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  1. Biden's campaign will crater if he has a poor showing in the early states though i do worry if he does well enough in Iowa and New Hampshire he'll gain momentum as he'll likely win south carolina and do well in the more conservative southern states.
  2. i think Rhule is the type of coach that can get the most out of Jackson. worth nothing Donte is still younger now than Norman was entering the NFL, and it took a few seasons for Norman to mature emotionally and on the field. if he breaks out near the end of his contract like Norman i feel it would be worth it to give him lockdown CB money, while Norman was already at an age where any deal would look bad in the 2nd half of the contract.
  3. little known fact but bernie was actually the inspiration behind the Uncle Drew commercials
  4. i've wanted to donate more but i think it's best to go with many smaller donations consistently thru the primary
  5. had to donate to bernie again after this warren bs
  6. i'm hopeful because he inherited an absolute dumpster fire of a Baylor program following the numerous scandals and coverups left behind by Briles / previous football (potentially university) admin. quickly turned them back into a legit contender in one of the toughest recruiting territories-- how much of that will transfer to the NFL idk but its enough reason for me to be optimistic
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