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  1. The annual "I had a dream" draft thread.
  2. This isn't even really about Cam but the team around him.
  3. A preface to this short post: I am one of the largest Cam supporters in the world. From my posting history, I have been positive in all regards. With this being said, today is obviously a signal to a rebuild. The Panthers offensive and defensive line are both in tatters, the is a hole in the middle of our defense, and the secondary is lacking. The topic that I wish to discuss is trading Cam Newton and getting a first round pick. Is it plausible that Cam would garner that much? Would you risk a healthy Cam with a bad surrounding cast, or would it be logical to build other positions in the draft and draft Trevor Lawrence in next year's draft? (TLDR I know, another trade Cam thread. This one relates more to the specific of what is a good trade price, and is it worth it if you get Lawrence. )
  4. Although I understand the decision, it infuriates me to no end.
  5. The way Hurney has been drafting, just go get the best first rounder. The rest is garbage anyway.
  6. Refs also screwed us in 2013 but I digress.
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