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  1. i dont believe Biden will do anything to counteract those 3, perhaps the for profit prisons but he already said he was against MJ legalization and even if he flip flops i dont believe he will do anything to pursue that end. Bidens campaign is propelled by big money and the healthcare corps, he absolutely will not improve those. my reasoning is things have to get worse to the point people will have to face the truth, and then there is an opportunity for a left populist to sweep in and pick up the disaffected voters who bought Trumps con job in 2016. Dems are running on a lets go back to "normal" because their base (PMCs and well off libs) care more about rhetoric and feeling good than they do the material concerns of the electorate at large.
  2. it's truly naive to believe that there is any going back to the way things used to be. Trump has rewritten the playbook of what is viewed as acceptable-- Republicans aren't gonna pivot back to a Kasich-type, more palatable republican when the Trump-style has been so successful for them already. nominate as many dipshit centrists in the name of electability as you want, eventually you'll learn your lesson. e: to be fair i must have been naive to believe 2020 would be any different than 2016, but i know better now.
  3. idc what their party affiliation a politician has, i have a few simple principles a politician must support: namely affordable healthcare, getting big money out of politics, legalization of marijuana and the deconstruction of the for-profit prison system. until there is a candidate who supports these positions i will vote accordingly against those who do not support that. whats likely is either we'll all be screwed and nothing changes or that material conditions will deteriorate to the point that a populist can sweep into power and enact legislation to right these wrongs.
  4. i have, in fact i remember a few years ago you seemed to be a reasonable poster with whom i disagreed with at times. not sure whats happened since.
  5. i'm not gonna tell you not to vote for Biden. my position and what i'd imagine is the position of many of the posters you disagree with on this board is that they would vote for a "lesser evil," its just that their lesser evil is Bernie. where i probably break from their opinions is that Biden presidency is probably worse in the long run than 4 years of Trump, even if it seems like it would be better in the short term.
  6. how so? just because I agree with someone on a point doesn't mean I will support them. I could find issues I agree with Trump on, with Biden on, with Bernie on. I choose the nominee I feel most represents my values-- and it isn't Biden or Trump.
  7. because corporate Dems control the Democrat party and their ideology is just as abhorrent to me as the Republicans.
  8. unlike you I can agree with someone on a singular issue even if the rest of our ideologies couldn't be further apart-- see Tucker Carlson's position on Burr selling stock. you have no coherent ideology besides removing Trump, which is no different than MAGAs who blindly support Trump policies that hurt them because it triggers the libs.
  9. progressives would be better off realizing that the Democrat party is no closer to being an ally than the Republican party, and that there is more of an ideological overlap between MAGAs who vote against their own economic self-interest than PMCs who hide behind idpol in order to kneecap the working class.
  10. goes to show how there is no difference between Trumpers and establishment Dem supporters. everything they say about their opposition is 100% projection, they have no coherent ideology outside of a desire to beat the other side and in the process protect their vaunted "american institutions" that any honest person can see are crumbling more and more each year that passes.
  11. scheme in the sense that they knew Shula was too much of a moron to help out Remmers with a blocking HB so they kept blitzing. and the broncos said our offense was everything they saw on film, which is the fault of the OC and HC.
  12. you couldn't scheme Cam at all. he dragged an offense with WRs like Kaelin Clay, Bersin, Philly Brown, Ted Ginn, etc to multiple playoff appearances behind an OL that never consisted of a top 20 OT on either side of the line.
  13. I'd go Cam, Smitty, Luke, Peppers bc i'm still salty about Peppers basically taking a year off and then leaving
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