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  1. Refs also screwed us in 2013 but I digress.
  2. Only a child bashes on another child's thread. You obviously cared enough to comment.
  3. I just relish in other teams anguish after they trash the Panthers all offseason and through the first part of the season.
  4. Only got to page 6, only want to say we don't always see eye to eye but have a special place in my heart for @Mr. Scot and @PhillyB. Been on this board for a long time with their insight. Neither should be mods though.
  5. We had 2015 Cam last year before injury. Honestly better than 2015.
  6. I still look to the first 8 games last year, people forget that because of bias.
  7. Cam Newton at the 3 yard line: are you confident he scores a touchdown? There's not one time where I didn't have faith in Cam to bring us back at the end of a game. You can't trade the man if he is healthy, there's not one thing that you could tell me where I don't think he scores. Kyle Allen is a fantastic backup quarterback, but that's all he is. Supporting him for the rest of the year, but Cam Newton is still the only way this team wins a super bowl.
  8. This is the exact reason you can't get rid of Cam Newton.
  9. Refs fault for terrible Cotchery call. We wouldn't have even been in that position. Peyton Manning wasn't retiring on a super bowl loss.
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