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  1. If he is healthy, Cam is a beast. He hasnt been healthy for 2 years and there is no guarantee he ever will be again. We cant be tied to the past.
  2. They played well. Unfortunately we cant stop the run and cant get pressure with our front four. That and Slye was brutal today. Out draft has to include DT, OG, OT, S. Rinse and repeat
  3. If everything went south for the QBs on the roster, I want Herbert, even if we have to trade up for him. He has a great arm and is very accurate. The thing is we have enough talent to keep us from being a top 5 selection team for years and can't afford to simply take what's at our spot. Package picks and let the new era begin.
  4. You just got your ass kicked by a 2 win team. By almost 30 points. Call it whatever you want.
  5. Burns is who I thought he was: an undersized non factor. Add the wasted pick in Little and this last draft is becoming a great draft on paper only.
  6. We are looking at having to trade up for Herbert or Burrows. Frankly, with all the holes we have, I'd be for going with what we have a QB, and investing in OL, S, And run stuffing DT.
  7. Jerry Richardson got assailed for not producing a winner and not caring. Let's see what Tepper's got. This is a mediocre team that is poorly coached and mismanages personnel. They are getting humiliated today by a two win team with zero to play for. There are holes everywhere you look on this team and at least they used to play with pride. It's your call Tepper. If you really want a winner here, and are not simply a richer version of JR, prove it. This team has quit and is getting embarrassed. Ball's in your court.
  8. We are a 7 or 8 win team. Holes everywhere including QB.
  9. We don't draft OL high and when we take a guy in the second round last year, he is soft and injured. It's our most glaring need along with S. I want several picks on the OL and I want mean physical SOBs. We wasted Cam's career with this trash, don't ruin Kyle Allen before we get a chance to see what he can do.
  10. At the end of the day, Cam has not been our starter this year or most of last year, functionally speaking. If this is it for him, he will have been shown the door just like Smitty, Gross and a host of other all time players. Carolina is not a sentimental franchise.
  11. We dont value many positions. WR, S, OL. And because of that we lose in the trenches, lose in one one one match ups and lose in the secondary. All of that is where the game is won in the NFL. I watched SF, who has been investing in DL for several years simply manhandle us. What an innovative offense they run compared to us. And our first round pick cant make the field is is just an expensive toy. We need a complete overhaul.
  12. He was a unique talent that got by on athleticism alone for years, without honing his skills. Now the injuries are taking its toll and he has no base skill set to rely on. Sadly all he does at this point is try for shock value like an aging Madonna by wearing rompers and looking like a member of the Village People. His days are over
  13. An innovative offensive coach. Most of our hires have been bland run first defensive coaches. The NFL has moved on from that
  14. All of our issues have been exposed in this game. The failure to invest in the offensive line. It cost us the best years of Cam and now he is a shell of himself. He doesnt look to run the ball and without that added dimension, he is an average NFL QB at best. Daryl William's is not a left tackle and Van Rotten is not a NFL starter. We are a long season away from a new era with no Ron, no Hurney, and perhaps no Cam. We get to see what Tepper learned at Pittsburgh
  15. Cam didnt look great, but he didnt give up 30 points. The defense sucked and lost this game. They rushed for over 170 yards. Cam had zero to do with that
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