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  1. The football traveled 64 yards on a 65 yard field goal. Odd time to bring this up...?
  2. Couldn't have really said it much better. I was not a fan of moving on from Cam for Teddy, but in retrospect it appears to have been the better decision. Sad how quickly that staff broke down multiple generational talents. fug Mike Shula.
  3. Teddy and elite in the same sentence is incomprehensible. He's had a very solid year no doubt, but Teddy will never be elite lol
  4. Teddy is a competitor, but I still don't consider him franchise quarterback material. He's good enough to get this team to the playoffs at some point, but he will never take this team to the superbowl without a top tier defense. 7/10 stars.
  5. This thread is gonna need to get bumped every other play for the remainder of the season....
  6. Add a FS and maybe a DT to replace KK and I agree. Unless Kenny Robinson develops I really don't trust boston going forward.
  7. Corn Elder is a surprise, I didn't even know he was still on the roster until he made that nice blockshed and tackle last week.
  8. I wouldn't be completely against this. I like Samuel, but man either our TE group is horrid or Brady just doesn't like to use them
  9. Absolutely, I can't understate how excited this coaching staff has me. The foundation is there, these guys don't have quit In them even in the face of one of the best defenses In the NFL. I just hope we dont lose brady or snow to a team like atlanta in the off-season
  10. Teddy is what he is, he's not pure garbage.. but he's not a guy who's gonna bring you back In the game on his own when your down 2 scores. He is a game manager. To me Teddy has nothing to prove, he is not a franchise QB. Great accuracy within 15 yards, anything over that is generally a duck unless the WR jumps out of his cleats.
  11. We need multiple LBers and CBs, and could use a FS and DT. The coaches have this team outperforming their talent, from a pure talent perspective this defense still needs alot of work especially on the back end.
  12. CMC, Anderson, Okung Burns, Chinn, Brown. I don't feel like most of these guys at LB or DB will be here very long. We need upgrades at just about every position there hold for Chinn and Douglas.
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