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  1. it should never be about the individual. its about the movement.
  2. Biden/Harris count as such in my book. And Warren will do plenty to self sabotage when Trump hits her over and over with the Pocahontas taunt and she responds with a spiel of policy positions she has outlined on her website.
  3. no i'm arguing that as an institution polling is not reliable, moreso in the current political climate, especially when Sanders is the kind of candidate that inspires people who dont participate in the political process to get involved.
  4. sanders supporters are gonna be blamed when Biden/Harris/Warren lose to Trump anyway so fug it. no more half measures.
  5. Fredo isn't an Italian slur what a fuging moron lol
  6. sadly of all his gaffes that is probably the most reasonable considering how many mass shootings there have been in the past few years.
  7. replace the bottom right with
  8. not sure of the validity of the source but 0% chance CCTV footage gets released.
  9. outrageous that they took him off suicide watch and that suicide watch doesn't involve consistent monitoring but instead consists of 15 minute checks by guards. elites know they are untouchable and can bump off anyone that threatens them without consequence.
  10. whole thing stinks. he supposedly tried to kill himself before, but somehow ends up killing himself while under suicide watch? there's supposed to be someone watching him 24/7 in a case that is as high-profile as this, plus there should be camera footage of the cell. conveniently commits "suicide" on a friday night to avoid the major news cycle-- wouldn't be surprised to see another mass shooting to divert attention away from the whole thing, though the media might not even need a distraction as FOX will point towards the Clintons while CNN and MSNBC harp on Epstein's ties to Acosta and Trump, with plenty of "Russia!" thrown into the mix as well. over/under on how long until other co-conspirators wind up dead or missing? or an unfortunate fire or other mishap destroys key evidence?
  11. but i thought people loved their private insurance
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