack of anti-trust regulation in this country has led to Google, Twitter, Facebook being the dominant players in these spheres. The solution, besides breaking them up, isnt too carve out little niches where freedom of speech is actually protected, but to regulate them into not restricting or silencing its users.
  9. they are absolutely hypocrites but i'd rather not be backslapping each other over how triggered they are when Jack, Zuck, and friends decide to up the ante and play kingmaker for whatever narrative elites try to push out there over social media, especially as it overtakes more traditional forms of media. looking back on how government's were able to control the narrative in a pre-internet age, imagine what they could do (and will do) with the reins of power over all of the major online media spheres. any opinion outside of the "norm" will only exist on the fringes, shuttled into the same category as the far right wackos and flat-earther types in the minds of the masses.
  10. at least (in theory) the 1st amendment would preclude the government from restricting speech, having silicon valley psychos do an end run on the 1st amendment is also less than ideal. the fact is as these avenues of speech are limited to fewer and fewer mainstream options, any restrictions are another step towards some dystopian, corpo-fascism. i'd rather err on the side of allowing harmful speech to exist rather than enact restrictions that will pave the way towards the eradication of any opinions that go against the narrative TPTB want to push.
  11. its fun to dunk on shitty people but i wouldn't celebrate tech bro autocrats becoming the arbiter of what speech is and isnt acceptable.
  12. Election/Campaign related ^2012 libertarian debate ^andrew yang isn't a fan of porn
  13. Trump-related moments Trump saying he's done more for black people than anyone, with the "possible" exception of Lincoln. ^after the soleimani airstrike
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