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  1. pantherphan96

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    neolib propelled mainly by idpol
  2. pantherphan96

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    trump really broke the brains of the resistance libs
  3. pantherphan96

    Assange arrested by British authorities

    fwiw he has a vested interest in holding back any compromising info on trump. he certainly isnt a hero but the DNC leaks were good. exposing corruption is both moral and necessary.
  4. pantherphan96

    New Tinderbox announcement

    yeah im saying there used to be a post count to start threads so the functionality is there-- if it could be applied so you need a post count to post in the tbox it would cut down on trolls bc they arent gonna be able to spam the main forum to get 100 or whatever posts required to come here and troll.
  5. pantherphan96

    New Tinderbox announcement

    its been suggested before and its a good idea, i know it used to be a thing in the main board at least to start threads but a post count to be able to contribute should be added. would cut down significantly on the trolls.
  6. pantherphan96

    Oligarch Bernie Is CANCELED

    @CRA who in the current field of Dems do you think would have a better chance of beating Trump than Sanders?
  7. pantherphan96


    damn i didnt know Russian bots were making people racist
  8. pantherphan96

    dotard drumpf the cheeto pt 2

    call out his rhetoric for what it is without devoting the entirety of your rhetoric to combatting him. don't stoop to his level, especially if thats the "joke" you came up with.
  9. pantherphan96

    dotard drumpf the cheeto pt 2

    amazing how they've learned absolutely nothing about how to deal with trump. embarrassing stuff.
  10. pantherphan96

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    gonna take a wild guess and suggest @pouya @fat nick @yung scarecrow are all alts of the same troll whose been in the tbox @rayzor @CRA
  11. pantherphan96

    Presidential Candiate Mayor Pete raised 7 million in March

    this dude sucks how convenient yeah he really sucks
  12. pantherphan96

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    not at all. previous acts dont excuse Trump but to act like this is some departure from decades of decorum and honor is laughable.
  13. pantherphan96

    Deregulation once again Makes America Great Again

    the free market will never let anyone die