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  1. Technically speaking, yes. If he had sent for it on 4th and 1 this would not have even happened.
  2. Anyone else see the guy in the Cam jersey celebrating with the Redskins fans?
  3. The thing that is worse than the run is the timeout used just before it.
  4. My dad did if they were talking about the cowboys, but I never could blame him. I did the same thing when they were talking about the panthers.
  5. Mol3m4n

    Several thoughts on the game

    Funchess is hit or miss. One game he'll catch a 40 yard pass on crutches and then then the next he'll drop a handoff.
  6. Mol3m4n

    Early game discussion

    Not a catchable football but lol nonetheless.
  7. The difference in this game will be the improvement from Shula to Turner.
  8. Mol3m4n

    In defense of socialism

    At least we know that it's true. Have a nice night. I'm going to fug myself now.