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  1. you can drink a real beer, piss it out into a can, and end up with something that still has a higher ABV than bud light. probably tastes better too.
  2. drink a real beer, said the man who drinks bud light
  3. here's your bernie media narrative guide for the next few months: "bernie is too..." - urban: means he only appeals to those in cities (jk we know what it actually means) - rural: only racist working class whites support him - suburban: only privileged white bros support him
  4. funny how that "urban" dogwhistle goes unnoticed by liberals when its not being said by a white male conservative...
  5. "often breached" is doing a whole hell of a lot of work in that sentence there holy cow.
  6. there was an entire thread with people bitching about him making a 1 hour flight and not making the 8+ hour flight to London with the team
  7. kyle allen had more preseason reps than Cam and Arizona is a bottom 3 defense.
  8. yeah he should be 100% up to speed despite having no in-game reps for a month+
  9. opposing DCs are notoriously honest when it comes to media interviews lol. but sure a healthy kyle allen is harder to gameplan for than Cam throwing off of one foot and a repaired shoulder, negating his ability to escape pressure like he's been able to do his entire career.
  10. its been said before on this subreddit that liberals won the culture war but honestly i think they lost it. what exists now is a vacuum occupied by moral grandstanding, reactionaries, and tokenism. for all the talk of trump ruining american institutions, all i can see is those institutions working exactly as intended.
  11. no you see it was the bernie bros who cost her the election and are responsible for trump, not the fact that they mostly ignored key swing states and pandered to millenials and other non PMC cohorts in a condescending manner. maybe my brain has been melted from 3 years of this nonsense but can anyone actually tell me what platform clinton ran on? what vision of america was she trying to sell? for the life of me all i can remember was people being called racist or sexist for not falling in line and voting for a woman because "its her turn."
  12. by the end of trumps presidency im gonna have 10+ pages of users on my ignore list
  13. clinton entering the race would be the greatest possible outcome. pulls support from biden/warren, thus propping up bernie. and even if they rig the primary again i'd get some amount of nihilistic joy watching 2016 play out again
  14. sad how only the rich seem to understand the concept of class solidarity
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