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  1. everyone on that list is a Panthers great obviously but the difference is draft any one of them #1 in the 2011 draft and we likely get the #1 pick again the next year. Cam brought this franchise respectability in the NFL, we'd be the Browns of the NFC South without any of the history of success if it weren't for him carrying this offense for years.
  2. more like its a really bad look for fans to vote Cam as the best player in franchise history when they unceremoniously dumped him on his ass and paid a shittier version of him more money
  3. i'll eat some crow on this one, at first i was skeptical of the blackballing narrative. my feeling was that it was similar to the T3bow situation, where the player's talent just isn't worth the surrounding media fracas-- obviously Kaep is better than T3bow but i still thought the attention wouldn't be worth it. i'm not familiar (nor do i think really anyone else is) around the contract negotiations Kaep has had with teams since he was first released, but i think its impossible to honestly deny that his protest is the driving force behind the reason he no longer has a job, any job, in the NFL. also, i'll admit was still pretty salty about the 2013 playoff game and didnt like Kaep or want him to succeed-- but i have a ton of respect for how he has carried himself in the time since and think in the future he'll be looked at in a similar light to a controversial sports great like Ali.
  4. Cam's career would make for a pretty scathing 30 for 30 about the mismanagement of the entire offense around him. It's honestly pretty incredible how little was invested on offense for a franchise QB.
  5. M4A, restoration of the Voting Rights Act, and legalization for me
  6. they are either really desperate or completely incompetent with the whole idpol angle for VP.
  7. Delhomme went 53-37 (.588) vs Cam's 68-56-1 (.548). Delhomme had a top 15 scoring defense every single year he was here (7 seasons); Cam had a top 15 scoring defense 3 times in his 9 seasons. Delhomme had prime Smith, Moose, and Ricky Proehl; along with a stable of solid RBs (Foster, Davis, early Double Trouble); Cam had a few decent years of Stew grinding out tough yards but mostly an out of shape DWill doing cutbacks 5 yards behind the LOS. Cam's best target outside of Olsen was KB for a year, then Funchess/Ted Ginn/other bums. Cam almost beat Brees in the playoffs with a WR core of Kaelin Clay, Funchess, and Brenton Bersin.
  8. journeyman QB, sketchy OL, star player is a RB in a league that is brutal to star RBs, DL has so many holes we had to use all our draft picks on it, ST always a nightmare. yeah the window closed when Cams shoulder separated and Ron wagered he could avoid getting fired by throwing Cam to the wolves with an OL made out of garbage. this is at least a 2-3 year rebuild to be a serious competitor with a competent front office, but i have no faith in this front office whatsoever. i sure hope i'm wrong though.
  9. the way i see it, you can't provoke someone and then claim you are standing your ground. Zimmerman provoked Trayvon, he should have taken his ass beating or left him the fug alone. these two dipshits should get the death penalty.
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