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  1. I dont care about, the past, slogans or pithy sayings. Prove the culture is different. Do whatever it takes to win. If a coach has to go, fire him. Same for the GM. If we need a player, go get them. Winning cures everything. Nice press sayings dont.
  2. As long as Corn Elder is not on the field, I dont care who we play there. He was the worst player I've seen us field in years.
  3. With the number of holes on the roster and not a lot of cap space, he did a really good job drafting talent and filling holes with FA signings. Did I prefer a few different guys, sure. But we got younger, faster and more talented in several areas. We will still have to go into FA to get a true FS and nickle: if Corn Elder makes the team I'll take everything I said back. If Cam is healthy, we are going back to the playoffs. I really dont know much more he could do to strengthen the roster.
  4. I complained about guys we drafted but I'm not getting worked up about UDFA. There's a reason they weren't drafted.
  5. At this point of the draft I'm pretty happy with this pic. We aren't drafting a S
  6. At present, that's our problem. We have no NFL quality FS on the roster.
  7. If he is that predictable then the next pick is Wren. We have met with him on more than one occasion
  8. So everyone who gave us the bad news today of Little and Grier, who are we looking at for tomorrow. I might as well know so I can drink myself into a stupor.
  9. Well that puts an exclamation point on a shitty day. We select a guy to sit on the bench. Beautiful
  10. Love was examined several times and has not healed from his ACL surgery. Rumors are that he is arthritic as well. Pass
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