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  1. Trev_GFC

    Funchess vs DJ Moore stat

    DJ Moore posted 157 yards today including an 82-yard reception. In a first season where he’s been underused. This speaks more about DJ Moore being a top, top potential. Do you compare Greg Olsen with the other TEs?
  2. Trev_GFC

    Funchess vs DJ Moore stat

    Funch wasn’t a first round pick. I don’t honestly think his stats are terrible for a WR2 or WR3.
  3. The easiest way to work out who to blame is to work down from the top, irrespective of whether they’re actually at fault or not: GM HC OC & DC Cam Kalil / Kuechly
  4. Saints have the NFC South but at 6-4 and some reasonable games coming up it’s perfectly possible to get a wildcard spot. “If we can’t beat Detroit then we can’t beat anyone” is garbage - we’ve beaten the Ravens, Chicago, Bengals, 3/4 of the NFC East. We’re just inconsistent and coming off the back of two dispirited losses. The coaches and players need to snap out of this, but talk of “let’s go for draft position” at 6-4 is a joke.
  5. Oh give over. He’s won us many games, including last ditch kicks when we depended on him. He makes two rare misses but because you’re pissy over the result you believe he’s suddenly useless.
  6. You lot are such reactionary cry babies.
  7. We do not need to be ‘humbled’ a 2nd game in a row.
  8. Gano misses his first field goal in forever and suddenly the Huddle are using him as a scapegoat
  9. Trev_GFC


    I wouldn’t say overrated as he’s not particularly rated at all at the moment. Overpriced definitely. He’s failed to live up to his performances elsewhere. There have been a few that spring to my head immediately. Chelsea have had a load, no less Schevchenko. Arshavin was signed on the basis of one good international tournament. Schweinsteiger. Veron. Craig Gordon. Balotelli.
  10. Still reeling from the helicopter crash.
  11. I was in London yesterday and was shocked at how many Eagles fans there were. All seeing the sights too, which suggests they’ve flown over for the game rather than reside here.
  12. I went to the Arsenal game vs Leicester tonight. That was some half-time team talk. Why didn’t Arsenal start with Aubameyang?! Mkhitaryan, Torreira and Guendouzi impressed me. This is the first time I’ve seen them this season in case you say “what do you mean you’re only just impressed with them now?!”.
  13. Trev_GFC


    The fact that this idea shouldn’t be given oxygen aside, top players are being traded nowadays for 3rd and 4th round picks.
  14. Went to Wembley. No internet (WiFi, 4G) so only catching up now. The Huddle makes it sound like we’re due the number one pick in next year’s draft.