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  1. People assuming he won't fit in their system have just gotten too used to having Ron "cant make in game adjustments, much less change a system" Rivera as the coach
  2. We actually got a ton of pressure against Seattle. I believe we got 5 sacks, while it wasn't all from the Dline, the Dline would've had more sacks that game if it was for Russell Wilson scrambling and pulling plays out his ass.
  3. Most people would say a prediction as, "I think.... or I expect this to...." Not "This game will be over in the beginning of the 4th". Theres a difference there.
  4. Because you're saying it is essentially a fact that the game will be over in the beginning of the 4th. While we may be up and they might not come back, there also a very real possibility that they do. Both can happen and have happened. My opinion is correct because im saying that either can happen, which can you deny that?, while you're failing to acknowledge the possibility of them coming back. Or even the game being extremely close.
  5. I was talking about playing the Cardinals. But even still, I won't be surprised it we do blow the seahawks out and I also wont be surprised if it goes down to the wire. After watching football and especially the Panthers over the years you learn nothing is guaranteed. And to say the game will be over in the beginning of the 4th is just plain stupid. You have not been watching us this year? We have given up plenty of leads, and while I realize this will hopefully be different and we wont take our foot off the gas pedal at all, ANYTHING can happen. The game isnt over till it is literally over.
  6. People saying we're gonna destroy the Cardinals need to watch more football. If anything this game should show you that anything can happen. You don't get to 13-3 and to the NFC championship game by chance. We won plenty of games this year in the same fashion the Cardinals just did, where it probably shouldn't have been that close but we just pulled it out at the end. While its possible that we do kill them (which I hope we do) Its foolish to think we're just gonna stomp them and that it will be a cakewalk.
  7. LOL. These refs cant even flip a coin, much less ref an NFL game
  8. I don't even know who I would rather play. Cuz the Cards playing like this we should destroy, but they can also play really great. But Rodgers is Rodgers and can takeover a game at any moment.
  9. All I say is what the fug. Literally sat here jaw dropped for like a minute after the catch. Great game.
  10. Similar situation to Ted Ginn vs the Eagles, but his wasnt ruled a catch.
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