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  1. An innovative offensive coach. Most of our hires have been bland run first defensive coaches. The NFL has moved on from that
  2. All of our issues have been exposed in this game. The failure to invest in the offensive line. It cost us the best years of Cam and now he is a shell of himself. He doesnt look to run the ball and without that added dimension, he is an average NFL QB at best. Daryl William's is not a left tackle and Van Rotten is not a NFL starter. We are a long season away from a new era with no Ron, no Hurney, and perhaps no Cam. We get to see what Tepper learned at Pittsburgh
  3. Cam didnt look great, but he didnt give up 30 points. The defense sucked and lost this game. They rushed for over 170 yards. Cam had zero to do with that
  4. We have 1 sack and that was by a CB. We arent getting any pressure and cant stop the run. Awful
  5. Goff has all day and we are getting no push from the middle or edge. He has picked us apart and we have gone zone instead of bringing pressure. We we have already given up 30 and they are scoring at will. Not a good start at all.
  6. Legalize it, standardize the product, and make folks sign waivers saying any health related injuy coming from the consumption will not be the taxpayers responsibly. Just like cigarettes there are long term health issues. Until it's legal, dont cry if you are arrested for it. It's not legal in most states.
  7. I'm sick of Reid and his contest militant attitude. How about shutting up and playing ball.
  8. This is also why it's stupid to play your starters only a few downs in the 3rd game. No cohesion, no freaking blocking and Cam tweaked an ankle as well. Outside of that our OL has played like garbage.
  9. Fighting for us, what a crock. You kneel for the anthem, so what's the end game. Can the NFL stop the police brutality issues he claims are the root cause? No, they cant so there is no end to this. As far as Kap, his game was in decline for years. Does anyone truly think a team wouldn't have him on the roster right now if he could win games? Michael Vick still played after his animal cruelty convictions. Several rapists, murderers, etc all played. Sometimes folks have to realize the boy who cried wolf eventually loses his audience.
  10. Tough poo. It's the price you pay for being a millionaire.
  11. If you are clean, you have nothing to worry about.
  12. I really like Tepper and think he can get us to where we want to go, but the crap thrown at Richardson is bullshit. There wouldn't be a Carolina franchise without him. We went to two SB under him. And most of you would really hate to see your speech and actions exposed for all to see. He was a flawed man: so are all of us. Get over it.
  13. And Reid stuffed CAP at the goal line. Again, why do we want CAP on the team sitting the bench?
  14. He cares about two things: money and his inflated ego. Bad things happen to everyone, and you cope with it. What a prick.
  15. I was referring to major league baseball. In the discussion it was said Charlotte lacked baseball, soccer and hockey as far as pro sports.
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