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  1. I've bought it every year nearly, and I assure you it is always pretty much trash. Probably will buy it this year too. Shame on me.
  2. I feel like it's unnecessary at this point. Worst case scenario if little isn't ready to go, or if we have a injury in camp Van Rotten is serviceable and would have a better tackle and center around him. Not saying he was great last year, but with improved talent around him I think we'd be alright. Would much rather save what little cap we have left to make a play at a safety like tre Boston, Eric Berry, or take a flier on a young safety who gets cut during preseason.
  3. Ahh yes, the small businesses of google, YouTube and Facebook!
  4. Utopia is quite expensive. 2500 for a bedroom these days... I miss Carolina lol.
  5. I really want Adderly, but I feel we will need to trade up to top 5 in 2nd to nab him
  6. Since we're posting office views... heres the view from my office, although it is in San Jose CA lol.
  7. Great hiring by the Panthers, used to love @Lilsmitty09 Panthers videos!! Congrats man well deserved.
  8. Honestly I don't think drafting a QB from this class is in our best interest. Allen showed me enough last year to get a chance, and if Cams a no go, this year is over anyways. Draft is to deep at DL not to spend early draft capital there. If we do take a QB I say after round 4, if only to push Allen for competition.
  9. Im convinced our first round pick willbe one of these 3 players if any fall: Karl Joseph Derrick Henry Or Hunter Henry
  10. Lee Ward, Dean Marlowe, and Brenton Bersin. Interested to see how Marlowe has faired since pads came on, him and coleman are intriguing additions at S. Is Bersin still silently being consistant? And of course you have me on the Lee ward hype train now, I'm routing for this guy to meeting the 53 we need a bruising FB
  11. I will burn a thousand confederate and American flags before I remove my Carolina Panthers flag. You'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands.
  12. I view the American Flag as the ultimate sign of disrespect to my ancestors, the natives of this country. European colinists, conquistadors, and Americans killed, raped, and displaced roughly 100 million of my people in the name of manifest destiny.. yet this symbol of hate, the American flag, is still proudly flown at every capitol building. I'm not asking anyone to take it down, hell I even served the country under the banner of hate. My point is this. A flag is an inanimate object, a symol that can be viewed in many ways. One person can fly an American flag and believe in the symbol of freedom, justice, and equality for all people. Another can fly the very same flag and believe it is a symbol of 'Murica, and that every person who Flys another flag is lesser and we should bring them "freedom" by force because they live life differently than we do in this country. Should the confederate flag be flown in the capitol building? Probably not.. but it's only a flag. A symbol that is completely open to interpretation of it's meaning, much like a book or art. We have more serious issues in this country, such as racial profiling, the mass incarceration of non violent criminls, the militarization of the police force, mass government surveillance, pharmaceutical drugs making mass murderers, and the complete destruction of currency through inflation just to name a few... yet we want to sit here and argue over the meaning of an inanimate object and where it can be flown. This is why nothing ever changes in this country. The media has us by the balls.
  13. I'm still routing for Bersin, he's filled the 3rd down possession receiver role well when given the opportunity. As far as returning and bubble screens, we have players more well suited for that this season.
  14. Hurney was always great at handing out massive contracts, only suiting that he breaks the news!
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