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  1. good thing he still has another year left on his contract before we have to make such a decision then. especially for a rebuilding franchise, one less hole to fill in the draft/FA this offseason.
  2. the title is Cam is Irreplaceable. so the answer is not to replace him.
  3. Kyle Allen has more turnovers through 11 games than any single season of Cam's career.
  4. my point is Republicans achieved much more of their agenda when they had control while Dems tried to pass milquetoast legislation in the name of compromise and ultimately Obama's legacy is a failed healthcare bill, complete annihilation of the Dems across the country in pretty much every level of government, and spawning a cult of personality among libs who were able to tune out of what was actually going on because he was so eloquent. we'll see what happens to everyone's 401k during the next recession considering interest rates have been kept artificially low to prop up the economy as it slows. not gonna have a lot of cards to play to pull us out of this next recession. but i guess we'll see.
  5. look at what Trump accomplished when they controlled the House and Senate vs what Obama accomplished and you'll see the difference in philosophy between the Republicans and Democrats
  6. they sure had a say about the manner in which they engaged the robbers. they could have easily kept their distance to avoid this confrontation in a heavily populated area. but local PD wanted to roleplay as John Rambo though, innocent civilians be damned.
  7. Norman was not polished at all, came out of a no-name program as a 25 y/o rookie. my comparison is mostly in terms of the glimpses of talent you can see in between moments that make you want to claw your eyes out, mostly related to their temperaments. Donte has the best ball skills of any Panthers CB i remember in a long time.
  8. poo next week could be another 40+ blowout. remember sunday night football against the Hawks a few years back? we got killed.
  9. he really reminds me of Norman. and he's a year younger than Norman was his rookie year. hope he matures and someone in the locker room can get through to him because he has so much potential.
  10. also Donte is easily the most talented DB on this roster. lacks discipline and needs to be coached up.
  11. he's right though e: Falwell's justification for blitzing Tre was that he was trying to inject energy(?) into the team lol
  12. they are all one word and all applicable. pick your favorite.
  13. that's probably true but no point in putting him behind a terrible OL and end up giving him David Carr syndrome
  14. Grier pick was awful, but I blame Tepper for not cleaning house the second he bought this franchise. His first move should have been getting rid of Rivera and Hurney.
  15. Embarrassing, lifeless, boring, pathetic, outclassed, doomed etc
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