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  1. You guys figure out it ain't the QB that is the problem with this team yet?
  2. Rastlet

    Report: Rivera’s job in jeopardy

    I think you should go back and look at the stats from the previous Carolina quarterbacks and get back to this thread. Feel free to go as far back as you like.
  3. Cam didn't waste 30 seconds. Coaches could have called that time out. Stop with the bs
  4. Not a doubt in my mind now that Cam is hurt. He saw the throw but isn't capable of making that throw. That's why we were throwing all short crap early. Coaches know Cam is hurt. Cam should be put on IR.
  5. Rastlet

    Let's talk Saints...

    This team has no confidence right now and Brees and company is not the game for them to regain that confidence. I don't see this game being close. We lose by 14. 31-17
  6. Rastlet

    Cam Newton lost this game

    The reason this team is losing is a calamity of errors. It isn't one person or it's not the offense or the defense. It's a false start on a lineman on 2nd and 5 to get us chasing the sticks. It's receivers dropping the balls to kill drives. It's a CB getting a stupid penalty costing us yards. It's a tight end dropping the ball in an opponents lap after a 1st down to get a penalty. It's a QB overthrowing passes that he should be able to hit. It's a coach trying to block Myles Garrett with a back and blowing up a drive. It's just a clusterfug and a change at the top is needed.
  7. Rastlet

    Our window has closed

    All I'm going to say is how bad did the Rams look under Jeff Fisher? Get rid of Rivera and his 85 defensive minded coaching style and get a modern day coach who understands how the game has changed and let's see what the team looks like first.
  8. Amazing how bad a qb looks when there is a pass rush huh?
  9. The problem with Cam is the team sucks so bad he feels he is forced to make incredible plays. When he does that he makes poor decisions like the last pass. I called that play on 3rd down before it happened. Cam is best when he can just play without having to carry the team.
  10. 1 More points than Detroit 2 Kerryon Johnson on my fantasy team 3 Ron without a puzzled look on his face all game
  11. How you haven't been banned again is fugging amazing.