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  1. okay? furthering my point that left unchecked these political apparatus will only decrease voter turnout, myself included
  2. look at the no college among all races for Sanders and tell me again how he would not have easily defeated Trump in 2016
  3. if Biden ends up the Democratic nominee then i fully relinquish any remaining faith i have in electoral politics
  4. i fully believe that a class first movement would by definition have to be intersectional to have any chance. any coherent analysis inevitably addresses how poverty was and still is weaponized, and how that disproportionately affected minorities. the intentions of idpol may have originally been the good kind you mention but has quickly been co-opted into the bad kind, where any class analysis is dismissed under the guise of "Bernie Bros" or "Nazbols" and focused on raging against "whiteness" in the most reductionist manner possible-- divorced from the context of class position and privilege.
  5. idpol is a psyop propelled by the wealthy in conjunction with the mainstream media to kneecap arising class consciousness and reinforce neoliberalism CMV
  6. the ultimate goal should be education and harm reduction. i see no benefit in letting addicts OD while the system that enables widespread addiction continues to be unchallenged. and after being administered narcan they begin to experience symptoms of withdrawal immediately so its not surprising that they are violent and not thinking straight. no one who is predisposed to addiction would be deterred by the possibility of not being brought back with narcan.
  7. code has gotten considerably more complex as technology has advanced so its really not that impressive considering that code is constantly being updated and improved.
  8. enough time has passed that he'll probably win
  9. police dogs are animal abuse as well as an easy way around constitutional privacy rights
  10. i posted that once with a tweet lol. any other time i mentioned it was in the context of what i see to be a flawed reasoning as choosing the lesser of two evils while perpetuating the cycle that we are currently stuck in. and i could really care less if you wouldn't vote for Biden in a primary if you are gonna vote for him anyway if he becomes the Democrats candidate. if you want to vote for him because your logic is that it is the utilitarian choice, then thats your prerogative, just don't punch left and think people aren't going to respond.
  11. ah yes, with your response of "nice candidate you've got there" i can really tell you were making a good faith effort to talk about how we approach white supremacy within the confines of electoral politics.
  12. ultimately i'm just glad to see a progressive organization at least gain somewhat of a foothold in mainstream politics, hopefully encompassing a wider range of opinions. a fractured left is doomed to fail, so putting semantics aside, its good to see a wider tent of political ideologies. and i think Democratic Socialism is a more palatable term for them than full on socialist, even if they are social democrats, and also most people would probably not understand the difference between the two.
  13. lmfao. @GOOGLE JIM BOB COOTER has posted pages upon pages of who Biden really is but its nice you've equated Biden's numerous actions with a teenager posting shitty things on the internet.
  14. i'm not defending his actions, just pointing out that people can evolve and i judge them on their current actions/rhetoric more so than what they did in the past if it looks like they have genuinely changed. maybe he hasn't, it was just an answer to a question that was posed. its an even bigger reach to try and equate him with Biden (again i have endorsed neither), who has a long history of being on the wrong side of issues, making false claims about his past, doubling down on said claims, and then walking them back after they catch flak for it. and google and i may share some viewpoints but i would suspect he's significantly further left than myself (though i would say i'm one of a few posters who has moved left since the 2016 election), but i respect that he's one of about 4-5 other posters in this thread with principles and won't fall in line like the "independents" and other "progressives" ITT.
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