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  1. Its idiotic to think Cam has no team due to his race. No one had an issue with him being selected number one overall. Jamies Winston was signed. Patrick Mahomes is about to be the highest paid player in NFL history. The NFL is all about one color, and that's green. If Cam could play, he'd be on a team right now. His career is over due to injuries and if he isnt signed this year, he will have had very little game experience for 3 years. Some of you want to blame everything else but the truth: his body is shot.
  2. Sounds great, but total BS. This is a 2 to 3 win team. See you on the clock at the end of the season. See you next fall Sunshine.
  3. Sick of hearing about Cam. He did great things for us and was well paid for it. If he could help us win games, he would still be our QB. It speaks volumes that he hasnt gotten a sniff at a new gig. He's done as a player and we dont owe him a thing.
  4. We dont draft guys because we think they will be in the HOF. We draft guys to win titles. That's all I care about.
  5. We got younger, stronger and more athletic all for less that we would have paid Luke to play this year. It wont show on the record next year, but it will in the coming years. This is a HR draft.
  6. Hes an UDFA. See if there's anything there
  7. Bring in Hunter Bryant TE Washington Thaddeus Moss TE LSU Darry Williams C Mississippi State Levert Hill CB Michigan Calvin Throckmorton OT Oregon Rodrigo Blankenship K Georgia
  8. Who cares? Cam is done. He hasnt gotten a sniff form anyone. You cant be Superman in the NFL for years, take the beating he did, some of which was of his own making, and play that long. Cam gave us what he had and made millions doing it. Our relationship was mutually beneficial, but the reason he is no longer a Panther is because he no longer can play at a level that justifies 20 million plus a year. It's a business and you win or your gone. I dont blame anyone but Father Time who is undefeated.
  9. Time to wrap it up and get our UDFA lined up. I expect most of those to be OL, TE and LB
  10. He does. He gets to announce Rhule's picks.
  11. If you cant see how different this draft is compared to the others Hurney made without Rhule, you are willfully ignorant
  12. This was Rhule's draft. Hes just smart enough to know how to deflect.
  13. I'm going to be a homer here. Take OG/C Darryl Williams from Miss State. 6'2" 305 and can play either position even though C is probably his best. At this point, Interior OL seems to be our biggest weakness
  14. Tepper hand selected Rhule to rebuild this team from the floor up. He absolutely understands what that means and the process it will take. Hes not getting fired and Lawrence will bring us the SB we all want.
  15. It's a means to an end. If him getting sacrificed to the Panther gods to get Lawrence next year, so be it. If yall want to be a 5-8 win team forever, so be it. I want one magical 1 to 2 win seasons to get Lawrence. The NFL is a QB driven league, and we dont have that on the roster.
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